Chapter 71 Tired Their Best

"Bang!" Watching Monk Tang and others go away again, one of the women stood up and kicked the laundry tub in front of her, and the clothes and water inside were flying away. She angrily said: "Running away again?"

Of course, the clothes and water are all changed by their mana. After those items hitting on the ground, they changed into a light and disappeared!

"They can't run away!" Another woman said angrily. After she stood up, she and other women disappeared with a wave of her hand.

Monk Tang and his apprentices ran fast all the way, and then a manor appeared in the middle of the way. This time Monk Tang didn't call Sun Wukong to look it, knowing that it must have been the tricks of the four Bodhisattvas. Monk Tang's face was gloomy, saying: " Again?"

What are they thinking about? How stupid they are? Monk Tang did not know how to describe them!

Monk Tang said weakly, "Let's go, let's get around!"

Wow ... the sound of playing in the water came from the manor, Monk Tang asked, "Wukong, what are they doing?"

"Master, they are taking a bath!" Sun Wukong said with a glance at the manor.

"Bath? Without any cloth?" Monk Tang opened his mouth wide!

"Well, they are almost like wearing nothing!" Sun Wukong nodded and held Pigsy's ears at the same time, preventing him from leaving!

Monk Tang looked up and shook his head! What else can Monk Tang say? The four are really tried their best to get them fooled, but they really should feel sorry for their IQ!

Again? Again? Again? And again? Can't they change the pattern?

Then he rides on the White Horse, Shi Ran took three apprentices from not far from the edge of the manor and even didn’t looked at them. He was afraid of having needles eyes.

Going around again, all four of Guanyin Bodhisattva are frozen at this time, and then Lingji Bodhisattva is completely furious, pointing at Manjushri Bodhisattva and saying: "Manjushri, this is your plan, haha! What a good plan. We have wasted the opportunity that our Buddha gave to us. I should see how you explain it to our Buddha. I will not play with you. I will go. "

He Said so and turned into a streak of light and disappeared!

Guanyin and Samantabhadra looked at each other and they were unwilling, but they shook their heads and was gone!

Only Manjushri was left alone in the manor. It took a long that he gets back and yelled, "Ah ... the Golden Cicada X! Sun Wukong! You! Wait for me! I will return what you did to me today! "The plumes of black smoke lingered on the Manjushri!

With a bang, there was a big bang here, within a dozen miles of the manor and surrounding afforestation all disappeared, leaving only a huge pit there!

Monk Tang and his apprentices, who had walked out of the tens of miles, were shocked when they heard the yelling and the huge explosion. When he looked back, he saw a huge mushroom cloud rising slowly.

"Wow, the Bodhisattva is really mad!" Monk Tang grinned.

Then Monk Tang's eyes turned and said relieved: "Go, let's go back, we don't have to go around. All of them should go!"

"Hey, I see!" Sun Wukong was also smirking, feeling that the Master was too cunning. And just a few detours would make the Bodhisattva almost crazy!

When they got back and was the big pit, Monk Tang laughed even more, and then told Sun Wukong to get a huge rock. Monk Tang left with a few big characters on the rock before leaving. The glittering big characters shining on the rocks in the sunshine which are “it’s a place where the four bodhisattvas were bathing together. Remember that washing makes you healthier!

(ps:" Washing yourself makes you healthier” is an advertising word of a genital-detergent product. Increasing netizens use it as a cyberspeak to mock others that they should wash out their dirty thoughts. )


The days of the manifestation of the Four Bodhisattvas have passed for a while, and the journey westward this time is quite smooth. Except that no goblins jumped out for Monk Tang to kill, he held that everything was very beautiful.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host. You have arrived at Wuzhuangguan, the site of Zhenyuan Great Fairy. Now you got a new mission, which is stealing ginseng fruits. If you successfully stealing a ginseng fruit, and you will be rewarded for 10,000 points of EXP. '

On this day Monk Tang was walking on the road, admiring the ancient scenery along the way. And he was suddenly startled by the system prompt.

"Are we arriving at Wuzhuang Temple?" Monk Tang thought and tapping his fluttering heart.

After taking a look at the newly released mission from the system, Monk Tang frowned. It was no problem to get ginseng fruits, but it was an extremely dangerous mission. Zhenyuan Great Fairy is not easy to get along with.

In the original book, Sun Wukong was in trouble. In the end, Guanyin Bodhisattva came forward and settled down. But here, Monk Tang was huh........ and Guanyin is not kind and virtuous character! It is good if she doesn’t set any trap for them.

Therefore, this task is no different from sending them to hell. There may be no one here to help them!

But it can be refused? No, what he lacks now is the EXP points of the upgrade. Ten thousand EXP points for a ginseng fruit. He didn't want to miss the opportunity. People won’t be rich without a sudden wealth, and horses won’t be fat without night grass. (ps: it’s a proverb)  So, eventually, Monk Tang gritted his teeth and decided to take a risk. He thought he could steal in Wuzhuang Temple, and then run away while Zhen Yuanzi wasn’t there!

In the thoughts, a mountain surrounded by fairy aura appeared in front of them, and a huge Taoist temple was located on the mountain peak, which is exactly the Wuzhuang Temple.

"Master, there is a Taoist temple in front. Are we going to take a rest?" Pigsy looked at Monk Tang pitifully. Last time they passed by the manor three times, Pigsy still remembered it. He was afraid that that Monk Tang disagrees with him again!

"Well, of course! We will" Monk Tang nodded, how to complete the task without entering!

"Hey, I know Master you are the best!" Pigsy heard it, smiled, and came over to lead Monk Tang' horse, patted the horse.

Soon, everyone came to the front door of Taoist Temple.

"Wuzhuang Temple? Isn't this the old man, Zhen Yuanzi? We are here now!" Sun Wukong said looking at the name on the plaque.


The door of Taoist Temple opened rumblingly before Sun Wukong's words finished, and a pair of eight- or nine-year-old boy and girl came from inside.

"Who is calling my fairy’s name? Don't know if you should pay respect to Zhenyuan Great Fairy?" The boy spoke first, looked up at the sky, and looked at them with his nostrils.

What? What is your attitude? Sun Wukong was immediately angry. When was he treated with like this?

"Little Daoist, what's your attitude? Didn't Zhen Yuanzi teach you how to be decent human?" Sun Wukong was exasperated.

However, what makes Sun Wukong even angrier is that the boy and the girl did not even care about him. After glanced at everyone with disdainful eyes, the boy said lightly, "You are the sutras seeker?"

Monk Tang also has such a nasty look. The blue veins on his forehead jumped up. Damn, he almost didn't hold back and hit them directly, but finally held back. The most important thing was to get inside to complete the task. It's impossible to go in if they started a fight!

When Monk Tang held back, he also spoke to Sun Wukong in a secret way by his mana: "Wukong, forbearance!!"

Hearing the message from Monk Tang, Sun Wukong's blasted hair slowly fell back, his eyes closed, and he didn't look at the boy and the girl!