Chapter 81 Overwhelming Zhenyuanzi

Hearing Sun Wukong's scream, Monk Tang thought there is a bad thing going on. So, he hurriedly rushed to the Sun Wukong next to him, and took Sun Wukong away from the suction range of his sleeves, and then appeared on a mountain 10,000 meters away with Wukong!

Unfortunately, Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon taken in to Zhenyuanzi’s small universe, though they ran away in haste. Not only that, the mountains and trees where they stood were also taken in together!

Sun Wukong was a little dumbfounded. Why is he here?

Zhenyuanzi also got a big question. It was the first time he saw someone running away from his universe in his sleeves. Looking at Monk Tang in the distance, Zhenyuanzi believed that the Golden Cicada X was such different from the one in anecdotal evidence! He shouldn’t be such strong.

"Master, you're so amazing!" Zhenyuanzi was using his universe to bring Pigsy and Sandy in his sleeves, and Qingfeng and Mingyue suddenly applauded for his master. But they didn't know that their master was shocked by Monk Tang!

Zhenyuanzi said to Qingfeng and Mingyue: "you go back to our temple first, and I will catch those two people and go back. You get preparation to publish with them!"

"Yes, Master!" Qingfeng and Mingyue nodded in excitement. Although the two of them wanted to see how their Master caught Monk Tang, they did not dare to disobey his order. Thus, they ride on the cloud and went away.

"Monk Tang, what kind of magical power you have? You are able to run away from my universe in my sleeves?" Zhenyuanzi didn't rush to catch him. Instead, he asked Monk Tang with interest after Qingfeng and Mingyue left.

"you want to learn it from me? If you respect me as your master, I teach you!" Monk Tang sneered.

Zhenyuanzi was furious and snorted coldly: "Hum, arrogant baster! How come I, as a great fairy, worship you as my master? That is devilish unkind!  You can escape once but do you really think I would give you a second chance?"

The universe in his sleeves was threw out by Zhenyuan Great Fairy!

Seeing this, Monk Tang took Sun Wukong to teleport away once again. The moment they left, the mountain there was rose up into his cuff.

Zhenyuanzi's face darkled with anger, and Monk Tang actually escaped a second time. It made him feel a little embarrassed. Zhenyuanzi was really angry at this moment, and a stone book appeared in front of Zhenyuanzi.

"The Stone Book!?" Looking at the stone book, Monk Tang said loud to Wukong: "Wukong stop him!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong immediately rushed to Zhenyuanzi in a flash, while Monkey King Bar kept growing and smashed on Zhenyuanzi like a giant mountain!

Zhenyuanzi's look remained, and his fingers lightly touched the stone book, saying, "Go ahead!"

The stone book turned into a khaki-colored streamer and hit on Monkey King Bar!


The collision between the Stone Book and Monkey King Bar immediately made a loud roar and product a shock wave spreading out in all directions. Then, countless ancient trees and mountains and rocks into dust, and dozens of mountains fell apart!

The Stone Book flew back to Zhenyuanzi's hands unscathed. There was no slight change on his face, while Sun Wukong was not. Wukong turned around several times in the sky to decrease the wave power!

Monk Tang, watching the fight from a distance, felt Zhenyuanzi was a not a weak opponent to deal with. Sun Wukong was not an opponent to Zhenyuanzi. He wanted to help but he was powerless. He couldn’t get involved in that violent battle at all. It is not easy for him to avoid the shock wave.

"Naughty monkey, do you surrender?" Zhenyuanzi said with a smile at Sun Wukong standing in the air.

"Screw you!" Sun Wukong was furious, lifting up Monkey King Bar again!

"Stubborn monkey!" Zhenyuanzi said, the Stone Book quickly grew larger, covering all like the sky, as if it was a giant ancient dark mountain hitting Sun Wukong. Zhenyuanzi did not use his universe in his sleeves. Since he knew that as long as he used his sleeve, Monk Tang will take away Sun Wukong with his supernatural power. So, he planned to use the Stone Book to suppress Sun Wukong simply!


A louder collision sounded, and Sun Wukong was hit again without any doubt. This time, Wukong broke several mountains before stopping. And his tiger leather skirt on his body was torn!

Monk Tang was anxious. If Sun Wukong loses, even if he has the ability to shrink into the inch, he is not afraid of Zhenyuanzi's sleeves. But once Zhenyuanzi launches a large-scale attack spell, he will have no idea to escape the attack. So, he must find a way to help Sun Wukong before he loses!

Monk Tang nervously ask: "System, is there a way to defeat this Zhenyuanzi?"

System: ‘Judging from the current situation, you only need to buy a suppressor (a divine paper which has suppressing spell on it.) to suppress Zhenyuanzi, and Sun Wukong can solve the next thing!’

"so why are we still talking? Hurry up, give me a suppressor!" Monk Tang rejoiced.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you gaining a suppressor, which costing you 200,000 EXP points. The suppressor can suppress the Zhenyuan Great Fairy for 15 minutes, remember it! ’

What the hell? 200000 EXP points? How expensive!?

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang was in a daze for a second, but he didn't care about the price anymore. OK, fine! As long as it can suppress Zhenyuanzi, although only 15 minutes, having 15 minutes is enough.

Looking at the suppressor in his hand, Monk Tang sneered: "Zhenyuanzi, you will regret what you did!"

Zhenyuanzi also sneered. He did not believe that the Golden Cicada X, which had not yet become a Buddha, could threaten him. In his opinion, the Golden Cicada X had no other ability than running. As long as Sun Wukong was under the Stone Book, Monk Tang was a prey anyway.

Zhenyuanzi belittled Monk Tang, which was a destiny for him to be defeated and this gave Monk Tang a chance.

"Wukong, cover me! Hover about him!" Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong. Although the suppressor was in his hand, it is not so easy to suppress Zhenyuanzi. He needs to put the suppressor on his body!!

Although he doesn’t know what Monk Tang is going to do, Sun Wukong still followed Monk Tang ’s orders. Instead of fighting hard with Zhenyuanzi, he just wrestled with him so that Zhenyuanzi was not free to keep his eyes on Monk Tang!

"Now!" Monk Tang kept his eyes on the fighting situation of the two men. Suddenly his eyes lighted up and saw an opportunity for him. He flashed to a place where was not far away from Zhenyuanzi, and he punched on the suppressor. The suppressor quickly burned, turned into a Chinese word, 'suppress', which was imprinted on Zhenyuanzi's body!

Zhenyuanzi immediately was stiff, and his mana was sealed in his body.


Zhenyuanzi, who had lost his mana, was blow off by the power that released by Sun Wukong and fell on one of high mountains!


The mountain was broken into aparts immediately!

"we made it!" some lights flashed in his eyes, and Monk Tang cheered, "Wukong, kick his ass off!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong commanded, descending from the sky, stepping Zhenyuanzi's head under the ground with one foot. The smell on his giant feet spurred Zhenyuanzi that he even couldn’t open his eyes.

Monk Tang flew directly over. He picked up his monk spade and smashed on Zhenyuanzi' s crotch where was exactly his ‘little’ Zhenyuanzi lying!

"Hmm ..."

Without the mana as his guardian, his 'little Zhenyuanzi' was smashed. Zhenyuanzi showed a extremely miserable expression. He looked up, and his eyes almost glared!