Chapter 95 Hua Qiangu

"Yes, I did think so when I was disheartened, but KuiMu Wolf, the love rat, was so cunning that he broke my plan at that time and don't give his love for my rest of my life, because he refined me into his puppet at that time. Although I still wanted to retaliate against him, I could not do it as his puppet. Moreover, I have to obey his orders, unless ..." The White Bone Demon said.

OMG, to forge his girlfriend into puppet slavery, KuiMu Wolf has absolutely not been described enough the love rat. How cruel!

"Unless what?" Monk Tang said, "unless you get out of his control, right?"

"Yes, master, that's it. I hope the master can help me. As long as the master helps me to regenerate my flesh and get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control, the master can do whatever you want me to do!" The White Bone Demon said, her crystal skull was cracking on the ground.

"It's not that I don't help you, but that I don't know how to do it!" Monk Tang said. And he also had a little sympathy for the White Bond Demon. Of course, what the White Bone Demon said was that if she can eat his flesh and blood, she could be reborn and get rid of the illusion of controlling the love rat. But Monk Tang doesn't buy it.

"Master, you can help me. As long as the Master gives me a piece of your flesh and blood, I can be reborn from control!" The White Bone Demon said urgently.

"master, you can help her. She is also a poor person!" Pigsy heard this.

"Yes, master, please help me if you can. She is very poor." Sandy's compassion is overflowing. He has completely recorded all things that happened between the White Bone Demon and KuiMu Wolf in his notebook!

Monk Tang heard the words of the two disciples and turned over his eyelids. Sandy asked him to help the White Bone Demon because he had compassion. Monk Tang believed Sandy. but as for Pig Pigsy, Monk Tang did not believe him very much. Suddenly, Monk Tang saw Pig Pigsy looking at the White Bone Demon frequently!

OMG, Pigsy's purpose is not pure indeed. Isn't this guy trying to see what the White Bone Demon will look like after she is reborn? To tell the truth, the White Bone Demon is now a skeleton but looks very nice. She will definitely be very beautiful with flesh and blood.

Monk Tang said, "let me think about it!" After saying this, he made a thoughtful gesture, actually talking with the system. he wanted to confirm one thing and asked the system:' system, can my flesh and blood really regenerate the White Bone Demon and free her from the control of KuiMu Wolf?'

System:' Yes, host, the White Bone Demon is right. Although your flesh and blood can't make people remain young forever, it can really make the White Bone Demon reborn and get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control!'

OMG, it really can, Monk Tang eyes opened widely. His own flesh and blood have a such rest effect!

Knowing that his own flesh and blood really worked, Monk Tang said to the White Bone Demon, "You can have my flesh and blood, but I hope you can submit to me and I don't know if you want to do it!"

"Master, Yes I do, as long as you can give me your flesh and blood, I will do anything!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Well, then you submit to me. But in advance, my kungfu cannot be delivered easily, and my flesh and blood cannot be given to others easily. You still need to work hard to get my flesh, blood and my trust, at least I won't give you my flesh and blood right away!" Monk Tang said. of course, Monk Tang just cooked up. The key is that cutting meat hurts. He is not ready yet.

"Yes, master, I am willing to wait!" The White Bone Demon said, and then her finger put on her head. The body of White Bone Demon glistens, one little shining ball was flying out of the White Bone Demon.

"Hey? The essence of the soul? this goblin is cruel and decisive! " Sun Wukong's eyes flashed golden light when he saw the little ball which looks like tiny White Bone Demon.

“ essence of soul ?” Monk Tang was puzzled when he heard this, but he immediately understood what the essence of the soul was because the system gave the answer. once he got the essence of the soul, he could control the life and death of the White Bone Demon!

After understanding what the essence of the soul is, Monk Tang grabbed the essence of the soul of the White Bone Demon without any hesitation. At the moment of touching, the essence of the soul turned into a light spot and melted into his body!

In an instant, Monk Tang felt that he had mastered the life and death of the White Bone Demon. At the same time, through the essence of the soul, he also felt that there was another force of control in the White Bond Demon.

Monk Tang knows that this is the method KuiMu Wolf is using to control the White Bond Demon. This method of control is not very clever. It can only prevent the White Bond Demon from attacking KuiMu Wolf and simply ordering the White Bond Demon to do something! But it is very difficult to pull it out.

Ding dong, congratulations you on completing the task: vanquish the White Bone Demon and reward 1000000 EXP points!

At the moment when Monk Tang came into contact with the essence of the soul, the prompt tone of the system was also sounded, but Monk Tang did not take care of it for the time being.

After taking over the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang told Sun Wukong to restore her power, looking at the White Bone Demon and saying, "What's your name? What shall we call you later? "

"I forgot the name of the previous life, and now people call me bone Lady !" The White Bone Demon said.

"Mrs. Bone? no, it's too bad. Please choose another name!" Monk Tang shook his hand when he heard this. what the hell is calling his Mrs?

"Then please give me a name, Master!" The White Bone Demon said respectfully.

"Let me give you a name?" Hearing this, he touched his chin and said, "Well, I'll give you a new name, representing your new life. the White Bone Demon, white bones, small white bones, small bones. Well., let's call you Hua Qiangu."

Haha, Hua Qiangu, when Monk Tang thought of this name, it was a pleasure. This is the name of the main character in a TV series that was very popular in his past life. He borrowed the name. Moreover, Monk Tang thought that this name matched the White Bone Demon very well!

“ Hua Qiangu?” Hearing this, the White Bone Demon said softly and then fell in love with the name. It was a thousand times better than Mrs. Bone!

Hua Qiangu kneeled on the ground and kowtowed. "Thank you, Master. I like it very much!"

"Haha, good!" Monk Tang smiled and looked up at the sky, "It's getting late. Gu, take us to your white bone cave to rest for a night. Tomorrow you will go west with us to seek for sutras!"

"Yes, master, please follow me!" Hua Qiangu said and then led the way to the White Bone Cave.

Less than half an hour later, the crowd came to the White Bones Cave. After seeing the Bones Cave, Monk Tang understood why it was called the Bones Cave, not because the White Bone Demon lived in a cave called the Bones Cave. The Bones Cave was not a cave on a mountain, but a hall of bones built from the bones of a huge beast. It should be called the Bones Palace. It was all too grand and magnificent!