Chapter 99 The Kung Fu for Immortals


The energy between heaven and earth is rapidly surging towards Monk Tang, strengthening his physical body and enhancing his mana. Although Level 19 to Level 20 is only one level gap, it is a metamorphosis of being immortal.

Therefore, the process of upgrading is relatively severe. While his body changes, the outside world is also greatly affected. Around Monk Tang, there has been an energy storm. The original qi form the world within a hundred miles are gathering rapidly, and Monk Tang is the center of the energy storm!

The breakthrough of Monk Tang was very noisy, so Pigsy and others did not even pretend to sleep. They all got up from pretending to sleep. Pigsy saw Monk Tang wrapped by the energy storm and immediately said, "Shit! Master, you made another breakthrough. You made it by sexual intercourse?"

Fortunately, Monk Tang has entered the state of ignoring everything. Otherwise, if he heard Pigsy said so, he would definitely be incensed that literally coughed up blood. When did he do it? Although he wants to do it, he is not a casual person, ok?

"Maybe?" Sandy scratched his head in this way, then took out a small notebook and wrote: A Study on whether a breakthrough can be made with sexual intercourse!?

"It should be possible. After all, our master did it!" The Little White Dragon muttered, looking at Monk Tang

The energy storm lasted for nearly half an hour before the end, Monk Tang completed his breakthrough. When Monk Tang opened his eyes, he saw Pigsy and others who had already woken up, but ignored them and opened the character panel again:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 20

Experience: 354600/262140

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrinking Into Inches.

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring(fake)

After checking his current status, Monk Tang tried to open the system store, but it did not open. system hint: the system is being upgraded, and the store is temporarily closed.

Monk Tang knew from this that it is impossible for him to experience the upgraded system for the time being. Of course, Monk Tang also did not have the time to think about this, because the sequelae of the upgrade appeared, hunger struck again, and this time it was much more severe than last time.

In an instant, Monk Tang was all skin and bones. Then Monk Tang began to take out the food he had prepared before and eaten it in large quantities to supplement his nutrition. At the same time, he also took out all the ingredients and cooked them. The food he had prepared before was not enough for him.

This eating is only half an hour. after all the ingredients in the portable space have been eaten up, Monk Tang's body is back to normal. Picking his teeth, Monk Tang sighed with emotion: "it seems that more ingredients need to be prepared!"

Just after Monk Tang finished the words, the prompt tone of a system sounded:' Ding Dong, the system has been upgraded. The upgrade method to you has been adjusted. You can kill monsters. And you can do your task and cultivate it at the same time. I recommend you to practice "The Kung Fu for Fairy" which costs 100,000 experience points, "The Great Kung Fu for Fairy" which costs 200,000 experience points, and "the Kung Fu for Immortals" which costs 300,000 experience points. "

After hearing the prompt tone of the system, Monk Tang was delighted. After the upgrade of the system was completed, his major upgrade methods were not limited to kill monsters or complete tasks released by the system. After practicing Kung Fu, the speed of the upgrade would surely be much faster.

Monk Tang asked, "system, are these the best skills for me to practice?"

System: 'yes, host! '

"What's the difference between these skills?" "Monk Tang asked, looking at The names of The Great Kung Fu for Fairy, which is the skill that Wukong practice if I remember correctly.

Naturally, the higher the price, the better the method. The more experience you will accumulate in the same condition and at the same time. '

"Then I'm going to practice the Kung Fu for Immortals!" Monk Tang says he now has more than 300,000 experience points, enough to purchase the Kung Fu for Immortals!"

"Ding dong," the Kung Fu for Immortals "purchase success, deduct 300,000 experience points," the Kung Fu for Immortals "learning success, by the skill of the practice of experience value will exist in the form of experience points, the skill has been automatically operated! '

Automatic operation? Monk Tang's eyes stare. Automatic running is good, which need not spend his time or distraction to operate it. When hints were over, Monk Tang felt a lot of mana begins to move along his special meridians, at the same time, such as original qi and energy from the world start to converge to him, but these things didn't change directly into mana, but all come into his head!

In a flash, the task panel appears again, and the character panel has been adjusted:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk(sutras seeker)

Level: 20

Experience: 54600/2621440

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-hoop Ring (fake)

Empirical pellet: 0

"Ah? How come the Experience Pellet is 0? Is the system already working?" Monk Tang asked incredulously when he saw the new Experience Pellet column.

System: 'Experience Pellet' sets each one million Experience points. It will be displayed only when you have accumulated one million Experience points. The number of Experience Pellet only shows integers! '

"What?! Only show integers? But this is good, the decimal point many look dizzy!" So says Monk Tang.

At this time, Monk Tang felt good because he had enough food and drink, looking at the sky, deciding to go on the road to the west, so he led the four disciples out of the room, opening the door but they met the White Bone Demon who was getting up to look for them.

The White Bone Demon says, "master, you are up so early!"

Monk Tang looked over her eyelids and thought, "I didn't sleep at all", but of course he said," you didn't get up too late. If you don't get a good rest, you can have a rest. We are ok to wait for you. "Monk Tang is very considerate of women, especially a beautiful woman.

"Master, who is the female Almsgiver?" When Sandy saw the White Bone Demon, he asked him. He knew that they were the only people in the White Bone hall. When did a woman come here? ?

When Pigsy sees the White Bone Demon, she is constantly swallowing saliva and is attracted by the beauty of the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon is more beautiful than his wife, Gao Cuilan. When sucking saliva, he whispers: "beauty, these big long legs, two high peaks..."

The Little White Dragon is also full of doubts. How come a woman suddenly appeared here. Where is the White Bone Demon, or should we call her master too?

Only Sun Wukong does not have any doubts, because he has already known through everything, know that the woman is the White Bone Demon, but he is too lazy to say!