Chapter 91 All Depends on You!

"No, master, this goblin is forcibly upgrading its power!" Sun Wukong shouted when he saw this scene.

Monk Tang felt the rapidly rising breath on the White Bone Demon. she was not playing with self-immolation, she was desperate! Then he shouted, "What are you waiting for? Go ahead, cut her off! Give her to me when she is at her last breath!"

"Yes, master!" Sun Wukong promised and then took out the golden big stick. Ah, bar. He took out the enlarged Monkey King Bar and turned to the White Bone Demon. He shouted, "goblin, watch out my bar!"

"Hum, it is too late to stop me. Feel my anger. Come out, my servant!" The White Bone Demon looked at the falling bar but said with a cold voice.

"Karakala ..."

Monk Tang and others heard some voices, which was caused by bone friction and collision. The voice was very dense and came from all directions, but most of it comes from the underground!

“ Bang Bang Bang !”

Dozens of white bony hands stretched out and break the ground, and then climbed out. In a twinkling, there were skeletons all over the mountain and everywhere. Crac, Crac, thousands of skulls were gnawing at its upper and lower jaws. it makes people feeling creepy.

"OMG, where do you get so many skeletons?" Pigsy got a fright.

There are a lot of bones, at least several million. Apart from the gloom, there is something spectacular like a legion of bones. Monk Tang saw such many bones before when he was in Zhenyuanzi's 'another space'. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that Monk Tang has something to kill again …… Monk Tang is excited.

Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar is still brandishing, not stopped by the appearance of the bones corps.

“ Bang Bang Bang !”

When Monkey King Bar fell, the skeletons under Monkey King Bar could not bear the strong pressure and burst into pieces. When Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar was about to hit the White Bond Demon, the ground in front of the White Bond Demon suddenly exploded.

“ Bang !”

A huge bone hand stretched out from the ground and grabbed Monkey King Bar!


The bone hand collided with the Monkey King Bar, making a tremendous noise. Then Monk Tang took a breath of air conditioning because the huge bone hand firmly grasped Monkey King Bar and was not smashed by the bar!

Sun Wukong was also stunned. He didn't expect his stick to having achieved any results. Then he became angry and said, "Come out!" Sun Wukong took Monkey King Bar and pried up. When it rumbled, Sun Wukong lifted the skeleton of the huge bone hand from the ground and smashed it to the ground.

"boom!" The earth shook and a mushroom cloud appeared.

"Karakala!" The noise appeared in the smoke, and a huge skeleton emerged from the smoke. The skeleton was extremely tall, hundreds of meters high. Each bone was like a thick iron column, emitting brilliance. But there was no damage to it. Its hardness made Monk Tang lose heart!

The voice of the White Bone Demon came from the huge skull. I don't know when the White Bone Demon got into the skull of the huge skull and looked down at them in one eye socket: "Hum, Monk Tang, today is your death, slaves, kill them!"

"goblin, don't be arrogant!" Sun Wukong said when he heard it, although he didn't do any damage to the huge skeleton twice, Sun Wukong didn't take it to heart. The skeleton frame had nothing but a hard shell. When he spoke, he was already soaring up into the sky and was fighting with the big skeleton!

the skull corps rushed towards Monk Tang, like a huge tide.

"Protect master!" Pigsy shouted like this, watching the surging skeleton army didn't slack off this time either. The nine-tooth rake appeared in his hand and let the rear face the skeleton.

"Boom Crac Crac Crac ..." Hundreds of skeletons were beaten to scatter easily.

Sandy also took out his demon-fighting staff and began to break up the skeletons one by one.

The Little White Dragon is also back to a sober state at this time, recovering the body of the dragon. As soon as the huge tail of the dragon is swept away, pieces of skeletons are swept away and broken!

Monk Tang didn't stop Pigsy and others from killing skeletons this time, because there were so many skeletons that he couldn't kill them all by himself. Of course, he was not to be outdone. Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu was used by him again. Although not as fierce as Pigsy and others, he was also powerful.

"Bang bang!" Monk Tang smashed a monk spade on a skeleton rack and smashed the skeleton to pieces. However, Monk Tang was stunned because there was no sound of a warning tone, which meant that he did not get EXP or he didn't kill the skeletons.

Monk Tang asked the system, "system, what is going on? Why didn't I get EXP? "

System:' these skeletons are not goblins at all, let alone living beings, so you cannot get EXP, and host cannot get EXP even if he chops up all these skeletons! Besides, these skeletons cannot be destroyed. "

“ OMG !” Hearing the words of system, Monk Tang was stunned and said: "Does it not mean that with this indestructible skeleton army, the White Bone Demon is invincible?"

System:' of course not, this skull and crossbones regiment is influenced by the will of the White Bone Demon, so long as the White Bone Demon is removed, this bones regiment will stop!'

When Monk Tang heard this, he immediately understood that the key to the problem was the White Bone Demon. He shouted at Sun Wukong, who was fighting with the White Bone Demon, "Wukong, hurry up and arrest the White Bone Demon. As long as she is not dead, the bones regiment will not stop."

The White Bone Demon, who was at war with Sun Wukong, was shocked by Monk Tang's words. Of course, she had no heart but she got a big shock in her heart: how does Tang Sanzang know that the skeleton army's weakness is on me?

As Monk Tang said, the smashed and crushed skeletons seemed to turn back the clock at the next moment, changing back to what they were when they first appeared and continuing to kill Monk Tang and others.

"OMG, master, what is going on?" Looking at the skeletons that have been smashed into bone meal and can still return to their original appearance, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon are all a muddled, Pigsy could not help but ask.

When Monk Tang heard it, he said to Pigsy what system told him, and then the crowd looked up to Sun Wukong, who is at the war.

"Wukong, come on! Cheer up! We depend on you! Catch her but don't kill her!"

"Monkey, We're all depending on you! Fighting!"

"Bro, Brother is right, depending on you ... eh? What did I say? "

"Bro, it's up to you. You see, I can still fly high. Damn, it's time for me to get back to horse body!"