Chapter 66 Sandy, A Warrior

Watching Sandy going into a violent state again, Monk Tang hurriedly said, "Wujing, don't be excited. Why not sit down and calm down your emotions? Tianpeng Marshal is not here. What are you so excited about?"

The nearby Sun Wukong rolled his eyes when he heard the words of Monk Tang, and thought: This Master is talking nonsense again, isn't Tianpeng far away!

Of course, Sun Wukong was just thinking about it. He also looked forward to what surprises Sandy can reveal!

Hearing Monk Tang's soft sound, Sha Wujing slowly calmed down, and then glanced at his small book. Yes, Sha Wujing first glanced at the small book, and then his eyes showed a sorrowful color. Hugging Monk Tang's thigh, he aggrieved and said, "Master, you have to find justice for me!"

When I saw Sandy looking at the small book, the corner of Monk Tang's mouth was drawn. Damn, Sandy absolutely forgot who he was just now, and glanced at the small book to know that he was his master, Monk Tang. And Monk Tang felt very upset !!

"Let's talk about it, what's going on, what a ‘beautiful’ or miserable story between you and Tianpeng Marshal. Oh, right. Do you remember what happened on that day?" Monk Tang said.

"Of course I remember, I will never forget it!" Sandy heard it with a stare and said fiercely.

Immediately, Sandy's eyes became blurred, recalling the events of that year. His sound was ethereal. When Monk Tang rolled his eyes, this sound was definitely suitable for telling ghost stories!

"At that time, I was also an official in Heaven. Although I was only a General Juanlian, which didn't seem to be very high, this position was very special. I directly contacted the supreme leader of Heaven, the Jade Emperor. So my further career was bright. But it didn' t come true that because of Tianpeng Marshal, I was dismissed from the world, and I became a fish goblin... "Sandy said.

Monk Tang held out a hand and said, "Stop, you said you were degraded because of Tianpeng Marshal? But how did I hear that you were degraded because you broke the glass candlestick?"


Sandy slammed his thigh and said, "Yes, Master is right, I was degraded because I broke the glass!"

"So what does this have to do with Tianpeng Marshal? Why do you hate the canopy so much? What did he do to you?" Monk Tang wondered, is there really something between Tianpeng Marshal and General Juanlian?

"Master, the reason why I broke that the glass candlestick was all his fault. If I did n' t hear it, I wouldn't t be afraid to smash the glass candlestick. Breaking the glass candlestick also a crime in Heaven. But it is not a felony. It is not enough to degrade me from Heaven. At most, it was enough to deduct some of my official salaries! "Sandy said.

Heard it, Monk Tang nodded, Sandy was right, what is the glass candlestick? It ' s just an oil lamp. If there are not 10,000 the glass candlesticks in the heavens, so there must be 8,000 ones, so breaking it is not a rare thing. It ' s a small punishment, but it ' s enough to reduce some of his salaries, but Sandy was degraded from Heaven to the human world.

In the previous life, Monk Tang read the original book and deemed that there was something wrong with it. His punishment was unfair. Sure enough, listening to Sha Wujing's own statement, there was big news hidden inside.

Monk Tang thought: It seems that what Sandy heard was a not simple thing!

The fire of gossip became more vigorous, and Tang asked, "Wujing, what have you heard that you should not hear?"

Sandy continued: "The other day I heard the Jade Emperor conspiring with someone to get rid of Tianpeng Marshal, and accused him of the indecency of Chang'e, and something about what kind of military power. I didn't hear it very clearly, because I was frightened at that time, and shattered the glass candlesticks! Master, you tell me that if I didn't hear something of Tianpeng Marshal, would I still have a bright future? "

Hearing Sandy say this, Monk Tang understands why the Jade Emperor devalued General Juanlian. He wanted to keep Sandy away from the crowd. No, the fairy crowd. He aimed at depriving Sandy’ chance from telling the secret. If he was the Jade Emperor, he will not only disparage Sandy but also kill him. Only the dead can keep secrets.

What the hell, what Monk Tang thought of it was suddenly shocked himself. Kill Sandy. He can think about. Why not the emperor never think of it? Monk Tang suddenly felt that he was getting closer and closer to the truth of the thing, and the Jade Emperor was not over by degrading Sandy! He didn’t stop it.

Degrading him to the human world is only the first step. Although he is a Jade Emperor in heaven, he cannot arbitrarily let a fairy official die. Moreover, Sandy had already been punished a little too much, and killing is going too far.

Therefore, the Jade Emperor did not intend to do it in heaven, but he first degraded Sandy, and then sent a kills to kill Sandy. This also explains why Sandy had nine assaults before and after. Sandy had no enemy before. And, he is still a poor man and loser. Who would want to kill him? And only the Jade Emperor will bury his secret and do so!

So Monk Tang analyzed all clues and said it again, which made Sun Wukong and Sandy stunned, even Pigsy was astonished, who was hiding in the dark place, but Pigsy remembers what Monk Tang said before and did not show him up!

"Huh, I knew that the old Jade Emperor was not a choir boy. He didn't expect he was so insidious!" Sun Wukong heard it.

Sandy heard it with a big mouth and asked, "Master, those who came to kill me were really sent by the Jade Emperor?"

"if there are no accidents, I think yes. You should think about who will kill you, and who has the power to send Buddhas, demons, ghosts, fairies to kill you. I can't think of anyone else, only the one who sits at the highest position in Heaven where the Jade Emperor is here! "Monk Tang said so.

"It... it... it means that Jade Emperor is my real enemy?" Sandy said.

"Yes, Jade Emperor is your enemy, rest assured, we will find him sooner or later to give him a reckoning. Hurry up, take out your small book and write it down. Tianpeng is not the one you need to kill but Jade Emperor is. The Jade Emperor is your real enemy. "Monk Tang said. Only when Sandy wrote it down, he could let Pigsy come out!

"Okay, you got it! My Master! I will write it down right this moment!" Sandy nodded, and then took out his small book and wrote:

How surprising! Today I was awakened by the Master. I almost kill...... I was suddenly awakened. I was completely shocked. I knew that the Jade Emperor actually sent someones to kill me. Jade Emperor was my enemy. Tianpeng is not, alas, I will not kill Tianpeng. I will kill the Jade Emperor. Kill the Jade Emperor, kill the Jade Emperor. Write the important thing for three times. This thing is very important, you must remember it!

Seeing Sandy write like this, Monk Tang was relieved, and finally, he could call Pigsy out!