Chapter 87 Just Google It

Flying chicken? Can a chicken fly? Or is it a chicken demon? The crowd looked up to the sky when they heard the news, and the White Bone Demon was no exception.

And when the White Bone Demon looked up, a glittering monk spade was hitting on her head.


Another puddle of meat mud appeared.

"Damn, he was killing again! a family of three completely destroyed" Pigsy thought!

The old man was also an incarnation of the White Bone Demon. After killing the incarnation, Monk Tang got another 500 EXP points. Monk Tang looked at the meat mud on the ground and muttered, "There should be no incarnation this time, right? Next, go to the White Bone Cave and find the body of the White Bone Demon! "

When Monk Tang killed all three of the White Bone Demon's incarnations, the White Bond Demon, who was cultivating in the Bone Cave, was furious with a crisp voice: "The evil monk actually killed my all the incarnation, but how did he know it? Is that what the monkey said? It seems that I must try to get this monkey away from Monk Tang! "

The White Bond Demon has some doubts. Although her incarnation from white bone is no match for her body incarnation, no one can easily see it. The White Bone Demon believes that her exposure is due to Sun Wukong!

After thinking for a long time, the White Bone Demon summoned a small demon and left the White Bone Cave. the White Bone Demon dispatched herself to catch Monk Tang, whose meat was yummy!

This way, when the White Bone Demon was carrying with a small group of demons, Monk Tang also said to Sun Wukong and others, "Disciples, I just counted and counted. The name here is the White Tiger Mountain, and there is a big goblin. I will take you to subdue and remove her now!"

Sun Wukong's eyes brightened when heard Monk Tang's words because he knew that it meant there was a fight to be fought. Sun Wukong asked more positively than anyone: "master, do you know where the goblin is?"

"I only know that goblin lived in goblin nest called the Bones Cave, but I don't know exactly where it is!" Monk Tang said because he really did not know where the White Tiger Mountain was. It was not easy to find a cave in such a place!

"It's easy. I'll know when I ask!" Sun Wukong said this when he heard this, and then he smashed the ground with Monkey King Bar, shaking the whole ground. At the same time, Sun Wukong shouted, "Show me the fairy of the land here. If he doesn't come out again, I'll smash here again!"

The fairy of the land? Monk Tang's eyes lit up when he heard this, asking for them when getting lost is definitely a good way, which is similar to google it when having problems. Why didn't I think of it? Monk Tang touched his head.

“ Bang !”

In an instant, a cloud of white smoke rose from the ground. At the same time, a slightly aged voice sounded in the white smoke: "Monkey King! I am coming! I am coming! Don't smash it again!"

A little old man with a white beard and white hair emerged from the ground. seeing the height of the other party, Monk Tang somewhat understood why the earth temple was built so small because the height of the fairy of the land was at his knee.

"You are the fairy of here?" When Sun Wukong saw him, he put Monkey King Bar on his shoulder and asked.

"Yes, yes, yes Monkey King, I am the fairy of the land, I don't know why you call me? Do you have any command for me? Ah! Hello, Tang Monk, Tian Peng Marshal ... "the voice of the fairy trembled, and he was extremely afraid of Sun Wukong, especially Monkey King Bar, who almost scared him to urinate when he put it on his shoulder. this stick did not know how much immortal blood was stained.

"It is good! I ask you that does the White Tiger Mountain has any goblin. Where do they live and how can we get there? After answering truthfully, you can go! " Sun Wukong said, putting his Monkey King Bar on the ground.

"Yes, there are. A lot of goblins live in the White Tiger Mountain. There is a queen named the White Bone Demon, who has been cultivating for thousands of years. The White Bone Lady lives in a cave 30 miles from here. If you want to go, you can see it from here to the northwest." the little fairy immediately said.

"Well, you can go!" When Sun Wukong knew what he wanted to know, he waved and let him go. Then he looked at Monk Tang and said, "master, you have heard it, let's go now?"

"Well, it's not too late!" Monk Tang nodded, killing the goblins for EXP can not delay. So he went toward the bones cave 30 away from here. But on the halfway, the crowd stopped. they saw an ancient Guanyin Temple located not far from them.

"master, there is a Guanyin temple!" Pigsy said.

"Guanyin Temple?" Monk Tang's brow wrinkled and he remembered the animation of the journey to the west of TV series. he had seen it in his past life. in his past life, there was indeed the story of the white bone demon pretending to be Guanyin. The white bone demon became Guanyin bodhisattva. She said to everyone that Sun Wukong had confused Monk Tang. The one who was killed by Sun Wukong was actually a human instead of a goblin, and finally, she instigated Pigsy to drive away from Sun Wukong!

Sun Wukong was expelled, which caused Monk Tang (in the original book) to suffer a lot. However, in Monk Tang's view, the Monk Tang in the original totally deserved it and asked for it.

In this life, he is Monk Tang now. He would never allow such a thing to happen!

At the same time, Monk Tang also has some doubts about how come the White Bone Demon got the courage to pretend to be Guanyin. A small demon who dares to pretend to be Guanyin. As far as Monk Tang's concerned, it is an act of asking for death. However, the White Bone Demon has just done it, which made Monk Tang think it was interesting.

Of course, Monk Tang can't control so much now. He would like to see how the White Bone Demon in this world pretends to be Guanyin. Does she not know that there is one apprentice of three who doesn't like Guanyin? Or the one who is hated by Guanyin, and Monk Tang should be included in it.

It seems that the White Bone Demon is not particularly well-informed. Monk Tang thought that If he knew, he would not pretend to be Guanyin.

"master, there is the sinister smell!" At the moment when Monk Tang's mind was full of crackles, Sun Wukong's eyes flashed with golden flames, holding Monkey King Bar. Sun Wukong jumped to the front and said, his eyes fixed on the temple.

Although this temple is of primitive simplicity, it is very high-end and full of peace, which is much better than the Guanyin Temple of Elder Jinchi.

"the sinister smell, Bro, what are you talking about? What goblin dares to run in front of the Guanyin Temple? " Pigsy shouted.

"You idiot, go away!" Sun Wukong immediately kicked Pigsy off the ground.

Sandy also did not believe Sun Wukong's words, but he did not refute him. He just bowed devoutly there. Sandy's impression of Guanyin is different from that of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and the Little White Dragon. He does not know the other side of Guanyin, but only thinks that Guanyin is merciful and he needs to bow down when he meets it!