Chapter 90 OMG, Self-Immolation?

Of course, the White Bone Demon had long been hiding behind the little goblins and did not give Sun Wukong the opportunity to attack her!

The White Bone Demon directed the group of goblins to attack Monk Tang. Tens of goblins were running to Monk Tang. Although Sun Wukong and others could easily kill these small demons, all three of them just broken their legs due to Monk Tang's command. As for the Little White Dragon, he was leisurely eating grass nearby. once his dragon mighty surrounds him, the monster did not dare to approach the Little White Dragon!

The sound of the EXP rising continues to resound. Listening to this voice, Monk Tang's excitement increases. The translucent figure dances harder on his back while his EXP grows faster.

After half an hour of incessant slaughter, Monk Tang finally killed all the monsters, none of which was spared, even the small monsters that were scared off. He caught up with them and smashed them into minced meat with his monk spade. These are all poison-typed goblins, so Monk Tang has no plan to keep them as food. He doesn't care whether the flesh is complete or not!

After the war, Monk Tang got a large number of EXP points. Although there are not many EXP points for each small goblin, the number is a large sum. Monk Tang's experience points at this time has been enough to upgrade again!

So Monk Tang opens the task panel and checks his current status:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 18

EXP :3286760/1310720

Deputy: master of divine focus ( Level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: complete Buddhist scripture, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at more than 3 million EXP points, Monk Tang smiled. However, he remembered that he had accumulated only over 400,000 EXP points before. That is to say, he had won over 2 million EXP points and nearly 3 million EXP points in the fight.

"system, I want to upgrade!" Monk Tang is happy to say that upgrading and strengthening is the key.

Ding dong, the upgrade was successful, your level was upgraded by one level, EXP was insufficient, and the conditions right now for the further upgrade were not met!'

The next moment, the breath of Monk Tang soared, the muscles and bones of the whole body were getting stronger, while the golden light seeped out from under the skin. In an instant, Monk Tang became a golden Buddha. his essence, energy, and spirit were also rapidly changing.

The primordial qi between heaven and earth is rapidly coming towards Monk Tang.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy all felt the change of momentum of Monk Tang, but they were not surprised. Although some breakthroughs in Monk Tang were inappropriate or even abrupt, they knew that this was the correct way for master to breakthrough ...

The White Bone Demon was also shocked, and then angry. The Monk Tang not only killed all her little goblins but also made a breakthrough. He can become a fairy or a Buddha by one step. Is this contempt for her?

Monk Tang didn't think about what the White Bone Demon thought, even forgot the existence of the White Bone Demon when he made the breakthrough. After the breakthrough was completed, Monk Tang opened the character panel again:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 19

EXP :1976040/2621440

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal 、 Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade 、 Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at his current level and EXP, it will take nearly a million EXP points to upgrade. therefore, Monk Tang only focused on the White Bone Demon who did not run away. his eyes went a little red. Monk Tang asked the system, "system, how many exp can I get if I kill the White Bone Demon?"

System:' ding dong, 500,000 EXP points are not enough for you to raise to level 20. oh, by the way, you are at level 19 now and will soon be completely out of the category of ordinary people. When your level is raised to 20th, the system will be upgraded at the same time. when the system is upgraded, the system mall and other functions will be temporarily closed!'

Hearing this, Monk Tang was shocked and then asked, "The system will upgrade? did you upgrade once? Howcome you will upgrade again? "

System:' system will be upgraded according to your level change. every time host's level is upgraded by 10 levels, the system will be upgraded automatically. of course, more accurately, it should be described as 'adjusted' so that the system can serve you better!'

Monk Tang nodded. It is true. When he was promoted to level 10, the system made some adjustments, opening system mall and giving him a portable space. So he asked the system, "System, what will change if I'm at level 20?"

System:' the biggest change is that the upgrade method will change!'

"Upgrade mode will change? How? " Monk Tang was shocked when he heard this. However, he did not worry too much. He believed that the system will definitely get better and better. It is impossible for it to fall behind.

System:' Yes, the way of upgrading will change. After upgrading the system, you can not only upgrade by killing monsters and completing the task to obtain EXP points, but also upgrade by obtaining EXP points through self-cultivation!'

Monk Tang's eyes are bright. This upgrade method is really great for him. He upgraded by killing goblins or finishing the task to get EXP in the past. To tell the truth, it was a huge disadvantage for him. Without task and goblins, he could not upgrade at all.

However, If the system upgrade, such malpractice will be eliminated. The system will be stronger as its upgrade.

Monk Tang is full of expectation for the upgraded system. Of course, what we need to do now is to get enough EXP points for an upgrade!

After the dialogue between Monk Tang and system was completed, he also made a breakthrough. Looking at Monk Tang's breakthrough, Pigsy came running up to flatter him and said, "master, you are really amazing!!"

Monk Tang ignored Pigsy but wondered why the White Bone Demon did not run away. So he asked, "why don't you run away, White Bone Demon? do you think you can beat my meat? "

"Escape? Can I escape? " The White Bone Demon made a voice saying that she stared at Sun Wukong with the burning-skeleton eyes. When Monk Tang was about to kill all demons, she wanted to run away, but Sun Wukong locked her in. She knew she would be attacked by Sun Wukong as long as she ran away!

"Haha, you are quite self-aware, but you are born to die after all!" Monk Tang laughed.

"Hum, do you think I will be afraid of death? Even if I die, I will take one to die with me! " The White Bone Demon has a burning more and more vigorously ghost fire in her eye socket, and then her whole skeleton is wrapped in the blue ghost fire. Monk Tang saw it and thought, " OMG, is she going to play with self-immolation? "