Chapter 97 The Fierce Noise

Hearing the groan of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang was immediately speechless: Elder sister, is brushing a bone so comfortable to make you groan?

However, Monk Tang has basically confirmed that the White Bone Demon definitely has obsessive-compulsive. He can't help shivering when he thinks of that Gu will brush her bones and charmingly groan every night.

Moreover, Monk Tang did not know at this time. Several disciples were listening to the wall at this time. They had misunderstood him and the White Bone Demon!

In the room, hearing the White Bone Demon moaning loudly, Pigsy and others' eyes widened.

Pigsy said: "OMG. master is so good that he can even make a pile of bones high. How amazing!"

The Little White Dragon nodded in agreement.

Sandy did not speak, but only wrote one word: awesome!

Sun Wukong turned over and continued to whisper, "Boring!"

The three continued to listen leaning on the wall. Pigsy frowned and said, "master's reaction is a bit wrong?"

"Brother, what's wrong?" The Little White Dragon was puzzled when he heard this. Sandy looked at the past too!

"things between men and women need to cooperate, why does master have no voice? Why does master seem like a woodman? He is not as good as me! " Pigsy shook his head.

The Little White Dragon and Sandy took a tumble when they heard the news. Indeed, those who came here were the most experienced!

The White Bone Demon brushed for half an hour. She brushed carefully. Even the bone seam was clean. Especially when she was brushing the bone seam, she screamed loudly. When watching the White Bone Demon finally finished brushing, Monk Tang breathed a sigh of relief. Then Monk Tang sadly realized that he was not sleepy at all!

"Master, I've finished. You can go to sleep now. I'll sleep too." The White Bone Demon folded up his brush, thus telling Monk Tang.

Monk Tang's mouth twitched and who can sleep right now? You kept me awake! do you still want to sleep? I am very stingy. So he said, "Amitabfa, Gu, don't worry about sleeping. Let's have a chat!"

The White Bone Demon heard this with a crooked head. Although he did not know what Monk Tang wanted to talk about, he nodded and said, "Yes!"

In the room.

The Little White Dragon heard the groan of the White Bone Demon. the moan stopped and immediately wondered, "Brother, why there is no voice?"

Pigsy slapped the Little White Dragon and said, "what do you know? When you're done, of course, you need to take a rest. Listen to them. They are talking about love. This is a necessary course for you to finish. However, master is very durable. It took almost an hour for him! "

The Little White Dragon nodded when he heard this, and sure enough, he heard master and the White Bone Demon outside the door muttering something!

Monk Tang didn't know it. With Pigsy's misinterpretation, the three disciples' misunderstanding of his relationship with the White Bone Demon became deeper and deeper. He was still chatting with the White Bone Demon. Of course, the White Bone Demon was the one mainly talking, and what she said was her sad story!

"Come on, you bite me and have a flesh-and-blood rebirth out of KuiMu Wolf's control!" Finally, Monk Tang rolled up his sleeve and stretched his arm to the front of the White Bone Demon. He said that Monk Tang had made up his mind. The reason for making such a decision was because it had to be done sooner or later and because of sympathy.

Of course, the main reason is that he wants to have a good night's sleep in the future. If the White Bone Demon brushes his bones every night, how can he sleep? Monk Tang though that If she has his flesh and blood, and the White Bone Demon will have no bones to brush.

Of course, the White Bone Demon did not know the real thoughts of Monk Tang. After listening to Monk Tang's words and seeing Monk Tang's actions, the White Bond Demon was immediately moved and fell to his knees and said gratefully, "Thank you, Master!"

When Monk Tang heard this, he covered his face and said, "Don't talk nonsense, bite quickly, or I'll go back on my word!"

Although he has made up his mind to let the White Bone Demon eat a piece of his flesh and blood, he still cannot help twitching his facial muscles at the thought of pain!

The White Bone Demon saw Monk Tang did so and discovered Monk Tang was somewhat cute and said, "I'm coming, master!"

"Well, let's start, I know!" Monk Tang covers his eyes and does not look!

"That master, I'm going to bit!" The White Bone Demon said.

In the room, Pigsy and others were still listening to the wall. Hearing the conversation, Pigsy immediately said: "Listen, this is the importance of love words. When it comes to the deep nature, you see master has let his mother take the initiative. Gee, master really has two skills. Watch, there will be very intense noise for a while!"

"Hmmm!" The Little White Dragon nodded fiercely in agreement, and the experienced people is amazing!

Sandy is working hard to write down the "process". If Monk Tang sees it, he will definitely suggest Sandy write dirty books. It is absolutely a waste for Sandy not to use his gift!

Outside the door, the White Bone Demon grabbed Monk Tang's arm and gnawed his upper and lower jaws. "I'm serious! Master, you have to hold back!"

"Well, I'll hold back, you bite ... ah, OMG, it hurts me!" Monk Tang did not dare to look and said so, but in the middle of the sentence, there was a sharp pain in his arm. the White Bone Demon dropped his mouth before he had finished speaking. Monk Tang almost cried at the sight, and a large piece of meat was missing from his arm and blood was flowing.

Fortunately, his body is now a demi-immortal. The healing speed is extremely fast. In a blink, the wound stopped the blood and began to repair it!

In the room, I heard the sudden shrieks of Monk Tang. Pigsy suddenly opened his mouth like a big plate. The "battle" outside was fierce.

Pigsy said: "OMG, master, they are so fierce that they even use their mouths. master is really good at it. the master also has his react, hey hey …" At the same time, this guy began to fill the picture in his mind …… OMG, what a thrill!

Monk Tang's current feeling is pain. although the wound on her arm is rapidly being repaired, the pain is unavoidable. however, he was soon attracted by the changes in the White Bone Demon!

I saw the piece of flesh and blood bitten by the White Bone Demon from his arm, immediately blown into blood fog in the mouth of the White Bone Demon, and then covered the White Bone Demon's body, instantly forming a layer of blood-red film on the White Bone Demon's bone, just like periosteum!

The changes continued. After the appearance of the membrane, numerous granulation tissues began to grow. Visceral organs were soon formed in the abdominal cavity of the White Bone Demon. After the viscera appeared, blood vessels, muscles, meridians, and other tissues also began to appear, and finally the skin.

It is a very short process, and soon a woman who looks drop-dead gorgeous appeared in front of him. the most important thing is ... she was naked!