Chapter 8 Witness I Climbing Rock

It took a long time before Sun Wukong's voice sounded again, saying, "Little monk, what you should be realized, when the seek sutras are finished, I just do what I want? Don't you stop me?"

"Amitabfa, the monk doesn't slang, the poor monk naturally says it will be done." Monk Tang folded his palms, his face was calm, but his heart was undulating: Damn him, and finally, I will succeed!

"Okay, I believe you, this little monk, if I u find that you lied to me, Monkey's King Bar of I will definitely break your head, and then beat you till your soul flying away." Sun Wukong's voice is murderous, Monk Tang felt a chill in his body and secretly murmured that this Sun Wukong was fierce enough.

Monk Tang said: "Amitabfa, Almsgiver Sun, you should have a rest, oh, no, I should call  Wukong, you have to trust me. I will not lie to you!"

"Well, you, little monk, actually you can follow what I said. Well, I subdue myself for a while and see you as my teacher, and I also wanted to see what happened in the world in the 500 years, are my monkeys live well? Master, you can release me now! "

Monk Tang heard that tears burst into tears, Damn, it was not easy!

However, it cannot let down his guard, after all, the system does not indicate that the task has been completed.

"Well, Wukong, I will let you out now, you have to wait!" Monk Tang said.

It takes so much time that even a horse can run to death, but the road seems easy to arrive. But it’s without the White Horse. When Monk Tang walked down to the foot of The Five-Fingers Mountain, it took already a few hours, and Monk Tang tired and sweaty.

However, Monk Tang finally saw Sun Wukong, who is under The Five-Fingers Mountain.

The looking of Sun Wukong is somewhat different from that of Sun Wukong of Journey to the West(A teleplay)in 1986, and it is similar to that in the Journey to the West(A movie in 2013. 2.10, in China).

It looks Very aggressive!

This is the first impression of Wukong. Monk Tang can only say that Sun Wukong is indeed a generation of a demon king, Monkey King, who is suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain, but it cannot cover up the fierce demon that belongs to the demon king.

The hair on his head is dark golden, and the eyes are like two golden lamps. The golden flames burn in those as if they can be into everything.

Is this the golden eye of fire?

Monk Tang murmured.

"Master, you finally are here, and you are too weak. You have spent several hours on this short distance! I, have waited for a long time that the flowers fade!" Sun Wukong said, looking up at Monk Tang.

Monk Tang rolled his eyes silently and said, "Wukong, the distance is for you. Being a teacher is just a common person. It is very good to be able to come so fast. I am going to be exhausted to death but you haven’t noticed it?! "

"Heehee! Yes, Master, you are too weak. Master, since you are here, please be hurry to the mountain’ peak to unveil the Tathagata spelled decree, I can't wait!" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang's eyes glared, "one more minute, do you want your master to exhaust to death?"

Having said that, Monk Tang sat down regardless of it, and began to rest, while looking curiously at this Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong is also speechless. This monk feels weaker than a chicken. If he was not going out, he would not worship the monk as a master, even if it was a verbal promise.

Suddenly, Sun Wukong felt a hand on his head. When Sun Wukong saw it, it turned out that Monk Tang was cleaning the dust off his head. He wanted to get angry, but he could not help seeing his serious appearance. For 500 years, finally, someone is close to him!

When Monk Tang put his hand on Sun Wukong's head, he regretted it. Is this the head of the demon king, can he touch it casually? When Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong would get angry, he realized that Sun Wukong had closed his eyes and showed a happy expression.

Seeing this Monk Tang, Sun Wukong is a demon monkey and demon king, but it is still a monkey in nature!

Monk Tang relaxes, not to mention, Sun Wukong's head is really comfortable to the touch, it is fluffy, his head is slightly smaller than a human head, and he can completely cover it with one hand.

Once relaxed, there is a problem with Monk Tang. It is love thinking, touching Sun Wukong's head, Monk Tang swallows saliva and murmurs: "The monkey brain should taste good!"

"Master, what did you just say?" Sun Wukong didn't hear it but felt a chill.

Sun Wukong swears that he was right. Monk Tang just looked at how evil his eyes were.

It is exactly the same as when he saw the peach, no, it should be more terrible, too greedy and terrible.

"Ah, I didn't say anything, I said that I want to release you now as a master!" Monk Tang was awakened, how could he say what was in his heart? Fortunately, the monkey didn't hear it clearly, otherwise, he would lose all his goals!

As soon as Sun Wukong heard that Monk Tang was about to release him now, he was immediately attracted and left behind what he had just said, "Haha, master, you go quickly, I can't wait!"

Monk Tang was relieved, and in the future, he couldn't really say what he thought!

Monk Tang said, "Well, Wukong you wait for me, I come in a short time!"


Monk Tang looked up and looked at The Five-Fingers Mountain, which didn't see the top. He muddled, and thought this is too high!

The Five-Fingers Mountain is not only high but also very steep. It is definitely not easy to go up the mountain.

Monk Tang smiled bitterly, is this the situation of wanting him to climb freehand!

"Master, what's the matter? Come on!" Sun Wukong looked Monk Tang with worried eyes, who was stagnant there.

"Okay, I will go now!" Monk Tang exhaled heavily and said, "Wukong, you keep eyes on me, I will show you some free climbing!"

"What? What is freehand climbing?" Sun Wukong muddled, he couldn't understand.

Whether Monk Tang can understand Sun Wukong or not, he has already chosen away and started climbing up!

Sun Wukong laughed, for Monk Tang's ugly action.

Holding one buttock, using both limbs, moving upwards little by little!

Hearing the laughter of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang’s face is also blushing. He also knows that he is absolutely ashamed at this time, but there is nothing he can do. He doesn’t have any protective devices now. The only thing he can do is to do it in this way to let himself feel at ease!

Let it go, and I'll get used to it in a while!

Monk Tang said to himself like this.

Indeed, once broken shame or something, there is no so-called shame. Suddenly, Monk Tang feels his legs and feet are flexible, and he can climb up a lot faster. His speed became quicker. Of course, the pose is even uglier!