Chapter 82 Strip Him, Then ...

"Why the hell, dare to stare at me?" Monk Tang said, holding up his monk spade and smashing on Zhenyuanzi's crotch gain.

Zhenyuanzi howled and howled, but this time he was no staring. He was afraid that the jerk, the Golden Cicada X, would give him another shot on his…… it was really terribly painful!

Instead of standing by and watching the fun, Su Wukong bounced in the sky, and then his Monkey King Bar in hand slammed on Zhenyuanzi's head.

With a bang, the sparks were in his head, but Zhenyuanzi's head was not deformed or injured!

"What? Amitabfa! What a hard head! Wukong, don’t stop! Keep kick his ass off up!" Monk Tang stared!

"No, Master, this Zhenyuanzi's body is not worse than mine. His body is too hard. I can't kill him now!" Sun Wukong shook his head and put his bar off. After a hard slap, Sun Wukong knew that he could not kill this Zhenyuanzi. It makes him in the sulks!

"What? Even you cannot hurt him? What should I do?" Monk Tang said. Even Sun Wukong couldn't kill this Zhenyuanzi, not even him!

Zhenyuanzi was almost scared to vomit blood. Why did the Golden Cicada X want to kill him so much? How dare he had such murderous thoughts?

Monk Tang touched his chin and fell into contemplation. The time passed by one minute and one second. Although 15 minutes is long, the suppressor will eventually be invalid anyway. Once the time limit of the suppressor loses its efficacy, Zhenyuanzi will never forgive him. Although he can buy one more suppressor, it is also a cure for the symptoms, not the root cause!

At last Monk Tang gritted his teeth, and said, "you are the lucky one. Let's forget it first. Let us save Pigsy and others and then we talk about it. How to break the small black hole in his sleeves?"

Sun Wukong said: "Master, the universe and his sleeves are in a codependent relationship!"

Monk Tang understood and immediately knew how to do. He smiled and looked at Zhenyuanzi with flirting eyes!

"The Golden Cicada X, what are you doing?" Looking at Monk Tang was smirking at him, Zhenyuanzi suddenly felt bad and a cold breeze climb on his back.

"you will be fine. Good boy. We just want to strip you!" Monk Tang patted Zhenyuanzi's cheek. What the hell? His skin was so smooth and tender. He bet no one has such skin. He, as a fairy actually has such good skin! How cool it is!

Strip him? Zhenyuanzi's eyes were dark and almost fainted, yelling: "Wait for a second! Golden Cicada X, don't you just want me to release your three apprentices? I can let them go!"

Monk Tang shook his head, his eyes brightened and said, "No, I can get enough food yourself!" Alas, his rope is definitely a good thing. How can I get it not taking you off?

Watching Monk Tang's eyes keeping on his rope and reaching for Zhenyuanzi, Sun Wukong subconsciously tightened his tiger leather skirt.

Talking, Monk Tang took off the yin and yang robe on Zhenyuanzi. Zhenyuanzi only felt that his body was cold and he just wants to die here. He was stripped by someone, and the man was a little monk. If he was a nun, Zhenyuanzi thought it was fine to him!

Zhenyuanzi's clothes were taken off, and the magical power in his sleeves was naturally self-defeating!

The small universe in his sleeves was fade away.

Thud~ seeing a white smoke from cuffs, Pigsy, Sandy and Little White Dragon was knocked out like a big fart! Seeing this, Monk Tang...... Is this the bad taste of Zhenyuanzi?

"F**k, I finally came out, damn it, I almost killed by a big mountain!" Pigsy was gray-faced, and then saw Zhenyuanzi, who was naked, with his eyes brightened, and said, "Holy shit! This isn't Zhenyuanzi? Why take off his clothes? Master, his hobby is so unique! "

Sandy said, "The elder brother is right!" He immediately took out his small book and wrote: Zhenyuan Great Fairy's hobby is to undress in front of everyone, especially to undress in front of men. He is an exhibitionist!

When Zhenyuanzi heard Pigsy's words, she suddenly rolled his eyes. Screw you! I WAS stripped?

However, what made him even angrier was that Sandy showed him the small book, and after seeing the next content, he was yelling: "You are the exhibitionist. You are all exhibitionists. You like to undress in front of a man!"

"Well? Did I write something wrong?" Sandy scratched her head and said, "Come, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, please sign your name, otherwise people won't believe what I wrote!"

Grunt! Zhenyuanzi started to spray white smoke from his ears. He felt that Monk Tang’s apprentices were irritating than anyone. Signed? Screw you! If I sign it, I will be fool-guy

"Well, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, you can't move! It doesn't matter, I can help you. If you can't write, I can put your lip print on it!" Sandy said so, and then he gets the red dye from nowhere and printed on Zhenyuanzi. So, there is! A big red lips!


Sandy took the small book and took it on Zhenyuanzi's face, printed a lip print, Sandy took a look at his ‘masterpiece’ and show a satisfied smile. The lip print was very clear, and he said, "Thanks for your cooperation, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, people can believe what I wrote this time! "

Zhenyuan Great Fairy burst into tears. Damn! I must kill you!

Monk Tang looked at him and wanted to have fun with them, but time was up, and he said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, use your Monkey King Bar to tie up this guy. Don't let this guy run away!"

"yes! Master!" Sun Wukong replied, and then Monkey King Bar became a golden rope and tied Zhenyuanzi, and the rope completely sealed off Zhenyuanzi's mana. Now even if the time for the suppressor has run out. Zhenyuanzi couldn’t strive at all!

Monk Tang touched his bald head. Although Zhenyuanzi is now being subdued, it is also a trouble to make Zhenyuanzi dead. It is even more impossible to let him go now. Take Zhenyuanzi to seek sutras?

OMG, Monk Tang's egg hurts when he thinks about it, and he would take an old baster to seek sutras? Haha……

Suddenly, Monk Tang's eyes turned came of inspiration, and he looked at the golden rope tied to Zhenyuanzi. Damn it, why did it feel artistic?

Monk Tang had an idea. With a single stroke, he got a refined magic camera from the system mall. The quality and clarity of the picture taken by the camera are absolutely pretty good!

Looking at Monk Tang's bright eyes and strange divine focus, Zhenyuanzi had a bad feeling. What the hell is this damn the Golden Cicada X doing right now?

"What are you doing, the Golden Cicada X? I'm going to call for help!" Zhenyuan Great Fairy said but felt cold physically and psychologically!

"Don't ~ it doesn't hurt! I just take a few photos!" Monk Tang grinned.

Photo? What is a photo? Zhenyuanzi was stunned for a moment. It was a powerful spell? He felt that it must be an extremely evil spell!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, and even the Little White Dragon were looking at the camera in Monk Tang's hands. They were also full of doubts. Pigsy asked, "Master, what is this thing? What is the picture?"

Monk Tang smiled mysteriously: "Hey, you know what it is in a moment!"