Chapter 80 The Broken Relation

Just when Monk Tang had just finished upgrading and resolved the sequelae, thinking that Zhenyuanzi would not show up and they were ready to go on the road. A powerful and incomparable pressure gets close to them quietly, which directly affected his soul. He immediately felt a burden on his back, like a big mountain!

At this moment, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all clenched their weapons and stared at where the power came from as if they were on their guards against all possible dangers.

Three figures slowly appeared. A person wearing a yin and yang robe with two young kids whose faces were swollen.

"Zhenyuanzi, what are you doing here?" Seeing Sun Wukong immediately, he stared at Zhenyuanzi sharply. Even Sun Wukong had to be careful when facing Zhengyuanzi because he is at a high status in heaven, which means he is powerful to some degree.

"Amitabfa, Zhenyuan Great Fairy!" Monk Tang greeted him.

"Master, they are the basters who made me and sister like this. We have become pigs!" Mingyue yelled at Zhengyuan, "These demons and monsters not only hit us both but also stole Master's the ginseng fruits! The most hateful thing is that the monk let his apprentices hit us! "

Zhenyuanzi said with a narrow eye, "the Golden Cicada X, how do you explain it?"

Zhenyuanzi looked at Monk Tang. Although there were no changes on the surface, he was actually surprised, because he felt that Monk Tang had mana in his body and Monk Tang is not a mortal right now, but he would soon become a Buddha!

According to his knowledge, Monk Tang should never be a Buddha, and those people will never allow Monk Tang to cultivate himself!

"Kid, what are you talking about? When did I steal the ginseng fruit?" Sun Wukong immediately angered. Mingyue even called him a demon. Of course, he was angry. How could those demons compare with him? He is Monkey King!

"Huh, dead monkey, you are doom to the dead! But why are you still firm?" Master, please take them down and take revenge for my sister and me. We will also punch them into pigs first, and then ... hum!”

"Hit me into a pig's head? I already have pig's head, okay?" Pigsy pointed to his head and said.

"The elder brother is right. He already has a pig's head and can't become another pig's head!" Sandy interjected!

"Shut up!" Pigsy yelled at Sandy's. Why didn't Brother Sha know how to show due respect for his feelings?

Zhenyuanzi ignored the gagging of Pigsy and Sandy and kept staring at Monk Tang.

Monk Tang was stared at by Zhen Yuan, feeling great pressure, saying, "Zhenyuan Great Fairy, I did let my apprentices do it, but I can guarantee that these apprentices did not steal the ginseng fruits.! "

"Master, he lied. The ginseng fruit was definitely stolen by the monkey. My sister and I heard that they were talking about stealing the ginseng fruit!" Mingyue immediately angered.

"Amitabfa, little almsgiver, the monk doesn't slang. My apprentices really didn't steal the ginseng fruit. They thought of stealing the ginseng fruit, but I found it in time and stopped it. If Great Fairy doesn't believe it, just check it out!"

Zhenyuanzi frowned slightly. He did not find any traces of ginseng fruit on the people of Monk Tang. He could see it after eating ginseng fruit. He only felt a weak ginseng fruit smell on Monk Tang. It seems that he ate one ginseng fruit. It should be the one he gave!

"Master, don't believe this monk, he's lying!" Mingyue said.

"Amitabfa, I presume that Great Fairy will immediately see it if my apprentices have eaten ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang uttered a nondescript Buddha, he was very confident in the portable space, and Zhenyuanzi absolutely found out no smell of ginseng fruit is on him!

"Well, Mingyue, they didn't steal the ginseng fruit, they didn't. there should be someone else who did it!" Zhenyuanzi said to Mingyue.

"Master, this is impossible, it is definitely them, only they have entered the temple ..." Mingyue was suddenly anxious.

"Stop it! You mean I lied?" Zhenyuanzi frowned and yelled, some angry, and his apprentice dared to talk back to him in public. He felt that he really spoiled the two apprentices!

Hearing Zhenyuanzi's words, Monk Tang felt a loose heart in his heart, and smiled, "Amitabfa, you still have great wisdom!"

When Qingfeng and Mingyue heard Monk Tang's words, they gritted her teeth instantly, and their heart was angry and unwilling, but they were afraid to speak, and could only stare at Monk Tang and others with angry eyes!

"The Golden Cicada X, all right. Even if you didn’t steal the ginseng fruit, but how do you explain your apprentices hitting my apprentices?" Zhenyuanzi said so, he snorted softly, but it sounded like a clap of thunder! Although his apprentice is not so good, he is not willing to let some else to give them a lesson.

what the hell Is this Zhenyuanzi going to shield a shortcoming? Their own shits don't smell?

"Amitabfa, Great Fairy, what do you want?" Monk Tang asked. He felt unjustifiable. At the same time, he also regretted that Sun Wukong and others taught the two bear children. They should just run.

"I will not make trouble for you neither. Your four apprentices knelt down and confessed. Then I can forgive you!" Zhenyuan Great Fairy said very arrogantly.

Sun Wukong immediately blew his hair, yelled, "Zhenyuan, you are so bullying! Do you really think I'm afraid of you? Let me kneel? Do you deserve it?"

"Well, if you are still a monkey at your heyday, I may still be afraid of you a little, but now ... you don't have the ability to fight with me at all!" With a flash of disdain flashed in his eyes, he really didn't put Sun Wukong in his eyes!

"You ..." Sun Wukong was furious.

When Monk Tang interrupted Sun Wukong, his eyes became sharper. Zhenyuan Great Fairy made him kneel to apologize, and also angered him, saying "Zhenyuan Great Fairy, are you really kidding me?"

"I never joke!" Zhenyuanzi said so, wondering in his heart, how could this Golden Cicada X be so different from the rumors? His look is definitely not what a Buddhist practitioner should have.

Is this going to have a rupture with us? Monk Tang thought and sent a message to Sun Wukong and others with his mana so that they were ready to start.

"Then we just don't apologize?" Monk Tang said looking at Zhenyuanzi, without any fear in his eyes!

Zhenyuanzi flashed a bit of dark light in his eyes and said, "well, I will use my ways to hit you on your knees and apologize to us!"

While talking, Zhenyuanzi shook his sleeves, and the sleeves turned into a huge black hole, creating a terrible suction!

"No, Master! This is the Universe in his sleeves! run away!" Watching Zhenyuanzi suddenly made a move with great magical power, Sun Wukong exclaimed!