Chapter 94 A Sad Story

"heart breaker? Do you have a man? " he heard the White Bone Demon mentioned heart breaker twice, and the gossip fire of Monk Tang was completely burning up. In this age when there is no Internet, it is really too difficult to have fun. It is still very interesting to know about some gossips!

"Yes, I used ... I used to have a lover, but I haven't had 'that' with him yet!" The White Bone Demon said with a red light on her crystal bone.

What? Can bones blush? Also, I asked if you have a man, not if you have ever had sex. I am not interested in bones. I am not a dog!

The White Bone Demon continued and began to cry. The ghost fire in her eyes turned into tears and flowed out. Of course, she was absorbed back when she just dropped from her eyes!

Monk Tang turned his head sideways. my dear, tears can still be recycled? This is the first time he has seen it.

The White Bone Demon said: "Master, you don't know that I was originally a member of heaven, and worked as a maid in the Incense Temple!"

"You are also a member of heaven. Why haven't I seen you?"Pigsy surprised.

Sandy thought for a moment and said, "I don't have any impression on you either! Are you really from heaven? "

"Tianpeng Marshal, Juanlian General, when I was in heaven, I was just a little maid. How can you two know me, but I do know you two!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Then, in this case, your Taoist lover is also a celestial being?" Monk Tang asked, who would it be?

"Yes, yes, who is that man?" Pigsy quickly asked if he is familiar with the fairy if meet him later, hum ...

"his name is KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon said that although it is a dead bone and expression cannot be seen, Monk Tang and others can still feel her intense hatred.

KuiMu Wolf? Isn't that guy? OMG, it turns out that KuiMu Wolf and the White Bone Demon are a couple! Hearing this, Monk Tang was surprised to learn that if the White Bone Demon hadn't spoken in person, Monk Tang wouldn't have thought that the White Bone Demon had an affair with KuiMu Wolf!

When it comes to KuiMu Wolf, Monk Tang thinks a lot. KuiMu Wolf is a very powerful character. In the original story of Journey to the West, he could fight with Wukong dozens of rounds but didn't defeat, not at his peak. He was very popular in heaven and had many friends. After he was defeated and captured by Sun Wukong, many gods came to rescue him.

“KuiMu Wolf ? KuiMu Wolf, now one of the 28 constellation Gods? " Pigsy heard this.

"yes, that's KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon gnashed his teeth, showing hatred in his tone!

"but when I was in heaven, I didn't hear KuiMu Wolf have any gossip. Although that guy has a lot of friends, he doesn't seem to be a renowned pervert. Is this what people do not judge by appearances? " Pigsy touched the fat chin.

"He is a Wolf, how come he doesn't like women? He is pretending! " The White Bone Demon retorted.

Wolf! Satyr? A word flashed through Monk Tang's mind and he said, "Then you and KuiMu Wolf are fell in love? How do you call him a heart breaker again? What happened? "

The White Bone Demon sighed with a faint sigh. Now that he has said it, he is not going to hide it. He is going to tell the secret that has been buried for many years, saying: "As the master said, KuiMu Wolf and I love each other very much. Of course, now that I think about it, it may only be my one-sided. How ridiculous! When I fell in love with him, I wanted to live with him forever, but because of the rules of heaven, we could only sneak around for our private meeting! "

"But, how can I be satisfied at that time? So I discussed with him to go to the human world and become a husband and wife. He immediately agreed at that time. I was so excited at that time that I went down to the human world without any consideration and made an appointment with him. However, when I went to the ground, I had a little problem and became an ordinary girl with no magic power! "

"Although losing my magic power is an unfortunate thing, I won't care about it because I was carried away by love. So I waited for him to come to me at the appointed place, the White Tiger Mountain, but he still didn't show up until the end of my life!"

Oh, it's really a sad story. You were created. Monk Tang turned over his eyes. the White Bone Demon also didn't think about that how could KuiMu Wolf give up such a high position and a great future for a small maid?

Between love and bread, many people will choose bread. After all, without love can still live but without bread you get nothing. Without bread, people will starve to death. Although there is great love between heaven and earth, it is still a minority.

The White Bone Demon then spoke in a faint voice: "I died, and then I became a white skeleton in the White Tiger Mountain. However, perhaps because of my obsession, I was still conscious of being a white bone, so I continued to wait and wanted to ask him why he didn't come. At that time, I was still full of some expectations for him, thinking that he did not come because something important had delayed him. "

Hearing this, Monk Tang was speechless again. the White Bone Demon was a really innocent lady at that time. No, to be precise, she trusts in love and KuiMu Wolf too much!

"Finally, He showed up and he came to me!" The White Bone Demon's voice shot up a lot, with joy and excitement in it!

However, in a twinkling, it turned into monstrous hatred. She said: "I was extremely happy to see him coming to me, so I asked him what happened and why he didn't come to me in time. I hoped he can say what I want to hear."

"However, I was disappointed that he had forgotten me. He didn't think of it until I told him who I was. I asked him why he came to me after forgetting me. "

"KuiMu Wolf said with a cold smile at that time that he had forgotten the agreement between us for a long time. He did not remember the original agreement at all. He came to the White Tiger Mountain only because he noticed some special fluctuations. He just did not think that the special fluctuation would be the bones I turned into!"

"love rat, absolutely!" Monk Tang said when he heard this, KuiMu Wolf definitely deserves the title of love rat!

"love rat? Master, you are absolutely right. KuiMu Wolf is a love rat! " The White Bond Demon gnashed her teeth. the White Bone Demon believes that the title of love rat to him is really appropriate!

"Haha!" Monk Tang smiled. He didn't say the word 'love rat'. He asked, "Then you haven't thought about revenge?"

"Yes, of course, but I can't!" The White Bone Demon said this, showing deep helplessness and helplessness.

"why? Although KuiMu Wolf will not be a real opponent with your current magic power, is it okay to give him some trouble? " Monk Tang asked doubtfully.