Chapter 68 The Cowardly Pigsy

Monk Tang analyzed it in his heart. Of course, he did not plan to hide it. Instead, he told all his analysis to Pigsy and others, and it made Pigsy and others furious.

Pigsy barked, and both his pig ears are erected: "Woo-hoo, the damn Jade Emperor. He even does evil on me. I was totally loyal to heaven. If I knew it, I should have sent hundreds of soldiers to his heavenly court to smashes them into pebbles! "

Sandy nodded and said, "Elder Brother, you're right. You should do so."

Sun Wukong chuckled and said, "Yes, yes, I support you. Pigsy, Brother Sha. And you two should go to heaven to make big trouble there now, and I will fight with them along with you two."

As soon as Monk Tang heard it, it would be equivalent to delivering themselves to heaven. Sun Wukong is definitely the person who watches the fun and wants it becomes more chaotic. Monk Tang just was going to reprimand Sun Wukong, but Pigsy had cold feet there.

Pigsy's small eyes turned and said: "Well, it is not urgent. Let’s talk about it later. Wait for me. Sooner or later, I will make a mess in heaven!" Damn, the dead monkey,  if you want to go. You go then. You actually send me to go for death!

Monk Tang was speechless when he heard Pigsy's words. This guy is really a coward. But it's okay. It is unnecessary for him to say something.

At this time, Pigsy seemed to remember something and asked Monk Tang: "Master, you said that the Jade Emperor sent someone to kill Brother Sha to bury his secrets. Why didn't he send someone to kill me? He should do so, right? "

Heard it. Monk Tang sneered, and said, "Pigsy, you are really a pig. You really have a pig's brain. Are you sure that Jade Emperor did not want to kill you?"

A big question showed on Pigsy's face, Sun Wukong's eyes turned sneer. While Sandy rubbed his red hair, and took out his pen and wrote down something in his small book. He felt that when he met the Master and others, he had to remember more and more things ... he had to buy more small books.

"Ha? No, Master, I have been well in Gao Village. No one had ever wanted to kill me?" Pigsy scratched and scratched his pig's head and wondered, and the master said right. His own brain is really a pig brain.

"Well, let me remind you of something!" Monk Tang snorted and said, "Did you forget Cuilan?"

Pigsy took a bit of cold air after Monk Tang mentioned Cuilan. "Master, you said that the black gas entering Cuilan's body is the method that the emperor tries to kill me? What the hell? What an insidious the Jade Emperor. He wants me to die in happiness in pain! "

"Oh, you're not too stupid. Although you don't know who cast the curse in Cuilan's body, it absolutely is related to the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor obviously uses two different methods for you and Sha Wujing. He just wants you to die slowly, like boiling you in warm water ... fat pig! "Monk Tang grinned.

Monk Tang continued: "let put aside the person who cursed Cuilan, I was curious about the person who told Pigsy that I could save Cuilan. I also suspected that he arranged Wujing to wait for me here. Guess who this person will be? Wukong? Pigsy? "

Monk Tang is really curious. In the original book, this person, who did all the nice work is Guanyin Bodhisattva. But obviously this person would definitely not be Guanyin Bodhisattva. But the mystery man dares to help us, making a stand against Guanyin. Obviously the mystery man is also powerful. This may be his big backing, Monk Tang wants to hug him for thanking him, so it's important to know who he is!

Sun Wukong blinked. "I can't, but he should have no hostility towards us."

Pigsy also shook his head: "I don't know neither, but the mystery man is very strong. Even when I am the strongest, I should not be an opponent to the mystery man. He is definitely a powerful person!"

Monk Tang heard it with a bit of disappointment. He thought he could know some clues in the mouth of the two superb apprentices, but he didn't expect that they had no clue either. As for Sandy, huh ... his memory. Huh. Monk Tang doesn't expect to get any clues from him!!

"Master, elder brother, you're all right. But who can tell me, what's going on? I have to remember it all!" Sandy interjected, and he was confused.

Holding over Sandy's shoulder, Pigsy said, "Come here, I will give you a good explanation to indicate how the Jade Emperor is not a good guy, and how wise and brave I am. And how I found the conspiracy made by the Jade Emperor... "

Monk Tang shook his head when he saw it, and regardless of that Pigsy was on the side and added color and emphasis to Jade Emperor. It made Sandy hate the Jade Emperor more.

Instead, he meditated with his eyes closed, opening the system, and bring up the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 5400/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at the EXP that was enough to upgrade, Monk Tang said to the system: "System, I want to upgrade!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for one more level upgrade, EXP points do not meet the upgrade conditions, can not continue to upgrade! '


Before the prompt sounded, Monk Tang heard a buzzing sound in his ears, and suddenly felt himself much stronger.

The three people next to Monk Tang felt something. They all looked at Monk Tang. In the eyes of the three, Monk Tang turned into a black hole at this time. The energy in the heavens and earth was digging into Monk Tang's body, and Monk Tang's aura was steadily pulled up.

Sun Wukong is not surprised by it. It happened too many times. But Pigsy and Sandy are surprised. They were not like this when they were cultivating to breakthrough. They all have to prepare for it. But there was no sign of a breakthrough, of Monk Tang. And It was their first time to see it.

Pigsy opened his mouth wide, "Master, is this a breakthrough?"

Sandy also stared. "elder brother is right, Master broke through himself!"


Sun Wukong heard it aside and said, "Two nerds, there is nothing to make such a fuss about!"

He forgot that he was also muddled when he saw this situation!

The breakthrough was fast, Monk Tang opened his eyes soon, and then opened the character panel again:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 11

EXP: 280/10240

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

"Is it level 11?" Looking at the character panel Monk Tang smiled slightly, but the smile immediately stiffened on the face, because the after-effects of the upgrade occurred. Monk Tang felt extremely hungry once again. Fortunately, Monk Tang had prepared. He did not nearly starve himself like last time.