Chapter 86 Look, There Is A Plane!


The village girl was immediately beaten into minced meat and then she dropped to the ground.

Ding dong, congratulations to host for slaying an incarnation of the White Bone Demon and rewarding EXP 500 points!

In an instant of killing this charming little village girl, the prompt tone of the system also sounded, making Monk Tang muddled, and then said, "what is that, system? The White Bone Demon ran away? "

Monk Tang thought that he could defeat the White Bone Demon by one shoot. However, he remembered that the White Bone Demon was possessed by the village girl and should not have run as long as she was knocked down. However, he did not expect to let the White Bone Demon run away.

System:' Runaway? Host, your idea is wrong. The White Bone Demon's body is not possessed by the village girl at all. the village girl is only an incantation cultivated by the White Bone Demon. You can be understood the incantation as a variation of the incarnation outside the body, which is the unique skill of the White Bone Demon!"

Monk Tang touched his chin when he heard this, but he didn't think the White Bone Demon had such skills. then he said, "so if I want to kill the White Bone Demon, I must find her original body?"

System:' Yes, host, only by killing the body of the White Bond Demon can it be completely beheaded. Killing the incarnation has little influence on the White Bone Demon!'

"Master, how did you kill this woman!" Pigsy stare big eyes said, Monk Tang suddenly began to kill people, really startled him, and what a pity, it's a pity that such a beautiful big long legs, he still wanted to have in-depth communication with this long-legged sister!

Sandy also rushed out his small notebook and wrote: Today we and master and others came to the White Tiger Mountain. master killed a woman ... Master killed again. Brother looks so sad!

"Women? Idiot, you only know women. Open your eyes wide and have a good look at it. This woman is a goblin! " Sun Wukong said on the sidelines.

"Impossible, you talk nonsense. How can this woman be a goblin?" Pigsy retorted, thinking that if Sun Wukong had killed the woman, he would have let master punish Sun Wukong well, and he might have taken place of Sun Wukong.

"Hey hey, even if I was wrong, do you think the master was wrong?" Sun Wukong says with a smile.

OMG, hearing this Pigsy was suddenly shocked. He actually said something wrong. He looked at Monk Tang. Sure enough, Monk Tang looked at him now. He couldn't help making a sudden trembled and said: "Haha, master, it 's not what I mean. Monkey is misinterpreting my words! My meaning is that master is good at killing, and you are so cool! "

Of course, Pigsy still thinks that Monk Tang killed a human being and does not think it is a goblin!

Of course, Monk Tang doesn't care what Pigsy said. He motioned with his hand and said, "All right, stop talking nonsense and go ahead!"

"Yes, master!" Seeing that Monk Tang did not want to punish him, Pigsy immediately came to the front with his rake.

A line of people continued to hit the road. Not long after they got out, an old woman, leaning on a crutch, came trembling towards them and shouted, "Where are you, daughter?" Why don't you go home? ?”

The old woman's sound is very penetrating, and she tried her best to make all people hear what she said.

"master, someone is looking for her daughter in front. She must look for the girl just now. How can I explain this to others? Her mother was looking for her?" Pigsy said loudly.

Monk Tang ignored the pig Pigsy, who was more than capable of success than failure. He looked at the old woman who was approaching them slowly and he saw she had a sneering smile at her mouth for one second. Is the White Bone Demon going to play the game to the end? It's quite professional, but you should be more professional. I'm losing my interest right now!

At this time, the old woman had already walked slowly to their neighborhood, looking at the White Dragon Horse, which was extremely tall, without any surprise. Looking at the goblin face of Pigsy and others, without any fear, she cried with tears: "have you seen my daughter?"

Looking at the poor performance of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang was speechless with laughter inside. Was it not surprising to see the White Dragon Horse? He is an unbelievable huge horse! this is your first time to see us! Please, you should pretend to be surprised and scared to see abnormal us!

Monk Tang was really wanted to let the White Bone Demon go to those movie school in his past life to learn how to act well, and then show it to him. Monk Tang felt bored, so suddenly Monk Tang beat her again.


There is no doubt that this old woman is also an incarnation of the White Bone Demon. Apart from contributing 500 EXP, it is nothing special!

"Master, why did you kill again ..." Pigsy was the old woman who was killed by Monk Tang without saying anything. Se couldn't help asking. Is this master going to kill people again?

"Shut up, you idiot, this old woman is also a goblin, see clearly!" Sun Wukong grabbed Pigsy's ear and said, interrupting Pigsy's words.

Then Monk Tang said, "Let's go. There should be a man in that family. It should be the old woman's family. She should have an old husband. Let's kill him too!" Monk Tang hoped that the White Bone Demon will act better in her third play.

Damn it, he is really to kill it once and for all. Ah! Pigsy is a surprised, and then did not dare to speak much, he thought monk Tang's killing thoughts is too cruel if he speaks more maybe he would be......!

"Yes, master!" Sun Wukong replied so. Monk Tang definitely did it for some reason. And it was the thing he'd like to do!

The five continued to move forward, indeed saw a thatched cottage, with a wooden fence to surround the thatched cottage, an old man is walking back and forth in the fence, very anxious, from time to time stand on tiptoe to hand the arbor way looking toward the distance!

"master, there are people in front of you. How do you know it, master?" When Pigsy saw the thatched hut, he was shocked and said to Monk Tang, flattering him.

"I'll figure it out by pinching my fingers!" Monk Tang said so, then got off the horse and walked towards the thatched cottage.

"Master, are you from that direction? Did you see an old woman and a girl? My daughter was lost. The old woman went looking for her and has not come back yet! Have you seen it? " The old man said so.

Seeing that the White Bone Demon said so, Monk Tang sighed and thought that she did not make any progress. Monk Tang was really disappointed with the White Bone Demon's acting talent. At the same time, he also had some doubts about the IQ of the White Bone Demon and she was not as smart as the legend has it!

So he decided not to talk nonsense with the White Bone Demon and suddenly pointed to space and shouted, "Look, there are planes!"