Chapter 85 Charming and Petite Village Girl

Sun Wukong rolled his eyes wildly and said, "What, isn't that the same meaning?

Pigsy couldn't help drooling when staring at the ginseng fruit, no matter what, saying: "It smells good!"

Sandy honest and frank said: "master, those seem like the same method!"

So Sandy was kicked off by Monk Tang. Can he say something nice?

After playing fun for a while, the crowd began to eat the ginseng fruit. the ginseng fruit was only as big as a fist, so it could be eaten in a few bites. Pigsy even swallowed it in one bite without even tasting it!

After eating the ginseng fruit, the crowd is full of fragrance and the flesh is well baptized. Except for Monk Tang, the cultivation of Sun Wukong and others has increased. The biggest change is the Little White Dragon!

After the Little White Dragon ate the ginseng fruit, there was a rumbling sound in his body. Then he saw his body zoom in and out, zoom in and out, and then become a real white dragon soaring in the sky. the dragon mighty filled the air.

When Monk Tang saw this joy, was it the Little White Dragon who broke through seal with the ginseng fruit? Is my dream of dragon knight coming true?

Monk Tang shouted, "the Little White Dragon, have you broken through the seal?"

The Little White Dragon fell from the sky with a flash of silver light and changed again into ... OMG, A horse? But his height and size have increased several times, and it can fit a big bet on a horse!

The Little White Dragon said: "No, I haven't broken through seal yet, and a little problem has just occurred. I can't control my body shape very well. Now I can only do this. seal still needs to crack ... eh? I can jump, Master. Look, I can jump! "

The Little White Dragon started jumping around as he spoke, his huge body trembling on the ground.

The crowd :“……”

OMG, he definitely has a problem. the idiot disease has deepened. It is already late to save him~~~

Monk Tang was in tears. He looked at Sun Wukong, who seemed honest but unruly. He looked at Pigsy, a pig who was lazy and lecherous. He looked at Sandy, who was very honest but had only a memory of three seconds. Finally, he looked at the Little White Dragon deepened by the idiot disease. Suddenly, Monkey Tang felt so anxious and he wanted to resume secular life!

After a long time, after taking a deep breath, Monk Tang continued to hit the road. He gave up an idea of being a dragon knight, he had better ride a horse. However, after the Little White Dragon has grown several times. He is quite cool, especially it is more satisfied that Monk Tang installed a bed like a small room on the back of the Little White Dragon.

Sitting cross-legged on the big bed, Monk Tang took the black spear of the Black Bear and his own Nine-Ring Monk Spade and brushed his proficiency. At last, at a certain moment, the black spear became liquid and was swallowed by Nine-Ring Monk Spade. Monk Tang was delighted and finally became a master of divine focus in 2nd grade!

The weight of the Nine-Ring Monk Spade that devoured the black spear has obviously increased a lot, and its appearance has also changed to some extent. Some small black lines appear on the golden Monk Spade, like mysterious symbols. As soon as the palm is touched, the new Nine-Ring Monk Spade data appears in Monk Tang's heart:

Nine-Ring Monk Spade: grade 2, with skills to shock and penetrate!

Nine-Ring Monk Spade not only upgraded the rank by one level but also added a new skill-penetration. Monk Tang speculated that this might be the reason that his spade devoured the black spear.

Then Monk Tang spent some time upgrading his props to the second level, and then checked his current status:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (seek for sutras)

Level: 18

EXP :489260/1310720

Deputy: master of divine focus (level, level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal 、 Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak )、 Nine-Ring Monk Spade 、 Gold Three-Hoop Ring (Fake)

While checking his status on Monk Tang's side, Pigsy's sound came over: "master, there is someone in front, eh? I'm still a beautiful woman. I'm going to protect her. haha, I'm coming to you! Long legs! "

"Wait!" When Monk Tang heard this, he immediately shouted that the dead pig did not change his instinct. Then he looked into the distance. Indeed, there appeared a village girl in front of him, carrying a basket on her arm and walking towards them.

Looking at the charming and charming appearance and attire of the village girl, and combining with the development of the plot, Monk Tang almost analyzed who the village girl was, but he was not sure. After all, he didn't have Sun Wukong's golden eyes, didn't want to kill wrongly, and looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong felt Monk Tang's eyes and said, "master, that woman is a demon ..."

"Want? What do you want? " Monk Tang immediately confirmed Sun Wukong's words, then shouted loudly to stop Sun Wukong talking with his blinked eyes at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was shocked when he saw this: Is this monk trying to do something? Then I will watch the fun!

"Yes, Bro, what do you want? Do you still want women? " Pigsy said.

On hearing this, Sun Wukong lazily spoke to Pigsy with sperm worms in his brain and was ready to see what Monk Tang would do.

At this time, the White Bone Demon, dressed up by the village girl, has come to their front and looked at the huge white horse with a little surprise in her eyes. She could not help but say with a charming voice: "What a big white horse!"

Her sound is good and sweet. Monk Tang praised it in his heart, then jumped down from horseback and said, "Amitabfa, Almsgiver, where are you going?"

"yes, Almsgiver, where are you going? Let me protect you in this desolate and wild mountain. We can also have in-depth communication through all-round close protection. " Pig Pigsy said flirting aside, wiping saliva as he spoke.

The White Bone Demon pretended to be the village girl. Obviously, she didn't expect Monk Tang to suddenly appear in front of her and then asked what she wanted to say. After a while, she was stunned and said, "This master, I am going home!"

Of course, when Monk Tang appeared himself, there was still a glimmer of joy in the eyes of the White Bone Demon.

"Home? I didn't find anyone on the road when I came here. " When Monk Tang heard this, he sighed that the White Bone Demon is really not a good actor. She lacks the ability to improvise.

"I, I lost, can you take me home!?” Hearing what Monk Tang said, the white Bone Demon flashed a trace of panic and then found a lame excuse.

"well, Almsgiver. You get on the horse first and I'll take you back!" Monk Tang said.

"Well, thank you~" the white Bone Demon's eyes brightened again when she heard it. Although she didn't rehearse in advance, the result was similar. She walked towards the White Dragon and climbed up the ladder hanging down from the back of the Little White Dragon, but at that moment, an evil wind came from behind!

"Ah ..." the white Bone Demon turned into the village girl looked at monk spade smashing at her head and she was screaming!