Chapter 89 Hahaha...... Killing Goblins!

In terms of common sense among ordinary people, Guanyin Bodhisattva will not lie, of course. Even Pigsy and Sandy think Guanyin Bodhisattva will not lie. They believe what the fake Guanyin said!

Of course, Monk Tang didn't believe a word. The White Bone Demon changed into a temple and pretended to be Guanyin. She asked if he knew his crime. In fact, her purpose was just to get Sun Wukong away from him.

If this is in the original work, as long as he listens to 'Guanyin Bodhisattva' and was instigated by pig Pigsy, Monk Tang (in the original work) will definitely expel Sun Wukong away and then will get in the trap of the White Bone Demon!

When Monk Tang heard this, he did not look at Sun Wukong again, but bowed down and said, "I, Tang Sanzang, say hi to you, Bodhisattva!"

When he bent down, all the people did not see a joking smile in Monk Tang's eyes!

Guanyin Bodhisattva immediately smiled with satisfaction and showed more compassion on her face.

But all of a sudden, her facial expression stagnated, her eyes suddenly widened, and the reflection of a golden monk spade in her eyes rapidly enlarged!


The sound of a golden iron strike was heard in the Guanyin temple. only seeing Monk Tang was holding the Nine-Ring Monk Spade, swung from bottom to top on the chin of "Guanyin bodhisattva" and she was thrown away, Bang crashed into the wall, splashing the rocks off from the wall.

Guanyin Bodhisattva quickly stood up, her chin tilted, her hole on top of her head disappeared, and her long hair was all gone. No compassionate face. Only a grim and angry expression on her beautiful face, "Dare you to dare to attack me, the Golden Cicada X?"

"Kuang!" Monk Tang severely beat monk spade to the ground and said, "Hit you? So what? don't you say you are a bodhisattva? Even if you are a real bodhisattva but you slandered my apprentice, I will kick your as off!"

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon were all stunned by the sudden shock of Monk Tang. Didn't he just want to bow down? But he suddenly started to fight!

Pigsy and Sandy both swallowed a mouthful of saliva involuntarily: hitting a Bodhisattva! Things are going to be big!

Sun Wukong suddenly burst out laughing: "Good fight, master, kill this goblin! She slandered me!"

Hearing this, Guanyin Bodhisattva stared and said, "How did you find out I'm a fake one ?"

"Is it difficult? From the beginning to the end, I didn't believe that you were real. How about that? Are you angry to hear that? Just ask you whether you are angry or not? " Monk Tang said.

“ Crac !”

The White Bone Demon gnashed his teeth and said: "In that case, then there will be only a storm! Little ones, tear them up!"

With the voice of the White Bone Demon, her appearance has also changed, from sacrosanct to a crystal-like white bone. The upper and lower jawbones open and close, and the voice comes out!

At the same time, the Guanyin temple, which was originally brilliant in gold, has also undergone changes. It has rapidly become dilapidated and then everything has come back to life.

The gold bricks on the ground are not bricks but bricks-sized the Cockroach Goblins. The dragon carved on the pillar and coiled around it also survived. It was the Centipede Goblins with polished shells, and the huge incense burner became the Toad Goblins with mouths open. Even the incense that was lit was the Serpent Goblins with long tongues.

The entire Guanyin temple is made up of all kinds of goblins. Just now Monk Tang and others stepped on the body of the Cockroach Goblins!

Monk Tang couldn't help shuddering at the sight of this. Of course, it is not fear, but a natural reaction. Every time he sees things like poisonous insects, he can't help shuddering.

“ OMG , goblins !” Pigsy yelled and quickly took out his weapon. He was shocked and disgusted. He remembered that when he kowtowed down just now, he could not help kissing the golden floor! Damn, he realized that what he kissed is the back of the cockroach goblins!

After showing their true colors, all the little goblins came to kill Monk Tang and others. Seeing this, Sun Wukong shouted, "Pigsy, Brother Sha, protect our master!" He said it while he was going to kill the enemy.

"Stop it, let me! Let me bear the sin of killing! You, Pigsy and Sandy, do not let the White Bone Demon run away!" Monk Tang is also yelling. these are all EXP. Although it is disgusting, they cannot be wasted!

This is not the first time for him to do so, so the other three brothers immediately said, "Yes, master!"

With the order of the White Bone Demon, the huge amount of the cockroach goblins came rushing like a wave, and the toad goblins came with a quacking leap. the serpent goblins and the centipede goblins and others were crawling on the ground, and the Raven Goblins and the Bat Goblins were circling overhead, which could be said to be overwhelming.

At first glance, the dense creatures are all kinds of monsters in the sky and on the ground. it makes people blood freezes.

Although Monk Tang looks very uncomfortable, he thinks that these monsters are made up of EXP one by one. Monk Tang's eyes are lit up and shout at top of voice。 And he used the skill, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of With Spade. A huge arhat virtual shadow appears behind Monk Tang with hundreds of meters high. But no one can't see its face clearly!


Monk Tang hit his monk spade on the ground, and arhat ghost did the same!


Monk spade knocked on the ground and let out a thump. Then the ground was like the sea lifting waves, and golden ripples swept away in all directions. It is pure golden Buddha power and the bane of the monsters. When the monsters touch golden Buddha light, they immediately burst into pieces and turned into pus and blood.

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 50 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 500 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 500 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a little demon and getting EXP 350 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 1000 points!


After a monk spade went down, a continuous prompt tone sounded in Monk Tang's ear. Monk Tang smiled and looked at the increasing EXP points. Monk Tang knew that he was not far from upgrading again, so he killed even harder!

Every time the monk spade goes down, a few or a dozen goblins will be killed by Monk Tang, and there is no need to aim at them at all. As long as he has thrown his spade out violently, there will be many monsters dead.

When he was excited about killing the little demons, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy had surrounded the White Bone Demon and wanted to be captured alive according to Monk Tang's orders!

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