Chapter 84 Negotiation

Zhenyuanzi hated what happened to him, so he vowed to make all the people regret it. He wanted to turn heaven over and be the co-owner of heaven and earth. So, he carefully cultivated the ginseng fruit tree ...

Zhenyuanzi thought this was the secret in his heart, but he didn't think it was all said out by Golden Cicada X!

Looking at his shocked look, Monk Tang smiled proudly and said: "Great Fairy, I know astronomy from the sky and geography from the earth. The name of mine in the heavens and the world is not fake. There is nothing in this world that I don't know!" Monk Tang began to blow the air and make a lot of noise.

As for how he knew Zhenyuanzi's secret, it is actually very simple. As long as he reads the original book thoroughly, he can find some clues. After analyzing it with some unofficial history and so on, he can analyze it. This is the advantage of having time travel!

Hearing what Monk Tang said, Zhenyuanzi said, "Kim Chan-ko, do you want to report me? Tell these things to heaven and you should be able to get great benefits! ?”

"No, no, no, no!" Monk Tang shook his finger and said, "How can I do such useless things?"

Zhenyuanzi: Dead Golden Cicada X You are such a tasteless person.

"Hey? You don't believe me. I said it sincerely. Forget it! Look at my disciples, do you think our relationship with heaven will be good? With the cultivation and power of the Great Immortal, should you know a lot of things other people don't know? " Monk Tang pointed to Sun Wukong and Pigsy.

Zhenyuanzi saw Sun Wukong and others with eyebrows wrinkly. As his cultivation and status, he indeed knows a lot of things inside, understanding Monk Tang said is correct. Their relationship with heaven is not very good!

Monk Tang and his entourage went west to seek for sutras. in fact, the inside story was huge. it was a conspiracy and a game between some great powers. Monk Tang and his disciples were just pieces in a chess game. however, Zhenyuanzi would not tell Monk Tang. he was a little happy to think of this.

But soon he was frowning slightly, looking at Monk Tang, thinking of the difference between Golden Cicada Xs in front of him, Zhenyuanzi did not know why there was a kind of feeling. Monk Tang's pieces would eventually jump out of the chessboard!

On the other hand, the reason why he wants to Monk Tang the ginseng fruit is actually to make friends with the great powerful people behind Monk Tang. At this time, considering these people behind Monk Tang, Zhenyuanzi wanted less to kill Monk Tang. He became flexible. If he kills Monk Tang and others, he can make some people glad, but he will also offend many people!

Therefore, it is the best choice not to kill Monk Tang and others. Besides, killing Monk Tang will also make some people in heaven happy. He does not want to do so, so Zhenyuanzi puts down the idea of killing Monk Tang and others and kept Monk Tang and others to let the two sides play games with each other. He keeps out of the affair. It will be more beneficial to him. Of course, photos must be back in his hand by all means!

"Golden Cicada X, what do you want?" Zhenyuanzi thought about all kinds of causes and effects and then said so.

Hearing this, Monk Tang just smiled and knew that Zhenyuanzi must know many secrets. He said, "Hey hey since neither of us is very friendly with heaven, we have a basis for cooperation. The enemy of the enemy is a friend. You should know this!"

Zhenyuanzi nodded woodenly. He naturally understood it, but he scoffed at the cooperation mentioned by Monk Tang. He didn't think Monk Tang and others were qualified to cooperate with him. He proposed that the people behind Monk Tang and others were similar. On the surface, of course, there is no performance. What he wants now is for Monk Tang to let go of him and get the photo back. It's really embarrassing to be naked!

"Tell me, how do you want to cooperate?" Zhenyuanzi said this way, although he scoffed at it, he still had to act like one.

Monk Tang touched his head and said, "I haven't thought about this yet, Amitabfa."

Zhenyuanzi: "......" Then let me go first! "

"Hey hey, in that case, I'll untie you now!" Monk Tang laughed, then untied the gold rope, turned into Monkey King Bar and returned to Sun Wukong. As for the so-called cooperation, Monk Tang is just saying it is only an expedient measure. Although both sides have common enemies, Zhenyuanzi is definitely not a good partner. It would be bad if he stabbed me in the back!

After being untied, Zhenyuanzi's magic power was fully restored. He reached out for the Yin and Yang Taoist robes and it back on him!

See this Monk Tang is somewhat depressed: Damn, forget to take away the Yin and Yang Taoist robes. Damn it! Zhenyuanzi, that is my trophy!

Of course, Monk Tang didn't want it. After all, the two sides have just reached a consensus to "cooperate" and it is not good to leave our partners naked. The key is too hot for their eyes!

"Golden Cicada X, now that we are both ready to cooperate, do you think ..."

"oh, it's really getting late. let's leave now!" Monk Tang suddenly let out a loud shout, interrupting what Zhenyuanzi wanted to say, got on his horse and headed for the distance at top speed. There was absolutely no way to get a picture. If the pictures were taken back by Zhenyuanzi, Monk Tang thought that Zhenyuanzi would do something bad to them.

However, with the photo in hand, Zhenyuanzi will be afraid of me and won't beat them at once!

Looking at a Monk Tang who rode away on a cliff, Zhenyuanzi's face was gloomy and he wanted to slap him to death. the cunning of Monk Tang greatly exceeded his expectations. he roared in his heart: "damn bald donkey, I'll kill you sooner or later!"

Zhenyuanzi's magic power rolled all over him, and dark space cracks appeared. after Monk Tang went out far away, he growled, "sooner or later, all those who offend and despise me will die!"


Zhenyuanzi began to vent. He clapped his hands and took pictures of the landslide after the landslide, leaving only one deep and incomparable handprint after another. Soon the place was dilapidated. Then the figure of Zhenyuanzi disappeared.

Feeling the ground shaking and the rumbling sound, Monk Tang just smiled: "Piss off!"

Zhenyuanzi passed this pass, so Monk Tang decided to reward himself and his disciples and took out five of the ginseng fruits from his personal space. At that time, the forest here was full of flowers, dead trees, and spring. It was full of fragrance here.

"Come on, my bros, let's eat the ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang cried.

“the ginseng fruits?” Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon were all stunned. They all understand in an instant.

Sun Wukong said, "master, did you steal the ginseng fruit?"

"How to talk, how can the monks call stealing? It should be called theft. " Monk Tang said with a roll of their eyes when he heard this.