Chapter 98 Level 20!

Although the system has said that his flesh and blood can make the White Bone Demon flesh and blood reborn, but seeing Monk Tang with his own eyes was very shocking, of course, after the shock was ... embarrassing!

Because of what, of course, is because the White Bone Demon was naked after her flesh was reborn, and her skin was as white as jade, yeah ...

If you want to say what it feels like to look at a beautiful and naked beauty, Monk Tang will tell you that at first you definitely didn't feel it, because you were stunned, then your body was hot and dry, and your nose itched!

Fortunately, Monk Tang responded quickly enough and did not make a fool of himself. He unfastened his clothes with great rapidity ... He covered the charming body of the White Bone Demon with his cloak.

The White Bond Demon was also shocked, forgetting that his flesh and blood were naked after being reborn. He forgot all about his magic and clothes. However, the White Bond Demon is the White Bond Demon. goblin did not do anything for nothing for more than 1,000 years and has never encountered anything. Although the light was instantly seen by Monk Tang, it did not scream like an ordinary woman!

His face turned a little red, and then he returned to normal. Instead of looking at the White Bone Demon, he watched at the ceiling with interest. The white bone demon thought he was very interesting and cute at the time.

Her big and black eyes turned. And an idea came into her mind. The White Bone Demon just wants to play a trick on Monk Tang, such as ... seducing or something. However, on second thoughts, the White Bone Demon gave it up. It would be bad if Monk Tang became angry from embarrassment. After all, Monk Tang is a monk. Accounting to her cognition, monks are not allowed to get close to women!

"Master, thank you for your clothes. I don't need them now!" The White Bone Demon said and she had returned the cloak to Monk Tang. Of course, the White Bone Demon has conjured up clothes with magic power!

"Em!" Monk Tang said and then lowered his head to bring the cloak over his body. Just now, Monk Tang looked up at the sky in order not to stop looking at the White Bone Demon's body, but to prevent nosebleeds from flowing down. Well, that's all!

Looking at the White Bone Demon Monk Tang wearing a long white dress, he had a feeling of shine at the moment. The White Bond Demon was really beautiful, but his mind was full of the naked the White Bone Demon just now. Suddenly, a flash of lightning suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind. He said with a smile: "Well, Gu, how do you brush your bones after you have flesh and blood?"

Hey hey, you brush your bones to keep me awake, this time I will drive you nuts! Obsessive-compulsive disorder ... Monk Tang's narrow-minded attribute is back.

"ah, master, what you said ah, is very easy ah! I can switch my body between flesh and bone, whenever I want to brush my bone I will become a skeleton, brushing bones is very convenient to me!" The White Bone Demon said so, and began to change her body in front of Monk Tang, from a person to a skeleton!

Monk Tang: "..." what? what it is? Monk Tang almost vomited blood when he saw her changed the two different bodies! Had he known of this kind result, he wouldn't have let the White Bone Demon eat his meat. Now his arm still hurts badly!

"Master, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Monk Tang wait for a while's silence, the White Bone Demon asked doubtfully.

"No, nothing!" Monk Tang wiped away the blood that did not exist on the corners of his mouth and said with difficulty: "By the way, you should get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control now! ?”

"Yes, I am out of his control when my body was completely reborn." The White Bone Demon nodded excitedly after hearing this. After more than 1,000 years, she finally got rid of the control of that love rat. Although she was still under the control of Monk Tang, she was still excited.

At the same time, KuiMu Wolf, a handsome man in a khaki shirt and sitting on the throne, suddenly opened his eyes in the Moon Cave, nearly a thousand miles away. At the moment when he opened his eyes, his eyes lit up the whole cave, like cold electricity, and monstrous might billowed out in all directions.

At this moment within a hundred miles of creatures are all shivering, the small demons are prostrate on the ground. They don't know why his king suddenly released such a big might.

"The White Bone Demon was out of my control? Hum, who helped her? " KuiMu Wolf said to himself, then put his might away, and counted it, and then ... Damn, KuiMu Wolf found himself unable to make fortune-telling at all.

However, this did not hinder KuiMu Wolf's analysis, saying to himself: "Monk Tang, have they arrived at the White Tiger Mountain now? The time has come. Has the White Bone Demon eaten Monk Tang's meat? I hope Monk Tang has not been killed by the White Bone Demon, or else it will be a waste of time for me to wait for you. Give my order to others---- Our guests will come to our door soon and be ready! "

KuiMu Wolf did not believe that the white bone demon could kill Monk Tang because he knew that the white bone demon did not have the strength!

KuiMu Wolf's voice was far away from the Moon Cave. All the little devils who heard the voice shouted, "We are ready to follow the king's orders and make sure they will die!"

"Mmm!" KuiMu Wolf nodded, then closed his eyes!


Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction after hearing what the White Bone Demon said. Then he looked at the sky and said, "Well, there is still some time before the sun rises. You should take a rest. You just should take some rest for your newborn body."

"yes, master, then I will go to rest!" The White Bone Demon replied with a respectable bow and walked towards her room.

Monk Tang shook his head, and then returned to the room, looking at the Sun Wukong and three apprentices lying in their respective positions to 'sleep very well', Monk Tang shook his head, these guys are really able to sleep. They even don't hear the loud voice! No one likes them!

Monk Tang lay down and was ready to sleep, but he couldn't sleep at all. Once he closed his eyes, it was glistening. Finally, Monk Tang didn't plan to sleep either. Instead, he opened the task panel and looked at it, ready to upgrade.

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: level :19

Experience: 2976040/262140

Deputy: master of divine focus ( level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrinking into Inches.

Props: Brocade Kasaya ( in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at the more than 2 million EXP, Monk Tang smiled and said, "system, I want to upgrade!"

Ding dong, the upgrade was successful, your level was upgraded by one level, and the upgrade cannot be continued because your EXP now does not meet the conditions!

Ding dong, host level is now level 20, system upgrade again, upgrade for system time is one hour! In the meantime, the system mall will be temporarily closed. "

At the sound of Monk Tang's voice falling, the prompt tone of the system immediately sounded. Monk Tang felt that he had broken through a layer of shackles in an instant. The body and soul were changing rapidly and were changing toward the level of fairy. Monk Tang had become a Buddha at this time. To be more exact, Monk Tang is not an ordinary person now. He is totally immortal!