Chapter 73 The Caohuan Pellet

The boy held the tray in his hand, and when he entered the house, he looked at the crowd with disdain, and then looked at the vegetarian food that was almost motionless on the table, and said, "Why? Do you like vegetarian food? Since you don’t eat it, then let it be. Sister, let’s take it to feed our dogs later! "

"Yes, brother!" The girl smiled grinningly, "what a waste of these dishes!"

Taking it to feed their dog? Damn, the kid even said that they were dogs. No, it was worse than scolding them!

Everyone was in anger, and even Monk Tang was no exception. They were about to teach them a lesson. At this moment, in terms of tasks and EXP kind of thing, Monk Tang was all left behind!

However, Monk Tang and others stopped as soon as they smelled a kind of aroma!

It turned out that the boy recovered the red cloth, exposing what was under it. A fruit was like a baby in the size of a fist. The fruit was like a translucent jade. And the fairy aura was surrounded it, which turned into many small lifelike fairies flying around the fruit. And the aroma was filled the whole house the moment it appeared.

"Monk, how blessed you are!" The boy looked proudly at Monk Tang and said, "This is my master, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, rewards you with a ginseng fruit. Take it well!"

Seeing the fruit of life, Monk Tang's eyes were bright. Regardless of Kid's bad attitude, he hurriedly took the plate and said, "I would like to thank Zhenyuan Great Fairy!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you, get a ginseng fruit, and reward you 10000 EXP points! ‘Suddenly, the moment the Monk Tang took the ginseng, the system beep sounded in Monk Tang ’s mind.

Hearing the system's beep, Monk Tang asked, "System, can you still get EXP?"

‘Yes, you, as long as you get a ginseng fruit, he can get 10,000 EXP rewards! ’

Then, Monk Tang understood and nodded slightly, looking forward more to getting ginseng fruit, then opened the character panel and checked his current status,

Host, Monk Tang

Occupation, Monk (sutras seeker)

Level, 11

EXP, 10280/10240

Deputy position, master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills, Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props, Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (Fake)

After gaining a ginseng fruit, his EXP just enough for him to upgrade, but Monk Tang thought about it and decided not to upgrade at once.

The girl said nothing but watched her brother when she entered the door. She wanted to watch how her brother teased these people.

"Treasure it well, the ginseng fruit can't be eaten by ordinary people!" The boy saw Monk Tang holding the tray, his eyes flashed with extreme disdain, and said lightly.

"Kid, why is there only one ginseng fruit? Where is mine?" Pigsy's voice sounded at this moment.

"Is there one more for me?" Wukong said, smelling the scent, he also swallowed a bit of saliva. He had eaten the peach in heaven, but he had not eaten ginseng fruit. He doesn’t know what it tastes like!

"Yes, little Almsgiver, please share me one!" Sandy said and was eager.

All three are not ordinary people. Although they have not eaten, they all know what ginseng fruit is, and they will definitely not miss such a good thing!

The ginseng fruit is also called the Caohuan Pellet, which is the fruit in the ginseng fruit trees. And those trees grow up from divine roots in ancient chaotic times, which bloom only once every 3,000 years and bear fruit every 3,000 years. And it spends another 3,000 years for the ginseng fruit to get ripen. There are only 30 ginseng fruits in 10,000 years. For ordinary people, as long as you smell the ginseng fruit, you can live for three hundred and sixty years old; as long as you eat a ginseng fruit, you can live for 47,000 years. It is definitely a good thing.

The boy laughed suddenly, scornfully and dismissively saying, "What do you think the ginseng fruit is? The ordinary fruit? Just you, the three of ruffians, want to eat it? Are you qualified enough to take one bit?"

"Kid, what did you say? Don't think I really dare not hit you!" Sun Wukong exasperated.

"Huh, this kid really needs to be punched!" Said Pigsy.

The boy was unafraid, glanced at Monk Tang, and then dismissed, "I don’t believe that my master will give this monk a ginseng fruit with mercy. I really do not know how many years you’ve been a blessing. As for three of you? You just wait for your next life to eat the ginseng fruit. Let ’s go!”

Then his small sleeves were thrown away, the boy went out first, and the girl kept up. Of course, she also took away vegetarian food on the table... to feed the dog!

"Hmm ..."

Sun Wukong trembled with rage and fulminated with anger, scratching his head over and over again, looking at Monk Tang, "Master, aren't you angry?"

Pigsy also fulminated with anger with the white smoke out from his round nostrils, saying, "Yeah, Master, how can you not be angry? You are really not a common person!"

"Angry? Why are you angry. It was useful?" Monk Tang said, of course, Monk Tang just pretend not to be furious. In fact, he incensed that literally coughed up blood under his face. Later, he calmed down because he thought that he will steal ginseng fruit for a while. Looking at the back of the two Daotongs leaving, his eyes were cold like ices.

However, Monk Tang has decided to steal the ginseng fruit soon, but as for how to steal it, he had no idea. The ginseng fruit tree is one of Zhenyuanzi 's favorite treasures. He should protect it well. If anyone can get close to it, the tree might be moved away.

Hearing words from Monk Tang, Sun Wukong was scratching his cheeks again, and he felt that his temperament was really good!

Monk Tang ignores Sun Wukong and others, but talked to the system in his head, " System, you asked me to steal the ginseng fruit, but how can I steal it? Zhenyuanzi must have taken considerable protection measures? "

The system said, “Yes, he did. Zhenyuanzi arranged many forbidden enchantments around the ginseng fruit tree. Without a corresponding spell, no one can approach the ginseng fruit tree. The person who touches the enchantments is basically dead!!’

Monk Tang sweated and angrily asked, "what the hell? Then you still let me steal? Are you trying to kill me?" Damn, thank God. I talked with the system, otherwise, I would die but I don’t know how to die!

The system, ‘do not be angry. Since this mission was published, there is a way for you to complete the task!’

Monk Tang smiled and said, "What's it? Come on, I find you are a very naughty system!"

The system, '...'

The system, ‘Host, you first find a place where no one is. I will open your ‘thief mode’ for you. In the state of stealing, you are an omnipotent thief. You can ignore all forbidden enchantments and steal regardless of space. And no one will be able to discover your actions!’

"What the hell, how amazing!" Monk Tang was shocked but more surprised. and after saying goodnight to Sun Wukong and others. Monk Tang took the ginseng fruit into his room.