Chapter 67 The Common Goal of Sandy and Pigsy

Tut-tut!... The story on Pigsy also looks interesting.

"Pigsy, you can come out now!" Monk Tang shouted after seeing Sandy finish writing.

Shoop~ Before Tang finished his words, Pigsy appears next to Monk Tang.

"Huh? Pig? Elder brother? ... No, it’s you! Tianpeng, ah, Tianpeng, come on and die!" Sandy said. When he saw Pigsy, the first thing came to his mind is that his second brother was a pig, then he recognized Pigsy as Tianpeng Marshal. Thus he was enraged again!

When Monk Tang saw it and rubbed his forehead, he knew it was not that easy. Fortunately, Sandy' s seal was not removed, so he was immediately controlled. Monk Tang went up a big ear, Woo-hoo said: What do you think he is? Tianpeng Marshal is not your enemy! "Monk Tang pointed at his notebook and said to Sandy!

"Ah? Tianpeng is not my enemy. The Jade Emperor is it. I knew, hey? Who are you, this monk?" Sandy said.


Monk Tang: "..." Damn, I am so exhausted!

"I'm your master, good boy, I hope you don't forget it next time, otherwise, hey ... I'll eat boiled fish!" I reached out his hand and touched Sandy's red hair, and made a creepy smile at him.

Sandy heard what Monk Tang said, immediately feeling a big cold shiver, and squeezed out a smile: "I see, Master!"

Then, he immediately took out his small book and looked at the previous records, and then wrote again: [Monk Tang is my Master. It must not be forgotten. The Master laughed terribly. And he actually wanted to eat boiled fish. although I  don' t know what is boiled fish, I feel my body gets hot, so I don’t want to be eaten.]

Looking at Sandy did so, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, then looked at Pigsy and said, "Pigsy, why do you talk about your story? Why did you being degraded? Isn't it because you did bad things on Chang'e Goddess?"

"The Master really has your insight. Anything can't be hidden under your eyes. You really know the astronomy and the geography ...almost everything"

"that’s enough! Stop it! Pigsy is going to make superfluous words, and you should do it later. You first talk about why you were degraded to be a goblin?" Although Monk Tang felt that it was very cool to be farted by Pigsy, it is more interesting to understand the truth!

Pigsy heard it with a smile, and said, "Okay, let me tell you why I was degraded!"

Monk Tang asked, "not because of you drunk and did gross indecency on Chang'e Goddess?"

"Master, I wasn't doing it at the time!" Pigsy said.

"Haha, that means you really hope something went on that time?" Monk Tang heard it with a smile, this yellow pig is really dirty and bold!

Pigsy rubbed his big nose, and smiled at him, "Master, don't take it apart, Chang'e Goddess is so beautiful. Don't say that I want to flirt with her. I bet that all the men in heaven want to flirt with her. Her a pair of long legs, those two crisp peaks, alas ... but no one dares, I still had the courage. So I drank some wine that day and pretended to...... But ... Master, you guessed it what's going on when I went to her moon palace? "Pigsy said.

"wasn't someone already flirting with Chang'e?" Monk Tang guessed according to the routine.

"What? Master, how did you know that? Yes, when I found the Chang'e Goddess, I just saw someone was dally with Chang'e, and I was shocked at that time. and I wondered which buddy dare to do what I want to do? However, I was angry, Chang'e Goddess is my goddess in my life, only I can flirt with her. No one else could do that to her before I did it! "

 Pigsy's voice was full of anger!

"What's more hateful thing is that this guy didn't only talk to her. He started to take liberties with her! I was even angrier when I saw it. Even I didn't think about using my hands. I just wanted to flirt with her by means of my nice verbal. How dare he did that? "

"Then what?" Monk Tang asked, eating the cantaloupe seeds exchanged from the system mall. What the hell? Wasn't it the triangle love?

"Then? Then the guy did worse and even got took off his clothes. He dared to show his little bird in front of Chang'e. he wanted to force her. but how could it happened in my eyes? I immediately beat him, and then I became like this!” Pigsy said, throwing up his hands.

"Huh, is that guy the Jade Emperor?" Monk Tang spat out the melon seeds in his mouth and grunted coldly.

"no wonder master is master. You are right. That's the Jade Emperor. I didn't expect that the Jade Emperor was so shameless. He even had woven a plot to lay the sin AT my door. Cough ... although I wanted to do it too! However, Damn it, I don't accept it. I want to destroy the Jade Emperor! "Pigsy said.

"elder brother. You're right. I must kill the Jade Emperor!" Sandy interjected at this time.

"Brother Sha, we're all in the same boat, and we have a common goal this time!" Pigsy heard it, holding Sandy's hand, said tearfully.

"Huh!" Sandy nodded heavily.

Monk Tang was speechless at this: What is it? Is it a shared affliction? Why did they suddenly have a common topic and goal?

"Pigsy, you had been wronged, and the woman, I mean Chang'e Goddess, didn't stand up to speak for you? She watched the jade emperor hold the poop on your head?" Monk Tang asked, and thought that this Chang'e Goddes doesn't seem like a good guy?

"Yeah, I don't understand, even if she didn't speak for me, but at least I could say that I didn't tease her, but the day I was wronged and deprived of my military power and degraded to nothing. Chang'e Goddess didn't even speak one word and she also didn’t cry when I saw her. She just watched me captured by Jade Emperor! "

"It's so strange. No, I have to spend some time to find out why she did this to me!" Pigsy said.

"don’t be rash. Pigsy, can you talk about military power?" Monk Tang said, Monk Tang felt that there was something. Sandy also said that he heard “the military power” when the emperor was plotting with others?

"Master, let me tell you. It is a powerful thing. I thought that when I was in Heaven, I was Tianpeng Marshal, who was stationed on the riverbank of the Weak River, and there were millions of soldiers and generals under my hands. To be honest, as long as I gave them marching orders at the time, they would attack the heaven and they would not say anything, but at that time I had my total loyalty to the heaven! "

Pigsy snapped his belly and said very contentedly.

Hearing it, Monk Tang is clear. It seems that the Jade Emperor planned to bring disaster to Pigsy a long time ago, but it’s coincident that Pigsy found that the Jade Emperor was going to rape Chang'e Goddess and he was wronged. Or it was a conspiracy from beginning to end. The ultimate purpose of the Jade Emperor is to deprive Pigsy of his military power. Although Pigsy has no idea of rebellion, the Jade Emperor will never watch the military power in others!

He is also an emperor in heaven, and he must not allow those who are powerful with the military power to stand next to him!