Chapter 7 Monk Tang Fooled Wukong

After hundreds of rounds ofverbal battle with each other, and Monk Tang had dry mouth, finally believed that Sun Wukong could not come out. After the struggle just now, Sun Wukong should be very weak, not only impossible to come out, but also not even to stimulate bloody ferocious Qi in the body. His ability should be gone!

"Monkey Sun, if you beg me. Maybe I will let you out!" Monk Tang said, with a smile on the fancy and handsome face. The verbal battle just now can be said Monk Tang gained the upper hand!

"Huh, I never do that, you want me to beg me, you don't even think about it!" Sun Wukong heard this and said so.

"Oh, if you don't beg me, you’d never want to come out of The Five-Fingers Mountain, you will be suppressed forever and ever, are you willing to be suppressed all the time?" Monk Tang said.

"I ..."

"what, I ask whether you want to come out or not!" Monk Tang yelled.


"Then do you want to come out and find Tathagata and revenge?" Monk Tang asked again, and the momentum had begun to prevail!


"since then, don’t you beg me?" Monk Tang said.

"Yes ..." what the hell? Go to hell! Almost fooled, Sun Wukong thought.

"Who the hell are you? Do you say you can release me? Why do I believe you, if there is no special spell, no one can uncover the decree of Tathagata!" Sun Wukong said, his tone has softened and suppressed Five hundred years under The Five-Fingers Mountain is not so good, especially, Sun Wukong, this character is sly, he wouldn’t bear it!

What the hell, the monkey was right, he couldn’t release Sun Wukong without a spell!

That's the spelled decree of Tathagata. If it could be untied casually, Sun Wukong would have run out!

Without spell, this is a trap! What should do?

"You, System, come out, I don’t have a spell, how can I release Sun Wukong! I said a lot just now, let's talk about it, I'm here to complete the task! You must be responsible for it." Monk Tang said in his heart, and the system is like a little rogue.

System: "... take it easy, the spell is already prepared. As long as the host climbs to the top of the mountain and then chants the spell, you can break the spelled decree of Tathagata and release the demon king Sun Wukong, but the task is to let Sun Wukong be your apprentice, not let him go! "

Monk Tang's eyes light up when he hears it. It’s good to have a spell, but what the mission is Monk Tang naturally did not forget. At this time, it is pavement. Without a real tight-curse ring in his hand, Sun Wukong is definitely not so well controlled. Sun Wukong spontaneously promises to be his apprentice.

There was an extra message in Monk Tang's head, and naturally, it broke the Tathagata’s spelled decree.

After knowing the spell, Monk Tang's expression was as exciting as he could be, and he couldn't help asking: "System, did you made mistakes?"

System: ‘system goes nothing wrong! ’

With the spell in hand, Monk Tang was so full of energy that he said, "I, Monk Tang, am from the east ..."

"Hee! You're the sutras seeker? The one whose meat is worthy of being eating for immortal?" Monk Tang was interrupted by Sun Wukong before he finished speaking.

"If there is only one sutras seeker, it is me!" Monk Tang said.

Damn it, who said that Monk Tang can live forever with a bite of his flesh. This f**k definitely wants to push him to the tip of the wind. Monk Tang secretly vowed to find out that person and then teach the one.

"Oh, I'll trust you once! Come over now and let me go." Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang heard and thought Sun Wukong knew his existence, or that Monk Tang existed!

And this monkey is so cunning!

"Oh, not be so hurry!" Monk Tang grinned, "How can I guarantee that I will not be hurt after I release you? You just ate me with your mouth open and closed! I am a common person, and if you blow me I will be over! "

"Huh, okay, I swear in front of you, as long as you let me out, I will never hurt you. I do what I said, I never retract it!" Sun Wukong said.

"Don't be rush to do that, you can come out, but you have to promise me two things!" Monk Tang said, nervously, wondering if he could complete the task.

The ground is brown, without any vegetation, and it is desolate.

In the distance, a large mountain shaped like a palm stands on the brown ground. It is The Five-Fingers Mountain. When the Five-Fingers Mountain flashes a golden light from time to time, the Five-Fingers Mountain suddenly becomes like a golden Palm.

Monk Tang said there are two conditions, it was quiet for a while, and Sun Wukong made a sound after a long time.

"Two conditions? Haha, I was the first time I met someone who dared to negotiate with I. You said what you want, I would like to see those conditions Tang Monk of Tang Dynasty asks for!" Sun Wukong's voice came rumbling!

Monk Tang took a deep breath and said, "The first thing is that after I release you, I must protect my journey to the west!"

Sun Wukong didn't say anything.

When Monk Tang saw this, he didn't mind and Monk Tang went on to say, "The second is that you must respect me as a master and become my first apprentice. Take it easy, I won't let you follow me forever, nor make you respect me as Master after took the sutras in the west, if you don’t want me as a master, you can leave!”

"Hahaha ..." Suddenly Sun Wukong laughed, and the earth seemed to be shaking. "You, such monk, wishing to be my master, is stupid. Hum, the first condition I can promise reluctantly to make for you, but my master? you are not qualified! "

"Oh? Really, then there is no other way, then Almsgiver Sun, I quit, Amitabfa!" Monk Tang retreated and said that he was about to exit the space.

"Stop, you damn monk, can you change your terms?" Sun Wukong sees that Monk Tang was about to quit, he said in a hurry, because he didn't want to be suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain for one more second.

"No!" Monk Tang shook his head firmly. He had heard Sun Wukong's tone shows weakness. At this time, he must take advantage.

"Almsgiver Sun, the journey to the west, at most is more than ten years. For you, it’s in a blink of an eye, the time has passed. Almsgiver Sun, you think about it, this is a good deal! In the Five- Under Fingers Mountain, you have waited for five hundred years. Are you willing to pay for more than ten years or relatively ten years with freedom? "Monk Tang said, starting a fooling mode.

There was another silence under The Five-Fingers Mountain. Although Monk Tang was anxious inside, it was calm on his face. It was impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking. It seems he didn't care about what he said.