Chapter 96 the White Bone Demon's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The White Bone Hall is quiet, but it is not eerie. On the contrary, there is a kind of sacred feeling. This palace built with some animal bones emits fluorescence all over the body. The fluorescence is pale gold, and the animal bones are like gold and jade. It feels like a warm feeling!

"Master, you will rest in this room. The other rooms are all the places where the little demons lived before. These are very dirty and messy!" The White Bone Demon led Monk Tang and his apprentice to a door and said.

"Yes!" Monk Tang nodded, he is not picky places to live, as long as it wasn't sleeping outdoors!

"By the way, Master, I have one thing to say to you. Be careful of KuiMu Wolf. That KuiMu Wolf has turned into the Demon in Yellow Robe and is waiting for you, master. He is really strong in the Moon Cave on Bowl Hill!" The White Bone Demon said suddenly when she was about to leave because she was a puppet of KuiMu Wolf and naturally knew some of KuiMu Wolf's whereabouts!

Hearing this, Monk Tang was shocked and said, "Amitabfa, I know!"


At night, it was very late. Pigsy was snoring loudly. Monk Tang and his apprentices were already asleep.

At that moment, there was the sound of "Kara" and "Kara" ... outside the door. Sun Wukong suddenly opened his eyes, then closed his eyes and went on sleeping, but the sound of "Kara" outside was still there!

Monk Tang slept soundly in the first half of the night. For him, who is accustomed to Pigsy purring. But he can easily sleep till dawn. However, Monk Tang couldn't sleep in the second half of the night today.

Because his feeling Pigsy's purring sounds like something different, and there are other noises in the purring!

Monk Tang's ear moved, and indeed he heard other sounds in Pigsy's purring …' Kara!'

"purr lulu kara ... purr lulu kara ..." the voices sounded together, feeling like a duet of noise!

At last, Monk Tang was defeated by the noise, woke up from his sleep, and then recognized that the sound of "Kara" came from outside the door. The sound Monk Tang was no stranger, it was the sound of bone collision and friction!

The White Bone Demon is the only skeleton in the White Bone Hall. Obviously, the voice was made by the White Bone Demon. Monk Tang was a little curious about what the White Bone Demon walked back and forth in the middle of the night. Or, the White Bone Demon snored too!?

If the former is easy to say, if the latter is interesting, skeleton snoring is absolutely rare.

Curious, Monk Tang decided to go out and have a look. Although it is a bad thing to watch a woman sleep, is it okay to watch a dead bone sleep? Monk Tang thought.

So he put on his white robe, put on the "justify cloak" monk Tang and crept out.

However, Monk Tang got a fright as soon as he came out of the door because he saw a skull head appear in front of his eyes at the moment of opening the door, but fortunately, he didn't take monk spade out of his personal space and knocked at it at once!

"Hua Qiangu, what are you doing here? It is midnight!” Monk Tang is speechless!

"Master, noisy to you? I'm really sorry, I can't sleep! " Hua Qiangu said.

Monk Tang rolled his eyes wildly. Why are you walking around the door when you can't sleep? Monk Tang sighed and said, "why can't you sleep? Insomnia? " Can the skull without brain lose sleep? Monk Tang's heart is full of complain!

"It's not insomnia. I never suffer from insomnia. I only think of something I forgot to do, so I can't sleep and feeling uneasy if I don't finish it!" Hua Qiangu said.

Uneasy? Do you have a heart? Monk Tang once again turned over his eyelids, but how can Monk Tang feeling like some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder with the symptom of "White Bone Demon"? OMG, the White Bone Demon shouldn't really have any obsessive-compulsive disorder? Monk Tang opened his mouth wide!

"Master, you go back to rest. I think I will go to sleep. You have to worry about me!" Hua Qiangu said, and then began to "crack" and "crack" back and forth, and walking faster and faster, in front of the eyes of Monk Tang has become an afterimage!

Looking at Hua Qiangu, who turned into an afterimage in front of him, Monk Tang was speechless. Who worries about you? How can I sleep when you walk up and down like this, Damn, can't you walk back and forth in another place?

Monk Tang sighed helplessly and said: "Gu, please stop down first, I can't sleep now, let's talk, maybe you will think of something you haven't done!"

The White Bone Demon stopped when he heard this and said, "That's right, Master, let's talk first ... Hey, I think I haven't done anything yet, haha ... Master, wait for me first!" The White Bone Demon said and ran away.

Monk Tang: "..." monk tang looked at the White Bone Demon's retreating figure with black lines.

Then he stretched out his hand and opened his mouth, but he could not say a word. OMG, are you kidding me?

The White Bone Demon came back soon, holding a brush in his hand and grinning, "Hee hee, Master, I finally remembered something I didn't do just now, so I forgot to wipe my bones!"

The White Bond Demon waved the brush in her hand and began to brush it. After brushing the White Bond Demon, he gave a groan of comfort. The voice was so loud that it broke away from the bone and devoured the soul. It spread far and wide into the room.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon, who were sleeping soundly in the room, all opened their eyes in the moan and groan of the White Bone Demon. Then they looked at each other with tacit understanding and crept to the door to listen carefully.

"OMG, I refuse to surrender anyone but our master. He actually 'did' a pile of bones!" Pigsy said softly.

"Brother, shall we call Hua Qiangu master?" The Little White Dragon asked.

"Still don't, master this sneaking out in the middle of the night, not just don't want us to know what he did? If you call the White Bone Demon 'master', don't you mean you've told him that we know everything?? Idiot! " Pigsy shook his head.

The Little White Dragon suddenly realized, "Brother is smart, and you can think of varying!"

"Hey hey, I'm good at it. you should learn more later!" Pigsy smiled triumphantly when he heard it.

Sandy did not speak, but took out a small notebook and wrote: "Shock! I didn't feel like sleeping in the middle of the night. I was woken up by groans. it turned out that master and the White Bone Demon were doing the things that many people love to do, but I don't understand how master and a skeleton did that!

Sun Wukong listened at the door and went back to bed, muttering: "Boring!"

So boring!