Chapter 75 The Second Ginseng Fruit Tree?

The system, 'Host, you only need to meditate on' stealing 'in your heart. The system will automatically help you complete the process of fruit picking, and you can ignore the rules of interacting relation of the five elements. The ginseng fruit will automatically shrink to the size of the fist after it is picked. You can understand it is the essence of the fruit!’

Monk Tang, "..." the small one is the essence? Wow, it really is the divine root of heaven and earth, and it has the ability to condense ... so cool!

Without further ado, Monk Tang immediately watched a ginseng fruit and meditated on 'stealing'.

 A ginseng fruit fell from the tree as soon as his mind moved, like a meteor falling to the ground. But during this period, the ginseng fruit, like a small planet, was shrinking rapidly, and when it fell into his hands, it was already It became the size of a fist.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for getting a ginseng fruit and reward EXP 10,000 points! ’

When Monk Tang heard the system prompt, he laughed. It was feasible. Practice makes perfect. Monk Tang quickly picked all the ginseng fruit from the tree and received all of them in his portable space. The number of the ginseng fruit is exactly 30, which means that 300,000 EXP is in hand!

The stealing mission was successful, and he ran immediately. Monk Tang thought so, but the moment he took a step, the world turned around.

At the same time, the sound of the system sounded in his ear, this time there are only two words, bad!

"What's wrong? The system, what's wrong? Why am I dizzy?" Monk Tang shook his head.

The system, ‘you look at what ’s going on around you?’

"What's different?" Monk Tang froze, not still in the orchard? But the next moment he opened his mouth wide and looked like a ghost, saying, "where am I? Why is it so dark?"

The system, ‘we ’ve entered the alien space. I don’t expect Zhenyuan have this kind of ability!’

"Another space? What is that?" Monk Tang asked.

The system, "Don't ask me, and I can't explain it clearly. Look at the surroundings, and you will know!"

Monk Tang looked up, then took a breath, and wondered, "Why is there another ginseng fruit tree here? Is this a ginseng fruit tree?"

In this space, there is also a large tree with hundreds of thousands of feet standing in the distance. It is similar to the ginseng fruit tree that he saw before. It is also leafy but exudes black mist.

He also saw the ginseng fruit among the branches and leaves, but it looks like black crystals as if they all are devil babies. The black light flew and turned into demons, and was roaring around the black crystals.

One, two, three ... densely packed, he doesn't know how many ginseng fruits there are.

"System, is this the ginseng fruit tree and the ginseng fruit? It takes 10,000 years to have one ginseng fruit. But look at these! This ... There are at least hundreds of thousands, right? How can there be a second ginseng tree in the world? "Monk Tang swallowed saliva, shocked by the scene in front of him.

The system, ‘ it is indeed a ginseng fruit tree, but it is not the ginseng fruit tree you know. The ginseng fruit is a mutated ginseng fruit. It is artificially planted, but it is not worse than the real ginseng fruit tree. It is even stronger than the real one. There is no limit of 30 ginseng fruits in 10,000 years. As long as the conditions are met, the fruit can be generated at any time. ’

'besides, the real ginseng fruit can only eat once in the life for a mortal or an immortal and the second one will no longer be effective to them. But the situation changed in terms of the mutated ginseng fruit. It’s said that eating the mutated ginseng fruit as many as possible can increase correspondingly lifespan and cultivation indefinitely.'

Monk Tang's eyes were wide open, "what the hell, what a good thing he find? Zhenyuanzi is amazing. Oh, what's the condition? I don’t believe it is for free!"

System, 'Blood body and soul. Each body and soul died for each of the ginseng fruit on the tree in front of you. So, these flowers of the ginseng fruit tree can bear the fruit. The stronger sacrificed creature is, the stronger ginseng fruit will be. If someone eat them, his cultivation and lifespan will overlay!’

The chill came from all direction, Monk Tang almost felt like he was frozen. And his cold sweat fell into ice crystals. A mutant ginseng fruit represents a living being, and hundreds of thousands of mutant ginseng fruits represent that hundreds of thousands of living beings died. Zhenyuanzi is so ruthless, he even killed hundreds of thousands of alive souls to sacrifice this ginseng fruit tree!

He knew he might have discovered the secret of Zhenyuanzi by accident, but Monk Tang turned his eyes and said, "System, can I steal this mutant ginseng fruit and increase my EXP?"

The system, ‘No, the mutated ginseng fruit is different from the original one. If you steal it,  the thief mode will be lifted immediately. What is more,  Zhenyuanzi will immediately detect it, and then he will come to here! And I know that you don't want them.’

Monk Tang trembled. If Zhenyuanzi finds out, he will be dead.

"System, why do you say I don't want them? if it can increase EXP, why not take them? and I don't plan to eat this mutant ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang asked puzzled.

The system, ‘You ’ll know right away. Please look at the ground. ’

Monk Tang froze, looking down, his feet turned gray, not the color of the ground, but like ... lime!

But how can there be lime here? A cold thought occurred in his mind, and Monk Tang instantly understood that it was not lime but ... bone ashes and there was a thick layer of bone ashes on the ground.

Monk Tang stood for a long time, and put his mana into his eyes, seeing through the dark mist, and the world in front of him became brighter, but Monk Tang would rather not see clearly.

How come it is an orchard? It is clearly a purgatory with a thick layer of bone ashes, and there are mountains on the ground, which are piled with white bones. Each mountain has hundreds of thousands of skeletons.

One, ten, a hundred ... he saw no less than a few hundred white-bone mountains at his visible range, and in the dark fog farther away, there were more mountains ...

In another space, the sacrificed souls are definitely not the hundreds of thousands of souls before, but hundreds of millions or even billions of souls were sacrificed, and at least one billion mutant ginseng fruits have been produced.

Monk Tang's mind flashed into doubt, what is Zhenyuanzi doing, and why he planted so many mutant ginseng fruits, what is his plan? How did he get so many creatures to immolate?

Monk Tang doesn't believe that Zhenyuanzi has planted so many mutant ginseng fruits just to eat for himself, so he definitely has a big plan!

"Hoo ..."

A gust of wind was blowing, raising bone ashes into the sky!