Chapter 79 Squinting at Forty-Five Degrees!

"What? My EXP points ran out?"

Hearing the system's prompt, Monk Tang is a stun, and more than two million the EXP points are gone?

Monk Tang then opened the character panel again and found that EXP was indeed insufficient. Now his is already at level 18, and to upgrade to level 19 requires 1310720 EXP. He has more than 1.1 million EXP points. If he wants to upgrade. Unless he sells a few more ginseng fruits!

However, Monk Tang did not sell ginseng fruit anymore, because the plan was not going to be changed by now. And more importantly, even if he upgrades one more level, it can enhance a lot of combat power. But in fact, it will not be too much. Looking at the remaining EXP, Monk Tang has a new plan. It is better to learn skills than to upgrade with the full use of EXP points!

He doesn’t have any other skills except for Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade.  It is enough to deal with small goblins, but it is not enough to have a battle with some powerful opponents. After thinking about it, Monk Tang said, "System, give me a skill which could increase my speed of movement!"

Yes, Monk Tang did not want attack skills, but chose speed skills. The attack skill, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade now he has is enough for him. But the speed is really one of his weaknesses. If he is fast, he can run at least if he cannot win!

‘Ding Dong, according to the requirements of you , now start to screen skills and find the right skills, shrink into inches! ’

Shrink into inches? Monk Tang immediately looked at the introduction of this skill, with only 11 words: shrinking into inches, the world within afoot, and moving instantly.

Looking at the 11-word introduction, Monk Tang immediately felt a cool feeling coming to his head, and immediately determined to learn this skill, saying, "I will learn this!"

‘Ding Dong, this skill study costs 500,000 EXP. Do you confirm the payment? ’

Half a million? How fucking expensive! But good goods are not cheap, and cheap one is not good. Although it costs a lot. But biting his teeth, Monk Tang said, "Confirm!"

‘Ding Dong, the payment is successful, and you ’ve learn the skills! ’

The prompt of the system just ended now, Monk Tang feels that there is a huge flow of information in his mind, and there is a magical feeling. As if the world is big, but it is easy for him to reach everywhere.

"Hahaha ... Okay!" Monk Tang felt great, and then stepped forward. His figure “Whoosh” disappeared but there were no traces. He was already in another place when it appeared. It took almost Zero time!

As long as his thoughts move, he can move. Of course, there are restrictions that the distance he is moving now is not too far, and the longest distance is the range he can see and feel.

Monk Tang did not know that when he was upgrading and learning skills, his apprentices were shocked. Even Little White Dragon woke up from cracking the seal, watching Monk Tang keep talking surprisingly, "what the hell, what the hell, what the hell? who can tell me when the master has become so awesome?"

As the level of Monk Tang increases, the vitality energy in the world begins to be continuously absorbed by Monk Tang, and then it becomes an energy storm. A huge energy funnel connects the sky and earth with Monk Tang.

However, what is most shocking to Sun Wukong is not this. It is that Monk Tang can suddenly disappear in their eyes and then reappear. They don't even perceive how Monk Tang can do it. Neither does Sun Wukong with the golden eyes.

Long time later, Monk Tang's breakthrough was finally completed, the energy storm was dissipated, and he also waked up from the breakthrough and shrinking into joy, and immediately saw four pairs of eyes staring at him!

Monk Tang first froze, then touched his bald head, and said embarrassedly, "Don't look at me like this, although I know that I am insanely handsome enough. But I will still be embarrassed under your eyes."

Sun Wukong drew a corner of their mouths. Damn it! It is also a sin to have such a narcissistic master!

Sun Wukong asked, "Master, how did you do that?"

Monk Tang thought for a moment and said, "The reason why I am so handsome is because of the good foundation, you ..." Monk Tang shook his head and uttered a voice in sympathy!

The faces of Sun Wukong and other persons were all black. Damn narcissism isn’t over, Ahm? Sun Wukong gritted his teeth. They really want to hit him now ... beat this narcissistic bald donkey!

"Master, it’s not what I'm asking about. I want to ask the Master how you managed to make continuous breakthroughs!" Sun Wukong gritted his teeth, holding back his idea that taking Monkey King Bart to beat the monk!

"Yeah, Master, did you do that?" Pigsy echoed!

"Yes, Brother Monkey and the elder brother are right!" Sandy took a pen and had a carefully recording look!

Monk Tang squinted at the forty-five-degree angle of the sky, and talked a serious nonsense, "Amitabfa, just for a moment, I suddenly had an epiphany, and then broke through!" I can’t say anything about the system. He can only speak nonsense and speak carelessly!

Hearing the words of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and others are all stunned. Enlightenment is no stranger. Indeed, if you enter the state, you can quickly and continuously break through the realm, but epiphany cannot appear casually. Anyway, they have never seen an epiphany while cooking!

Sun Wukong and others were suspicious, obviously, they did not believe Monk Tang's words, but Sun Wukong did not insist on Monk Tang's explanation!

"Mum ..."

"What's the hell, my stomach is pumping!" Monk Tang looked up at the sky and suddenly changed his face. He forgot the sequelae of the breakthrough. At this time, the sequelae started, and Monk Tang felt his stomach was twitching!

Monk Tang couldn’t do anything but cooking? He picked up the cooked food and started to eat. But there were not many preparations. Monk Tang ate while making new food. Finally, he stopped when the bones of Black Bear were the only thing left!

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang looked at the sky, and touched his bald head. He thought that Zhenyuanzi may not be here at this time. But he got a big blow right on his face for a kind of pressure above his head!

This pressure was so heavy that Monk Tang felt as if he was carrying a big mountain. It was only Zhenyuan who was able to give out such powerful pressure. He smiled bitterly in his heart, Damn, why he thought so!

At the moment when the pressure appeared, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others were also dignified and looked at here. They were on their guards against all possible dangers!