Chapter 92 Bamboozling

Sun Wukong, who was at war with the White Bone Demon, heard the shouts of Monk Tang and others on the ground and felt very awkward!

The White Bone Demon's voice was also heard, mocking: "Ha, ha, ha, Sun Wukong, your master and younger brothers are really weirdos."

Sun Wukong's face turned black when he heard this. Facing his master and his younger brothers, Sun Wukong said, I am also very awkward to have them!

"goblin, die!" Sun Wukong turned despair into anger and swung his thick Monkey King Bar toward the huge skull.


The huge skeleton was suddenly turned over and fell on the ground. A mountain peak collapsed instantly.

"Wukong, you are so good, continue to be so kind to her, and give me a hard look!" Monk Tang applauds this, but it seems that something is missing. Suddenly, touching on his bright forehead, he finally knows what is missing!

Monk Tang then tells Pigsy to clear a vacant lot and set up an enchantment.

looking at the large open space, where the skeletons couldn't get in, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. Then with a wave of his hand, a reclining chair and a table appeared in the open space. There was still a lot of food and drinks on the table, such as popcorn and so on! How can you watch movies without popcorn?

Monk Tang lay down on the chair, grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into his mouth. Then he took a sip of Coke. It was a great drink. Then he shouted, "Popcorn really goes well with watching movies!"

Pigsy, seeing Monk Tang at ease, asked, "Master, what are you eating?"

When Monk Tang heard it, he glanced sideways at Pigsy. With a wave of his hand, he added a few more chairs beside him and said, "Eat as you like!" Monk Tang knew what Pigsy thought about.

Pigsy smiled when he heard this and then lay down on the couch as Monk Tang did: OMG, what a fucking comfort!

Pigsy admired Monk Tang even more in an instant. No one can think of such a way to enjoy it. However, he found himself surprised too early. He learned what Monk Tang was doing and lay down on the couch to eat a handful of popcorn and drink a mouthful of Coke. Then he watched the monkey hit the White Bone Demon in the sky. It was really great!

Sandy blinked and followed them, then wrote on his notepad: "having popcorn plus coke is great while watching the fun!"

The Little White Dragon was depressed, looked at the couch about the size of his hoof, sighed helplessly, and then jumped aside and cheered.

Sun Wukong, who had just turned over the White Bone Demon with his stick, saw the scene on the ground and was almost vomiting blood. What is going on here? I killed and killed the goblin here but you guys are eating, drinking and watching the play. Can you not be more reliable? Are you really my master and junior brothers?


A loud explosion, huge skeletons foaming at the mouth, huge palm with toward Sun Wukong to shoot!


When Sun Wukong distracted he hit by the bone hand, rolled and flew out.

"OMG, Wukong, don't be back off. Just beat it!" Seeing this, Monk Tang was shocked and said, then he ate a handful of popcorn and was shocked.

"Shut up!" Wukong's face darkened when he heard this, and then he flashed beside the huge skeleton. His Monkey King Bar swept out like the same golden mountain.


The sparks flew straight up and a huge skull flew like a baseball, and there was a crack in the bone. Although the skull was very hard, it was still badly hit under Sun Wukong's anger and Monkey King Bar. When it got up from the ground, many cracks were scattered on it, and two ribs were broken!

Another one or two hits can definitely break it up! Monk Tang thinks so.

However, the White Bone Demon wouldn't look at the skeletons smashed by Sun Wukong so easily. With a scream, he saw the skeletons on the ground give up attacking Monk Tang and others in an instant but rush towards the huge skeletons.

Those skeletons met huge skeletons just like stones falling into the lake, disappeared in an instant and were swallowed up by the huge skeleton by fusion. In a twinkling, all the cracks on the huge skeletons disappeared, and the size soared to 10,000 meters.

"Sun Wukong, you are dead!" The White Bone Demon shouted, a huge skull clenching its fist at Sun Wukong!


Sun Wukong roared when he saw this. You shouldn't think I was a weak catty. Then I will show you my strength. And his body shook and its size soared to 10,000 meters in an instant. Monkey King Bar also grew with it.

"OMG, it is a war between bones monster and King Kong ape! Wonderful. " Monk Tang saw this scene and exclaimed.


The two behemoths had a fierce confrontation. Mountains were destroyed and mushroom clouds of energy appeared continuously in the two behemoths. The energy there exploded and boiled completely.

Although the White Bone Demon showed much more power than the one on the original work, she was still not Sun Wukong's rival in the end, especially under Sun Wukong's angry situation, the huge skeleton quickly was tore up and pulled the White Bone Demon out of skulls!

Without the control and maintenance of the White Bone Demon, the huge skeleton would not have the ability to survive. It turned white into bone ashes at the moment when the White Bone Demon was caught and became a mountain of bone ashes accumulation!

"Wukong, nice work!" seeing Sun Wukong seized the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang immediately excited.


Sun Wukong grabbed the White Bond Demon and flew to Monk Tang. Then he threw the White Bond Demon, who was possessed by the seal, to the ground, and turned his head and didn't say a word to Monk Tang!

OMG, is he angry? At the sight of this Monk Tang's eyes, he turned his eyes to Pigsy and winked at him. Pigsy immediately got the message. holding a bucket of popcorn, Pigsy ran to Sun Wukong and flattered him, "Bro, you are too amazing! look, this is the popcorn master made especially for you!"

Sun Wukong glanced at it. the sweet smell of popcorn and crept into his nostrils. Although he wanted to eat it, he still snorted, "No!"

Pigsy, turning her eyes, picked up another coke and said, "Bro, this is coke. Try one?"

Sun Wukong looked at the bubbling cola feeling and he was surprised. he wanted to try it, but he still said, "no!"

Pigsy looked helplessly at Monk Tang, shrugged her shoulders and said: master, I did my best!

When Monk Tang saw this, he turned over his eyelids. The temper came up. He thought for a moment and said, "Wukong, do you blame me for enjoying it while you were fighting?"

"Hum!" Sun Wukong snorted, meaning is self-evident!

"ah, in fact, I did it for your own good!" Monk Tang sighed and said disappointedly, but his eyes looked at Sun Wukong!