Chapter 74 The Ginseng Fruit Tree ...

Watching Monk Tang walk into the room with ginseng fruit, Pigsy hurried around in the house. He wanted to eat ginseng fruit. Suddenly his eyes lighted up and came to Sun Wukong. "Brother Monkey, I want to eat ginseng fruit!”

Sun Wukong gave him a white look and said, "You want to eat? Either do I. But what can I do? That boy doesn't give it to us!"

Pigsy blinked and said, "Brother Monkey, I have an idea!"

Sandy looked up sharply, who was reading his notes, "elder brother, what is your idea. Say it! I also want to eat it, you say it, I write it down. I will regard it as a classic one and read it every day!" Sandy was holding a  pen.

"No! Go away." Pigsy shook her hands continuously. Can this method be written down casually?

"What can you do as a nerd?" Sun Wukong asked with a little enthusiasm, and he also wanted to taste the ginseng fruit.

"Brother Monkey, you ..." Pigsy whispered in Sun Wukong's ear, and the words behind him were sent by his mana!

"Pigsy, what you mean ... is stealing?" Sun Wukong looked up, his eyes brightened, and he smiled, "Nut, you're pretty smart. Well. Let’s do it!"

Sandy said, "Brother Monkey, Elder brother, what if the master knew it?"

"Brother Sha, you don't say it and I don't say it. Brother Monkey doesn't say it. How come Master would know?" Pigsy glanced at Sandy.

Sun Wukong nodded, "Yes, we all keep quiet!"

Although Sandy still feels bad, he still nods. The ginseng fruit was also very attractive to him.

"Now that everyone has no word to say, then we need to make a good plan ..." Pigsy's small eyes flashed.


In the room, Monk Tang didn't know that his apprentices were also planning to steal the ginseng fruit. Monk Tang said directly to the system, "System, how to open my thief mode? Let's make the best use of my time."

The system, ‘Okay, please be ready. I will now turn on the mode for you. But you must be careful. Although you cannot be found by others in the thief mode, it is still flawed!’

Monk Tang snapped, "What? There are flaws in it? What kind of flaws?"

The system, 'That is, the state of the thief mode has a time limit. Every time the state of the thief mode is turned on, it can only last for one hour, and the same Identified item can only be stolen every time in the state of the thief mode. If you take other pieces of stuff, your thief mode will immediately be turned off!’

Monk Tang froze and said, "what? Doesn't it mean that I can only steal the ginseng fruit and cannot steal other things?" Damn, when he heard the system say that it was so amazing. He was still thinking about the other treasures of Wuzhuang Temple. But his plan failed!

The system, ‘Yes, you can only shave wool on one sheep!’

Monk Tang, "..." what a vivid analogy…… The system is really naughty.

The system, "Host, now I will turn on the thief mode. Please confirm the target of stealing, the ginseng fruit. Duration is an hour, please work hard!"

As soon as the sound of the system wen away, Monk Tang's body in the room gradually faded away and then disappeared. Monk Tang had also a wonderful feeling. He felt that his state could pass through anything!

Thinking about it, Monk Tang put it into action immediately. Just by taking a step, he easily passed through the door without making any sound. Monk Tang said with joy, "Really!?"

Monk Tang glanced at the three apprentices who were whispering together, stepped forward, and passed directly through the body of the three. The three did not notice. Now Monk Tang was truly relieved, and then Monk Tang was out of the room, and then muddled, and said, "Oh God! Where is the ginseng fruit tree? I forgot to see it!"

The system prompts, ‘Host, you can perceive it carefully!’

Monk Tang concentrated on feeling something. And he had a feeling of emptiness lingering in his heart. Monk Tang rushed quickly according to the sensed direction, passing through houses and walls, and many enchantments. A few minutes later, he finally came outside a garden, this is the ginseng fruit garden.

Monk Tang smiled, but he didn't know what the ginseng fruit tree looked like? So he crossed the wall of the garden again.

"Damn, ginseng fruit tree?" Entering the garden, Monk Tang asked, looking at the empty garden.

The system, ‘what you ’re seeing now is a very clever camouflage spell. As long as you take one step forward, you can see the ginseng fruit tree!’

A camouflage spell? Suddenly it all makes sense. Monk Tang thought, stepping out. The scenery changed. The ginseng fruit garden was gone, and a huge empty world was displayed in front of Monk Tang. A tree was as high as hundreds of feet tall. Standing there, the emerald green brilliance filled the sky, and a scent of fragrance was uploaded from the tree!


Seeing this, Monk Tang swallowed, "System, this is the ginseng fruit tree?" Damn, it's too big. This ginseng fruit tree is beyond his imagination. Every leaf is like a plain, where horses can race on. People standing under the ginseng fruit tree were like ants.

The system, ‘Yes, this is the ginseng fruit tree. Host, you don’t have enough time for now. it is not the time to be surprised!’

"Yes, yes!" Monk Tang nodded, "Stealing ginseng fruit is the most important thing!"

Monk Tang moved quickly and came under the ginseng fruit tree. Monk Tang realized the hugeness of the ginseng fruit tree and his smallness.

This ginseng fruit has many branches and lush leafy, and each leaf is carved like a jasper, exuding precious light. Not to mention ginseng fruit, the leaves of this ginseng fruit tree are also rare treasures.

Monk Tang looked up and could see these ginseng fruits like sleeping babies. They were as bright as jade, dazzling fairy light. And the fairy light was too heavy, turning into countless fairy rotating with ginseng fruit, singing fairy sounds ... these fairies are singing to these ginseng fruits!

The picture is so extraordinary that it is the divine root of heaven and earth!

But Monk Tang had some worries for a while because the ginseng fruit tree was huge, and the ginseng fruit was huge, like a small planet. how can he steal and take them away? These big ginseng fruits could crush him!

"System, why is this ginseng fruit so big, and how to steal it? What I got in the room is fake?" Monk Tang asked.