Chapter 83 Bundle Photo Album of Zhenyuan Great Fairy

"Love you for ten thousand years!" Monkey Tang shouted to Monkey King Bar, trying to temporarily take control of Monkey King Bar for a while, but the scene suddenly quieted down, the atmosphere was weird, and the silence was terrible. What happened?

Monk Tang looked up at his apprentices, who were looking at him with horrified eyes. Monk Tang turned to Zhenyuanzi again, and Zhenyuanzi was also frightened!

Monk Tang instantly figures out what is going on here. What the hell, I didn’t say” love you” to Zhenyuanzi. You misunderstand me!

Pigsy cried with his face covered, "Woohoo, Master, how can you say ‘this’ to him? Don't you love me?"

"Bang!" Monk Tang kicked Pigsy and said, "Go away!"

"Bang!" Monk Tang kicked Sandy. Sandy was flying away. Monk Tang said, "Don't write something untrue!"

"I said to Monkey King Bar! You know it, Wukong!" Monk Tang shouting. How shameful!

Sun Wukong nodded rudely. Who knows what you said is true? Master. It’s your show now.

Monk Tang burst into tears, but the work still needs to be done. Monkey King Bar started tricky binding Zhenyuanzi under the control of Monk Tang: such as standing restraint, sitting restraint, cross-legged restraint, open-leg restraint, back restraint and so on.

For each posture, Monk Tang had to take a few photos of Zhenyuanzi from various angles. The photos appeared with mana, and soon those pictures walked together and became a set of albums of Zhenyuan Great Fairy in a light. It’s a Bundled photo album for him. Every picture on the album was so clear that people can see every hair on his nipples!

"Zhenyuan Great Fairy, is my skill of taking pictures good?" Monk Tang showed Zhenyuanzi one by one of his photos with praise and reviews on every photo in a meticulous way.

"You should kill me!" Zhenyuanzi flushed, looking at the photo of himself doing various shame moves. Zhenyuanzi really didn't want to suffer the shame. Monk Tang was so detestable that he wanted to swallow Monk Tang at once. This spell is definitely Evil Spells!

"Hey, I want to kill you too, but I can't kill you!" Monk Tang shook his head and shook his head, and then he patted his head with a new idea. In a moment, he made Zhenyuanzi into an S-shape and clicked the shutter. Then he made him into a B-shape, and took another photo with a click, and showed Zhenyuanzi again, saying, "Great Fairy, I just felt that Great Fairy was not satisfied with the photos taken before, and so I took two more. Is the two more artistic? "

"You kill me!" Zhenyuanzi dead in his heart. Zhenyuanzi was already utterly unlovable, and the revenge in his heart did not want to be realized. If he was treated this way, what revenge would he talk about!?

"Great Fairy, you are not supposed to think so, why do you want to die? How good is it to live, or should I let you go?" Monk Tang said.

"Huh?" Zhenyuanzi froze, and then the big Woo-hoo in his heart: let me go, let me go now, I will kill all of you, destroy all the photos, no one knows what happened today!

"Hey, Great Fairy, are you thinking of that as long as I let you go now, you kill us and destroy all the photos? And Don't let others know what happened today?" Monk Tang's eyes were so bright that could see through people's hearts!

"No, absolutely not, I definitely didn't think so!" Zhenyuanzi immediately shook his head to deny it.

"Hey! I don't care what you think, but I talk to you and let you go if you let it go, but don't even think about killing us!" Monk Tang said, and then redeemed a photo quick processor from the mall.

"Wow..." After a short while, Zhenyuan Great Fairy's bundled photobooks were copied tens of thousands of copies, and the photos were piled up into a hill. Zhenyuanzi watched muddled for a while!

Monk Tang whispered in Sun Wukong's ear, Sun Wukong's eyes lit up and nodded, "Master, leave it to me, I promise to complete the task!" Saying so, he rolled up all the photos and disappeared.

A few minutes later, Sun Wukong returned, but the photos were all gone. Monk Tang saw this: "Good job!"

"Great Fairy, are you wondering where I asked Sun Wukong to take my photos? Hey, I asked Sun Wukong to put each photo album in a different place and in a different person's hand, as long as you dare to attack us, those photos will fly all over the sky, isn't it what Great Fairy wants to see? "Monk Tang said looking at Zhenyuanzi.

"Damn, the Golden Cicada X, you are cunning and mean, are you threatening me?" Zhenyuanzi gritted his teeth and seeing what Monk Tang did to him. It made him a little dreadful. The Golden Cicada X was too crafty.

Monk Tang spread his hand and said, "Amitabfa, I have no idea to deal with you. Great Fairy, you are too strong, I can only be mean this time. As for slyness, I think we both have it! So, how do you think about it? If it's OK, I'll let you go, Great Fairy! "

Zhenyuanzi gritted his teeth, and finally, he turned into helplessness, saying: "ok, fine!"

"Haha, that's right, Those who suit their actions to the time are wise!" Monk Tang laughed, then remembered the mutant ginseng fruit, and couldn't help but send him a message with his mana: "Great Fairy, can you explain the mutant ginseng ..."

"How do you know?" Monk Tang was interrupted by Zhenyuanzi before he finished speaking. The smell of murdering was pervasive. Mutant ginseng fruit was absolutely his secret. Now it must never be known to anyone. Those who know it must Kill them all!

Of course, Zhenyuanzi was quite shocked. Another space where the mutant ginseng fruit tree is located can only be entered by him. How did Monk Tang know that? Zhenyuanzi thought a lot in an instant. Is this secret no longer a secret?

"Well, Great Fairy, don't be thrilled. I just ask I won't say anything!" Monk Tang continued to send him a message with the glaring eyes with murderous intention was full of in his eyes and said: "And Great Fairy, I hate your eye contact! "

Then Monk Tang touched his head again and said, "Although I don't know what you want to do. Great Fairy, it should be a huge plot. Well, let me guess, you are not reconciled because you didn’t cultivate in the right way so that you didn’t get a great position in heaven. Queen Mother taunted you, which made you angry, right? Oh, Great Fairy, wouldn't you want to overthrow the rule of heaven? OMG, Great Fairy, you are so cool! "

"How do you know everything?" Zhenyuanzi's eyes widened. This time, he was completely shocked. This was all he thought, and it was already set.

Zhenyuanzi was a fairy with the same position as the Three Qing in the same era, but the Three Qing had cultivated themselves successfully. But he didn’t. How could he be reconciled? Later on, he sheltered human beings and made human beings have more generations. So, people called him as the Ancestor of the Land.

But it's just a title. It sounds so cool, but in fact, there aren't many people care about him, otherwise, he wouldn’t stay at Wuzhuang Temple, which located in Wanshou Mountain far away from human habitats.

What is more hateful is that the Queen Mother in heaven dared to look down on his ginseng fruits, and look down on him as well. And she ridiculed him. So, he only participated in the Peach Festival on time and never showed up at that stupid festival in heaven.


PS: The Three Qing is the collective name of the three highest gods worshiped by Taoism. The three highest gods refer to Primordial Supreme Lord, Exquisite Supreme Lord (Lord Taoist), and Virtuous Supreme Lord (Lord Laozi).