Chapter 9 Five Hundred Years of Breath ...Is Too Awful

After a few more hours, Monk Tang finally climbed to the top of the mountain and came to the front of the Tathagata’s decree.

Damn, it is really uneasy to complete a task, not only to use the brain but also to consume a lot of physical strength!

Monk Tang wiped a sweat!

"Wukong, get ready, I am coming!" Shouted Monk Tang after a sigh of relief.

Sun Wukong has fallen asleep under the mountain. Hearing Monk Tang's voice, he was immediately sober and excited: this moment is finally coming!

"Master, come on, I'm ready!" Shouted Sun Wukong, golden flames burning in his eyes: Tathagata, I'm coming out, you wait for me!

Monk Tang calmed down, thought about the spell, and exhaled: "% #% …… #, go to hell!"

After finishing the spell, Monk Tang unveiled the decree and was threw away.

At the moment when Monk Tang unveiled the decree, Sun Wukong immediately felt that the power to suppress himself was many times less, and he was relaxed for a while. Sun Wukong was unprecedentedly excited and shouted: "Master, you should hide, I am coming out! "

Hearing the voice of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang’ heart suddenly jumped, what the hell, you should wait for me till I get down!

"Wukong, wait, my legs and feet are inconvenient for !" Monk Tang said.

Before the words fell, Monk Tang felt a force acting on his body. As soon as he saw it, he appeared where he came in! Monk Tang understands that this is done by Sun Wukong. After the decree of Tathagata is unveiled, Sun Wukong can use its power!

Just then, Tang Sheng heard a roar of excitement and joy!

"Heeheehee ha ha ha, I'm coming out now, get me up!"


The sky is falling apart. Under the eyes of Monk Tang, the huge The Five-Fingers Mountain is rising at an extremely fast speed. A monkey is standing under the Five-Fingers Mountain. The shape is also rapidly growing, and it will soon change. Become a huge ape.

The Five-Fingers Mountain was also tossed high and flew high!

A huge iron bar appeared in the hand of the huge ape with a dig in his ear.

"Change!" A thunderous voice spit out of the monkey's mouth!

The iron bar, which was originally huge, became even larger in an instant, and became extremely thick, like a mallet.


The ape leaped high and flew towards The Five-Fingers Mountain, then hit it with a hit towards The Five-Fingers Mountain!

"Go to hell!"


The Five-Fingers Mountain exploded suddenly. Under Sun Wukong's bar, it suddenly turned into countless pieces and blasted in all directions!

"Damn, this dead monkey is this going to kill me!" Monk Tang's forehead was sweating coldly, watching countless huge stones blasting out, shrouded by a huge crisis.

Boom boom!

Stones bombarded the brown ground. Like a bomb, it was extremely dangerous. Monk Tang tried to avoid milking, but he was almost smashed into meatloaf several times!

The stone rain finally stopped, Monk Tang lay tired and lay directly on the ground, his mouth could not stand it!


With one foot in front of his eyes, Monk Tang looked up, and it was Sun Wukong who stood in front of him, with bad intention!

What the hell? What is this monkey going to do, he won't regret? Or he wants to kill me!

Sun Wukong looked at the monk lying on the ground, and his eyes flashed with struggle, and he thought, this monk was really so lucky that he was not shot by the stones. For a moment, Sun Wukong really wanted to club the little monk in front of him and get absolute freedom!

Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong like that, meanwhile, Sun Wukong stared at Monk Tang like that. The circumstance was terrible!

As the saying goes, nothing is terrible, but the quiet suddenly air. Monk Tang realized this time.

Monk Tang's heart is cold. Can you really not subdue Sun Wukong without a secret spell?

Monk Tang really wants to ask now, why does Guanyin want to kill him and why did she give him a fake three-hoop Ring!

"Master is here, I, Wukong, respect you as my master!"

Just when Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong was about to kowtow, Sun Wukong suddenly fell to his knees, banged a bang, and the brown earth under the two feet suddenly sunk and became a huge pit!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission of receiving Sun Wukong and rewarding 100 points of experience value! ’

It was also at this time that the sound of the system sounded like a sound of heaven, and upon hearing this sound Monk Tang understood that he was safe.

Quickly got up, raised Sun Wukong and said, "Get up, haha, my good apprentice!"

"Thank you, Master!" Sun Wukong said. After visiting the teacher, the struggle in Sun Wukong's eyes had completely disappeared!

But with unwillingness and hatred in his eyes, he fell to the ground again and said, "Master, I want to do something, and may not be able to protect Master from going to the west!"

Monk Tang frowned suddenly when he heard that, what did the monkey do, and said, "Are you going back to the Huaguo Mountain?"

"No, I'm going to get revenge on that Tathagata. If I don't avenge on him. I was really sucking, and ..."

"mischievous, I don’t allow you to go!" Suddenly Monk Tang sighed and interrupted Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was stunned by Monk Tang at once, and then there was a burst of fire. He was the demon king Sun Wukong, who was the Monkey King. When was he scolded like this, the anger was up and his eyes were golden? Blooming, shouting at Monk Tang: "Your dead bald donkey don't cross the line! I call you my master. Do you think you are really my master? Believe me or I will swallow you now? Roar ..."

Sun Wukong yelled at Monk Tang. The monkey's mouth grew quickly, higher than one person, like a bridge hole. With the roar of Sun Wukong, the sound wave was excited from the monkey's mouth, and the earth behind Monk Tang immediately collapsed. Come on!

Monk Tang frowned and faced Sun Wukong's big mouth. Monk Tang was also afraid in his heart.

However, what makes Monk Tang care about is Sun Wukong's breath. By the way, he hasn't brushed his teeth for 500 years. His breath is absolutely superb.

Although I was afraid, at this time, I couldn’t be frightened. I took a step forward and walked into Sun Wukong's mouth. He said, "Come on, Sun Wukong, I am here, aren't you going to eat me! You, come on and eat me, I am in your mouth now. "

"Ah! I won't eat your rotten meat. I like peaches." Sun Wukong's eyes flickered, and then he spits out Monk Tang, as he said, then looked at Monk Tang and watched him. Monk Tang felt scared. The monkey makes Monk Tang feel dangerous.

"Do you really want to take revenge on the Tathagata Buddha?" Monk Tang asked him a long time later.