Chapter 70 This Dead Pig Runs Faster Than Anyone Else

It's Monk Tang's idea that if they can’t fight with them directly, they are able to leave them alone. So Monk Tang didn't plan to enter the manor in front of him, so he got on the back of the white dragon and horse and was ready to turn around and leave.

But just as they were about to leave, the woman's laughing voice came out from the manor, and the voice was so crisp and charming.

"Hee hee, haha, sister, come over and grab me, I'm here!"

"Yeah, don't touch my there, it's so itchy, hee hee ..."

"Wow, sister, your 'this' is so white, so big, so soft, let me touch it!"


Monk Tang's face changed: Damn, is this seductive? Are you Naruto?

"Go, let’s go. Leave here!" Monk Tang looked ugly, and immediately said so, urging White Dragon Horse!

But when White Dragon Horse was about to be urged by him, Monk Tang knew it: what the hell? This damn hog was really hooked by them!

As soon as the voice sounded, Pigsy's eyes turned into a pair of peach hearts, and he lay on the wall of the manor, looking inside, and kept drooling, and said, "Wow, what a beauty. Big beauty! Four big beauties! I want to sleep with ... what these long legs! Wow! Look at their high peaks, alas ... I can't stand it! "

Talking, Pigsy had already set up a high tent, and a deep pit had been pierced on the wall.

Monk Tang’s face went dark, and thought: what the hell, this dead pig is going to mess up my plan! And so he to said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, drag that dead pig back!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong replied and a flashing body appeared next to Pigsy, grabbing Pigsy's ear, and dragging him back.

"Oh, dead monkey, let it go. My ears are almost dragged off by you, it hurts me, let go of me, the four beauties are waiting for me. I have felt their very emptiness, loneliness, and coldness! They need me!"Said Pigsy yelled

Popped, Monk Tang slapped in his face, said: "Dead pig, shut up!" Damn, this dead fat pig really acts recklessly and blindly.

Pigsy was muddled by Monk Tang’s slap, but he was still yelling about sleeping thing, and then he said aggrieved, "Master, why did you slap me?"

"I didn’t hit you, I'm saving your life!" Monk Tang said, and then Monk Tang sent a secret message to Pigsy by his mana power.

After hearing the message from Monk Tang, lots of sweat rolled down from Pigsy's fat face. His face went white, and he hurriedly said, "Master, so what are we waiting for? Hurry up! Let’ go!"

But when they turned to Pigsy. He had run away without a trace!

Monk Tang: "..." Damn, this dead pig runs faster than anyone after knowing the danger here. This guy can't be trusted!

He was stunned by Pigsy's behavior, but Monk Tang quickly returned to his senses, urging White Dragon Horse to quickly leave here.

"Wukong, when you went to catch Pigsy, what did you see in the manor?" Riding on horseback, Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong who was next to him.

"Four women are dancing, but only one of them is a real woman. Tut-tut. Pigsy actually longs for men ... haha, he was funny! And those three are really trying their best, hahaha ..." Sun Wukong said and laughed.

Pigsy, who was running at the front, heard Sun Wukong's words, and his face suddenly went dark, barked, "Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, what kind of  Brother Monkey are you? Oh~no~ my reputation is completely ruined today! "

At this time, Sandy was running while quietly took out a small book and wrote: [Oh my god, what a shock! What a sunny thunder! I will be far away from the elder brother, he actually likes men, Pigsy likes men, Pigsy likes men, Pigsy likes men ...... I want to write it for N times!]

"Oh, damn it! Brother Sha, what are you writing? Don't write! Get rid of it! If you don't get rid of it, I will desperately fight with you!" Pigsy saw Sandy was writing, and he was not good at all. He almost spurted out blood and went crazy, trying to seize Sandy's small notebooks.

Monk Tang didn't bother Pigsy and Sandy. After hearing Sun Wukong's words, he frowned and asked, "Wukong, you say, there are three men and one woman in the manor, not two men and two women?"

(ps: Sun Wukong has a pair of golden eyes, which can tell the original body and evil aura of everyone, even though the person has changed his looks.)

"Yes, Master, they can confuse Pigsy, but they can't confuse me. Only Guanyin is a woman. Manjushri, Samantabhadra and Lingji Bodhisattva are all men. Oh, three men were more dancing more enchantingly than women. Master, you can Imagine it? Wtf, my golden eyes are almost blind! "Sun Wukong said.

Is Lingji Bodhisattva, not the Hostess of Li Mountain? Monk Tang heard it, and then sneered, and realized that Lingji Bodhisattva most likely came to avenge him.

In the manor yard, the four Bodhisattva laughed while dancing enchantingly, and they were so old. When they glanced Pigsy lying on the wall, the four of them were glad in their hearts. They were mostly successful.

However, at the next moment, the faces of the four Bodhisattva were going gloomy, and all of Monk Tang and his apprentices had gone far far away!

"No one?" Manjushri stared, his dance stiffened. what the hell? How is this possible?

"Then what?" Guanyin Bodhisattva snorted!

"Hum!" He heard it coldly, and said, "They can't be far away!" Then with a wave of the palm, the manor disappeared with them!

Monk Tang and others ran all the way. When Monk Tang felt almost tired, he stopped slowly, and his nervous feeling was slightly relaxed!

"Master, there's another manor in front of us!" However, just as he had just relaxed, Sandy's voice sounded!

"What, another one?" I heard it. Monk Tang froze, his heart tightened again. He looked at it, and it turned out that another huge manor was blocking the road. There were four beautiful women doing laundry in front of the door. Those women are beautiful but not enchanting. Everyone looks like a lady!

"Master, look at those beauties! Can I go for them this time? Let's pick one for each of us!" Pigsy's eyes became heart-shaped again, and his drool began to flow.

"Wukong, grab Pigsy. Don't let him move around. You take look at them!" Monk Tang said, feeling too coincident, why are they four more beauties!

This time Sun Wukong didn't answer immediately. After watching for a while, he said, "Master, those are the four Bodhisattva!"

Heard it Monk Tang thought and said, "Go! Let’s change our way! I still don't believe it!"

"Master? Are we leaving now? I..."

"Shut up! You ‘re a nerd! If you don't want to die, then listen to our Master!" Sun Wukong said loud to his ears while pulling one of Pigsy's ear.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...  Monkey! Let me go! It hurts!" Pigsy said, and then he took a look at the four beauties and followed his master!