Chapter 76 Zhenyuan Great Fairy

In another space, there are bone ashes all over the place, and the white bones are piled into mountains one after another, looming in the black mist.

"hoo ..."

A gust of wind was blowing, raising bone ashes into the sky!

Although the bone ashes were completely inaccessible to Monk Tang in the state of the thief mode. Monk Tang subconsciously operated his mana to block the picture appearing his eyes, which was too disgusting and terrifying.

"Hee hee ..."

The wind did not fall, a burst of sharp laughter sounded, Monk Tang's hair was upright. And he said, "Who? Who is there?"

"Hehe, haha, come on, come on, eat me!"

"Eat me, eat me, I'm here, I'm delicious!"

As his voice echoed, the creepy sound continuously. Monk Tang looked around to find the place where the sound comes from and finally knew it. It was from the ginseng fruit tree, no, more precisely It was from the ginseng fruit!

Those mutant ginseng fruits like ghost babies opened their eyes, blooming with blood-red light, grinning and screaming with small mouths. They were alive! The whole picture was weird. All voices like the magic sound, which was disturbing his mind.

Damn. He knew why the system said he didn't want to steal the mutant ginseng fruit. Now if the system encourages him to steal the mutant ginseng fruit, he doesn't want it anymore. The mutant ginseng fruit is too weird!!

If he was in the thief mode, Monk Tang knows that his mind will be affected by this magic sound!

After taking a deep breath, Monk Tang asked, "System, will this mutant ginseng fruit have side effects after eating?"

The system, 'Of course, because this mutant ginseng fruit is irrigated with the fresh and soul of the alive creature, so each mutant ginseng fruit contains the grievances and negative emotions of the creature. It is easy to be affected by its resentment. it is likely that in the end, the one who eats has too many fruits will become neither a people nor a ghost.’

Monk Tang thought that there was no perfect thing in this world. Although the mutant ginseng fruit planed by Zhenyuanzi overcomes many of the tough things, perfecting these shortcomings the mutant ginseng fruit of also brought new shortcomings. This new defect is even more terrible!

"Let's go, system! Let's go back!" Monk Tang said finally, he was not very comfortable in this another space, and he was also worried that he was found after stealing the ginseng fruit. Now going back and bring Sun Wukong and others to leaving Wuzhuang Temple is the priority!

As for everything found in another space, Monk Tang is going to bury it in his heart for a while, not tell anyone!

The system, ‘you take three steps back at your current position, two steps to the right, and then five steps back to go out of another space and return to the orchard!’

Monk Tang is going to do it, but the next moment Monk Tang was afraid to breathe, because a person suddenly appeared in another space, wearing a yin and yang robe.


When Monk Tang met this person, he was shocked. Only Zhenyuanzi is the person who was able to come to another space!

"What the hell, wouldn't Zhenyuanzi discover that I stole the ginseng fruit and came to arrest me?" Monk Tang murmured in his heart, preparing to run away immediately. He was not his opponent!

However, the words of the system made Monk Tang calm down again, ‘Host, don’t panic, Zhenyuanzi did not enter this alien space from that orchard. He has not found that ginseng fruit has been stolen!’

Monk Tang was relieved. He still has some time. Monk Tang was not in a hurry. He wanted to take a look at what Zhenyuanzi was going to do?

After Zhenyuanzi appeared, he took a deep breath, and the black mist turned into an energy storm. was sucked into Zhenyuanzi’s belly. After Zhenyuanzi absorbed much black mist, he laughed and said, "cool!"

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang in a stealth state was speechless. It was his first time seeing someone absorbing the " haze " and he seems enjoyed it!

Zhenyuanzi took a step to the mutant ginseng fruit tree. He reached out and patted a thick trunk like a mountain, "Are you hungry !?"

"Wow ..."

The branches and leaves of the ginseng fruit tree rattled without wind. Monk Tang was glaring at this. The fruit tree is intelligent? Damn, he's never heard of it!

"Hungry, hungry, hungry ..."

While the mutated ginseng fruit tree shook branches, those mutated ginseng fruits also made noises.

Zhenyuanzi laughed, "Okay, it’s good! Good! I will prepare food for you now!"

After all, Zhenyuanzi waved his hand, and black dots appeared densely in the sky of another space, dripping like fine raindrops!

"Bang! Bang! Bang ..."

The black spots quickly fell on the ground, splashing large pieces of bone and bone meal. Some dropped around Monk Tang’s body, but after seeing these black spots, Monk Tang kept his breath. Because these black spots are all creatures, but they are half dead!

After a short period of horror, Monk Tang was still horrified, because these creatures are very special. They are not humans, not demons, or any race known to Monk Tang. They look very strange, and they are not demons nor human beings.

"System, what race is this?" Monk Tang asked.

The system, ‘Half-orcs, not creatures in the main world, but live in other small worlds!’

Half-orcs? The main world? small world? Monk Tang was puzzled by consecutive unfamiliar nouns from the system. When he was about to ask what it meant, he was interrupted by a harsh scream!

"Squeak ..." This scream was extremely jarring, from the mutant ginseng fruit tree, but somehow Monk Tang heard the excitement in it!

"Hahaha! Are you happy? Good!" Zhenyuanzi laughed after hearing the scream, "come on. Eat! The more you eat, the better you are! If it’s not enough for you. I will hunt for you again."

"Squeak ..."

The mutant ginseng fruit tree screamed again, then shook the branches cheerfully.


After the mutated ginseng fruit tree screamed, the alien space made a roaring sound. Monk Tang's feet were unstable, and he fell to the ground. When he stood firmly, Monk Tang saw the earth ’s change in another space. The ground was moving like a dragon, rolling violently.

At the same time, countless roots were out from the ground, and then turned into a sharp spear and pierced into the bodies of the Half-orcs, visible to the naked eye, and these Half-orcs were dried up. In the end, these became bones!