Chapter 65 The Story of Sandy

After listening to Monk Tang, Pigsy continued to show bitter face, Sun Wukong snickered and laughed at him!

Monk Tang turned over trivial things and finally saw useful information:

[This morning, there was an immortal came my cave. I was very friendly to him, but somehow he killed me and was killed by me. Eating his immortal body and immortal soul, I remained his skull to do something. The immortal' s skull seems to be a better material for the refiner. What did I want to do with it? Why does this immortal have to kill me? Puzzled!

Another immortal came this morning. I was also very friendly to him. It seems that I have worked in heaven. I remember the immortal with a little impression, but who is he? I forgot, but this immortal is going to kill me too, this one also was eaten, remaining his skull, eh? It seems to have two immortal heads! Why did the immortal kill me? Still puzzled.


Today, I was having a meal. There are two Buddhas in my cave. Their heads were bare and so bright. The cave is illuminated. I wanted to invite them to dinner, but they suddenly shot at me to kill me. But they were beheaded and killed by me. Just to adding vegetables, the Buddha's meat was very fragrant. I remained the two skulls, the Buddha's skull seems to be a good thing for the refiner.


Today, I was taking a nap and remembering the things of Tianpeng, but a ghost suddenly emerged from the ground, which scared me. Damn, he wanted to kill me, was killed by me, and I devoured his body and his soul which were not delicious, and I will not eat them later. I remained his skull. The skull of the ghost immortal is also a good thing ...

Today, there was a goblin in my cave, saying that they wanted to take refuge in me. I was happy, and I was also going to have a younger demon bro. But when I was overjoyed, the goblins suddenly hit me, I spit at him and his head fell off. His head is also a good thing for the refiner ...]

Looking at several pages, it was all about Sandy's assassination, and Monk Tang was speechless. Why are so many people trying to kill him? Monk Tang raised a big question mark in his head and continued to read:

[Ah, there are so many skulls. Nine. What am I going to do with them? Just make a rosary! Oh, damn it, I don' t know how to do it? Forget it, shrink it and use it with a rope!]

Monk Tang glanced at the rosary hanging on Sandy's neck. Sure enough, there were nine skulls. Three skulls out of nine are white as jade and contained much immortal breath. Two are black as night like black crystal with ghost breath. Two are like forged by gold. If you listen carefully to them, you can found that the fact that there are Sanskrit chants in two golden rosaries, and the last two are grey with heavy demon breath.

Nine rosaries, just are those Buddha, immortal, ghost, demon who came to kill Sandy but were killed by Sandy!

Monk Tang continued to look, his eyes lit up:

[Today, another immortal appeared in front of me. He is so strong. I cannot tell whether he is a ghost, a demon, a fairy, or a Buddha. But this immortal tells me that let me wait for a monk from the Tang Land in Running Sand River and let him take me as hid apprentice and protect him to the west to seek sutras. It is a good thing for me. This is a very important thing. Must also focus on remembering, not forgetting.]

When he saw this note, Monk Tang knew that Sandy's mission that he has to receive him as his apprentice was about to be completed. Of course, the premise was to remind Sandy. Sandy obviously had forgotten it!

After that, there were a bunch of trivial things until the blank. What hasn’t been written on is what is happening now.

"Master, didn't mention it later? It can't prove my innocence?" Pigsy asked.

"No, just ask the goblin, but in order not to make him go crazy, Pigsy, you should hide it first, you will come out when I call you over!" Monk Tang heard it.

"Well, it seems I have to do this now!" Pigsy disappeared after a while!

After waiting a few more minutes, Sandy finally woke up again and said, "Hiss, it hurts, what's wrong with me? Where am I? How can I lie on the shore?"

"Hey, are you awake now?" Monk Tang greeted.

"You are? Why am I here? Why do I feel hurt?" Sandy asked Monk Tang when he saw it, but he did not go crazy because Pigsy was gone, and of course he had forgotten Monk Tang and Sun Wukong.

"Oh, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is I am the person you're waiting for!" Monk Tang grinned and then turned the notepad to the page where the mysterious man appeared.

Sandy took the notepad, glanced at it, and then immediately bowed down and said, "Master, finally, you are here now. I am waiting for you for a long time, please accept me as your apprentice!"

At the moment Sandy fell down, the system prompt sounded immediately:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission, apprentice Sandy, and reward you 500 points for EXP! '

Hearing this prompt Monk Tang was a joy immediately, haha 500EXP point is into his pocket. He can upgrade again!

However, Monk Tang did not rush to upgrade but said: "Okay, today you are my fourth apprentice, and your dharma name Wujing. You will be called Sha Wujing in the future. My name is Tang Sanzang, also called Monk Tang. You got a brother, Monkey Sun Wukong. here he is! "

"Haha, Brother Sha, hello!" Sun Wukong greeted with a smile, feeling that with this Brother, it will be more interesting in the future!

Sha Wujing buckled his head and said, "Thank you, Master. Hi, my Brother Monkey!"

At the same time, he took out a pen and wrote it down in his notebook: [Today, I worshiped Monk Tang as my master. Finally, the person came here. My master was called Monk Tang, also named Tang Sanzang, and my Brother Monkey was called Sun Wukong. I was given my name, Sha Wujing. This must not be forgotten and must be remembered.]

Monk Tang: ...

Sun Wukong: ...

Monk Tang continued: "You have a second brother named Pigsy, a pig demon, but he is not convenient for you to meet you now, and you also have another brother, oh, he is the one over there. The White Horse, who is eating grass, is your elder brother. He is in poor condition and it is not convenient to say hello to you. "

Sandy continues to write: [There is a second brother named Pigsy, a pig demon, and another brother is the White Horse. He is still grazing. It is very interesting, it must also be remembered, it must not be forgotten !!]

Monk Tang patted his forehead, and he felt tired. He seemed to have one more problem child in his team!

But this doesn't matter, because the gossip fire of Monk Tang has already been burned in his body, and his eyes asked brightly: "Wujing, now you can talk about it. Why do you hate Tianpeng Marshal so much?"

Grunt! Grunt!

Sandy heard it immediately sprayed white smoke on his nostrils, his eyes began to slowly turn red, and he was about to go crazy again.