Chapter 93 Temporary Task

Sure enough, Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang say so, and his brow wrinkled. Seeing it, Monk Tang believed he got Wukong!

Pigsy opened her mouth when he heard this: OMG, why didn't I see you were doing it for him? Did you enjoy yourself? It seemed you were very relaxed!

Of course, Pigsy dared to think like this in his heart. If he said it, he knew Monk Tang would not let him alone!

"In fact, I am exercising your ability to concentrate. Wukong, you have a very good ability to" endure "now, but your concentration is not enough in the battle. Look at you, I just ate and drank a little something and you noticed it. It is not a good phenomenon. You were hit by the White Bone Demon. Although the White Bone Demon can't hurt you badly, how about someone else? Is it dangerous for you to be distracted during the battle like this? I am very sad. You didn't understand my kindness and were angry with me. Really ... "Monk Tang made a sad look, his eyes were red!

Sun Wukong's frown grew tighter. Indeed, he was distracted during the battle, which was absolutely undesirable during the battle. He then said, "master, I'm sorry, I misjudged you. Please master, continue to train me in the future!"

OMG, OMG, what happened? Bro, does this excuse master? Pigsy opened his mouth wide. At the same time, Pigsy was alert. He must be careful of his master in the future. Otherwise, he was still counting money for the master when he was sold.

Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang's heart was filled with joy. Although he didn't know if Sun Wukong was really fooled, he still made an' I'm very relieved' look: "It's ok, you know it's good to understand my painstaking efforts! Try the popcorn and coke I left you, or Pigsy will eat it all! "

"How dare he!" Sun Wukong gave pig Pigsy a hard stare when he heard this, then picked up coke and popcorn and ate and drank. His eyes immediately flashed golden light. Although the food and drink were ordinary food, they had a different flavor.

Pigsy felt bitter when he heard Sun Wukong's words: master betrayed him.

"All right, all right, all right! Monk Tang clapped his chest and then came to the front of the White Bone Demon. He knocked her with the monk spade. The bones of the White Bone Demon are much harder than those of fine steel.

Just as Monk Tang swung up monk spade and smashed it down, Monk Tang suddenly stopped because he heard what the White Bone Demon was saying. After listening carefully, he knew what the White Bond Demon was saying!

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I can't die yet!"

"I haven't avenged yet, I must seek revenge from that heart breaker!"

"I haven't got rid of the control of that heart breaker, I want to be reborn with flesh and blood!"

This is what the White Bone Demon said so. Monk Tang's eyes brighten when he hears the news, heart breaker? OMG, Monk Tang thought there is a big gossip in this. Do we need to listen to it first? Monk Tang felt itchy in his heart, but after thinking about it, he let it go. The White Bone Demon knew that she was going to die and probably wouldn't say it. He should get 500,000 EXP points for killing her, which is most beneficial.

When Monk Tang swung his monk spade high again to fall, he stopped again and almost twisted his waist. He said angrily in his heart, "system, why do you want me to stop? My waist, I ... HSS! It hurts so much, if you don't give a reasonable explanation, I'll never over you! "

Ding dong. Now the system releases a temporary task to soothe the White Bone Demon and reward 1000000 EXP points for completing the task!

OMG, task? Rewarding 1 million EXP points? Hearing the prompt tone of the system, Monk Tang immediately got joy in his eyes. If he completes this task, he will earn another 500,000 EXP points more than killing the White Bone Demon. With this 1 million EXP point, he can upgrade again!

System:' host, is this statement reasonable?'

Monk Tang said with a smile: "Reasonable, very reasonable!" Damn, even if it is unreasonable, it must be reasonable! Monk Tang will never have a hard time with EXP!

Of course, Monk Tang was still puzzled and asked, "system, why did you suddenly release this task to subdue the White Bone Demon?"

The White Bone Demon has a strong will to survive. She touched me. Of course, the most important thing is that I wanted to. Can you manage me? But whether you want to finish this task or not depends on you!"

"You wanted? Well, you won!" Monk Tang sighed helplessly when he heard this, and then he took monk spade and poked at the White Bone Demon, who was still babbling, saying: "Er, you don't murmur. I ask you, do you want to live?"

Hearing this, the White Bone Demon look up and "looked" at Monk Tang with her hollow eyes like crystal. "Tang Sanzang, what did you say? I didn't hear clearly! "

Monk Tang turned over his eyelid speechless and said: "I ask you if you want to live, if you don't, I'll kill you now!"

"Yes!" The White Bone Demon immediately said that the will to survive was instantly felt by Monk Tang, which was unusually strong.

"Well, if you want to live, then you must obey me!" Monk Tang said that although it is a threat, Monk Tang is forced to do so. this is to complete the task!


The White Bone Demon's jaw and jaw are biting ... Monk Tang thought that Is this gnashing of teeth?!

"Well, I promise to submit to you, but Tang Sanzang, you also need to promise me one condition!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Conditions? The White Bone Demon, Don't be ungrateful. my master has made you surrender and live. It's already a great kindness. How dare you make any conditions? Don't forget that you are just a prisoner. " Although I don't know why Monk Tang suddenly wanted the White Bond Demon to surrender, when heard that the White Bone Demon still dared to make terms with Monk Tang, Pigsy jumped out and said immediately.

"Pigsy, what are the conditions for you? let her finish." Monk Tang looked at the White Bone Demon with great interest.

"Yes, master!" Pigsy respectfully said.

"Let me eat a piece of your meat!" The White Bone Demon said.

OMG, Monk Tang was surprised that goblin was still thinking about eating his meat. Regardless of whether the White Bone Demon could digest without internal organs, he was not at ease even if he kept such a goblin, who is thinking about eating his meat all the time, so he decided to kill her.

Feeling the menace from Monk Tang, the White Bone Demon hurriedly said: "Master, don't get me wrong, I want to eat your meat, not for the sake of could remain young forever. I know it's a lie. I just want to be reborn and get rid of the control of that heart breaker! Master! "