Chapter 77 Running Away

Looking at the picture in front of him, Monk Tang finally understood how the bones in another space came from and knew why Zhenyuanzi sacrificed so many creatures but no one notices it. All the creatures come from the so-called small world, and Zhenyuanzi didn’t hunt them in the main world at all!

"Hahaha ... Eat it! Eat it! Eat as much as you can! Give more fruit to me! I will see who else dares to look down to me ...”

Watching the creatures become bones under the sucking of the mutated ginseng fruit tree, Zhenyuanzi didn’t show a trace of compassion on his face, but laughed and fell into a state of extreme excitement.

As the half-orc races turned into bones, the mutant ginseng fruit gets ripen on the tree. The mutant ginseng fruit, like small black crystals, were growing up from the size of the fist to the planet-size. Not for a long time, the mutated ginseng fruit trees soon bear dozens of fruits.

Zhenyuanzi was extremely excited. He waved a big laugh, and a mutant ginseng fruit appeared in his hand. Zhenyuanzi bit it down and said, "Nice, it tastes good!"

"Ah, Zhenyuanzi has eaten me, Zhenyuanzi has bitten me! Yeah! It hurts, it hurts ... haha, Zhenyuanzi is eating me, I'm so happy!" That mutated ginseng fruit was so sharp Yelling.

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang in the incognito state suddenly frowned and felt a bit sick at the same time. The reason why he felt sick was that he was seen the ginseng fruit even shed red blood while Zhenyuanzi was biting his body. And the wound inside is not like black crystals, but granulation!

Seeing here, Monk Tang silently followed the system's prompts before and get back to the orchard with normal ginseng fruit trees. Exhaling lightly, Monk Tang returned to the courtyard where he lives!

He needed to digest what he saw and heard just now. The amount of information was too much!

In addition, Monk Tang also thought about how to slip away with his apprentices but no one finds out.

When Monk Tang just returned to the room, the Sun Wukong had just discussed how to steal the ginseng fruit, but they did not know that the ginseng fruit had all been stolen by their master!

The time to return to the room was just right, and the theft mode was just lifted. He walked out from the inside, then came out, and said to the people who sent Wukong, "my apprentices, let us hit on our way now. Come on! "

"Ah?" A few people from Sun Wukong suddenly was confused. He didn't know why Monk Tang was crazy, but they didn't want to go now. They hadn't eaten the ginseng fruit yet.

"Master, it's already midnight, can't we go on the road tomorrow? I'm sleepy!" Pigsy said, and then winked desperately at Sun Wukong and Sandy.

Sun Wukong got Sandy. Sun Wukong immediately said, "Master, I'm tired too, let's go tomorrow!"

"Yes, Master, Brother Monkey, and elder brother are right, we'll be on the road tomorrow morning, let's take a few hours of rest!" Sandy speaks in support of him.

Monk Tang frowned suddenly, "Don’t talk nonsense, are you a master? or am I your master? I said go now, just go now!" Monk Tang worried that Zhenyuanzi would soon know that the ginseng fruit had been stolen. At that time, it is not easy to go!

Steal and run. It's fucking exciting.

"But ..." Pigsy still didn't want to leave!

"But what? I know what is the idea you have, don't you just want to steal the ginseng fruit? Don't have this idea, in order to put an end to your thoughts, I'm leaving right now!" Monk Tang interrupted Pigsy and said without a doubt.

what the hell, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy were all surprised, how did the Master know? Does the Master have the habit of stealing wall roots? However, how could that be, they had gathered together to discuss it before, but it was done with mana messages! No one else can hear it!

Pigsy heard Monk Tang's unquestionable voice, and finally compromised, and said helplessly, "Well, that’s it. I’m going to pack up now!"

However, it was still too late. At this time, the door of the room was strongly opened. It was the two arrogant girl and boy, named Qingfeng and Mingyue. At this moment, they rushed into the room with anger and anger, and they held one in their hands. Little sword.

"Kid, what are you doing? Don't know how to knock the door?" Pigsy was startled, angrily.

"What? You dare to ask what? Do you want to run, thieves?" Mingyue angered.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy are confused about what happened now. What does “thief” mean? Are they thieves? Although they are trying to steal the ginseng fruit, they have not succeeded. The three have a guilty conscience though they are immediately annoyed.

"A thief? You're a thief. Don't lie, kid! Otherwise, I'll give you a good lesson for Zhenyuan Great Fairy!" Pigsy said.

"Haha, is this dead fat pig felt guilty now? Huh, I really shouldn't listen to Master's words and let you in. I didn't expect to lead the wolf into the room in the end. Look at your face! You are a thief!” Qingfeng sneered with an angry look.

Sun Wukong is also in anger, said, "you! Two kids! Who are thieves? What have we stolen from you? Show your evidence, if you can't get one. I will kick your ass off! "

"Evidence? We are the evidence. Give up all the ginseng fruit you stole, and we can spare you!" Mingyue said angrily, with a very arrogant tone.

"Yes, hand it over and you can alive! I have informed our master. You should surrender!" Qingfeng said with his contemptuous face because there was Zhenyuanzi behind them who was backing them!

The ginseng fruit was stolen? The three apprentices were shocked. Someone even got a step ahead of them?

"Kid, don't tell irresponsibly. I didn't steal your ginseng fruit at all. If you make trouble out of no reason, I will be really rude!" Sun Wukong said that if he stole, he would admit it, but he didn't steal it. He also doesn't want to be the scapegoat!

" you didn’t take them? There are no other people in the Wuzhuang Temple except you. Who else would you be? You monks are really shameless ... I ¥% ¥ ... "Qingfeng and Mingyue see Sun Wukong and others denying, just starting to yell. Their words were unpleasant.