Chapter 69 Are You Naruto?

(ps: Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks to gain recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village.)

After eating, Monk Tang felt like he was alive. Of course, he didn' t eat alone. He cooked for Pigsy and Sandy with special food. Sun Wukong drank juice. Sandy ate the meal made by Monk Tang for the first time, so he almost swallowed his tongue. and he felt like he was eating pig food.

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang returned to the back of White Dragon Horse and waved his hand: "It's getting late, let's on the road!"

Because of the fierce fighting between Sun Wukong and Sandy in Running Sand River. Now the Running Sand River is in a state of no flowing. Although there is still water, it is very shallow. So they waded through the water.

It was another few days along the way. What made Monk Tang more depressing was that he didn't see any goblin. He didn't even get a bit of EXP points, so Monk Tang yelled: Goblins are all fucking dead?

However, Monk Tang thought and understood the reason. According to the original plot, it should be the plot that the marriage of gods was held. The four bodhisattvas manifested right now. How can goblins hang out in the neighborhood? 

In verity, another half a day passed away. A huge manor located in front of them!

Looking at this huge manor, Monk Tang did not move on but was thinking about how to get by it. In the original work, here are some troubles for Pigsy, and this guy suffered a little punishment.

The reason why Monk Tang stopped thinking is that although the main storyline of this world is the same as Journey to the West, what happened here has changed too much. Guanyin Bodhisattva is not a person of his side. She has deteriorated. If they get inside, it won't be as simple as a small punishment. So he never planned to enter the manor!

Monk Tang looked at the manor, and he had a feeling that a huge trap was waiting for them to jump inside.

What a murderous look!

Four big characters float on Monk Tang's mind!


Before Monk Tang and his three apprentices arrived here, a manor appeared out of nothing, and the four figures shrouded in the light of God also appeared in the manor. If Monk Tang saw these four people, he would recognize them. These four people happen to be the four Bodhisattvas.

They were Guanyin, Manjushri, Samantabhadra and Lingji Bodhisattva!

That's right. The team of the four Bodhisattvas doesn’t consist of the three Bodhisattva families and the Hostess of Li Mountain. The four Bodhisattvas is different from the four in the original!

After the emergence of the Four Bodhisattvas, Samantabhadra took the lead to say, "Guanyin, are you sure that the Golden Cicada X will pass through here?"

"Well, sure enough. Here is the only way to go to the West. When Monk Tang and his three apprentices saw that the manor, they will definitely get into there, and as long as they enter, they will not escape!" Guanyin laughed, but his voice was cold. Alas.

"It's the best, but we need to think of a good reason to punish them. If we make a shot for no reason, it is difficult for us in the position of the Bodhisattva!" Samantabhadra said.

"It's a piece of cake!" Manjushri said with a smile on his face. "We just need to change ourselves into four beautiful women to seduce them!"

"Oh? Does this method work? The Golden Cicada X is so abominable. Last time, he dared to humiliate me. I must have killed him myself!" Lingji Bodhisattva said with narrow eyes on his face. He felt angry when Monk Tang walked away in front of him, so he used some tricks to send the Hostess of Li Mountain away. He replaced her position, and wanted to avenge himself!

"Oh, Lingji, don't be angry, this Golden Cicada X can't escape this time, let's listen to Manjushri's plan first!" Guanyin laughed, she was very impressed by the wisdom of the Bodhisattva.

"Yes, haven't Manjushri helped you take away the Hostess of Li Mountain? Why don't you believe in the wisdom of Manjushri?" The Buddha said aside.

"No, I didn't mean that I just didn't want to waste my chance to play with those ... I got this opportunity only after playing games with them!" Lingji Bodhisattva heard it said immediately.

Manjushri opened his mouth at this time, saying, "Lingji, rest assured, I won't miss our opportunities. Among the Golden Cicada X group, the monkey is more difficult to deal with, and the rest are all It was very vulnerable. Although my Buddha gave us this opportunity, we couldn't do it directly. We had to find a reason, so I thought of a lure! "

"The weakest one in the Golden Cicada X’s group is Pigsy. This Pigsy is greedy and lazy. He is very lascivious. As long as we become beautiful women, Pigsy will definitely be hooked. As long as Pigsy dares to flirt with me or one of us, we can condemn them, and when we catch them, they will fight and fight......hum ... "

The Manjushri talked bluntly. In his discourse, he was somewhat afraid of Sun Wukong but totally dismissive of Monk Tang and others.

Guanyin Bodhisattva heard it. And he got a shining in his eye, and complimented him again and again: "Good plan, a good plan, it is indeed you, Manjushri."

The tributes to Manjushri are very useful. After all, they are all characters of the same level, but the ManjushriBodhisattva did not show his pride too much, and suddenly said: "the Golden Cicada X! They are coming!"

After saying that, he turned into a woman. The other three Bodhisattvas turned into women. And then they looked at each other with big smiles.

Each of the four women has its own advantages, but they are all peerless. They are very charming and sturdy, making people absolutely fascinated as soon as they see them. Some people, who are slightly impatient, will definitely become wolves instantly and throw them on them!


While Monk Tang was thinking about the manor, Sun Wukong and others also saw it.

"Where is this place?"

"How come there is such a big manor. At first glance, I knew they are rich people"

"Master, do we need to beg for alms? And take a break?"

The Sun Wukong four looked at the manor and started talking.

"No, let's get around!" Monk Tang heard it. Damn it! Can't you just leave us alone? Regardless of your conspiracy, what will you do to us if we don’t step on the road of the manor? We just don't! 

Sun Wukong heard it and muddled for a while, Pigsy and Sandy were puzzled. Didn't t they all go in their homes when they met Almsgivers? But they know who his mater is. If there is a house, he definitely won’t live in a tent. If there is a tent, he definitely won’t sleep without covers. Why did he do that? There is a huge and good manor.

Only Sun Wukong looked thoughtfully at Monk Tang's solemn expression and looked at the manor with golden lights in his eyes.

Monk Tang said and was going turn around and leave. At this time, the woman's laughter came from the manor. The voice was very charming.

Hearing this voice, Monk Tang's face changed: Damn, is this going on? Do you really want to play with me? Are you Naruto?


(ps: Naruto can change his body and has Seduction Skill. He can change himself to a woman to deal with enemies.)