Chapter 64 Sandy's Small Book

At this time, Sandy, who was fainted, woke up and said, "Hiss, it hurts. What's wrong with me? Where am I? How come I lie on the shore?"

Hearing Sandy's words, Monk Tang froze: what the hell, wouldn't Sandy be amnesiac by Sun Wukong?

"Hello, do you know who I am?" Monk Tang choked Sandy with his monk spade.

"Huh? Who dares to slap me? Alas? Monk? Where did the monk dare to punch me, believe it or not, I will eat you? Look at your delicate skin and tender meat, it should be delicious, but I have not eaten man for a long time! "Sandy was furious at first and drooled when she saw Monk Tang.

Monk Tang didn't care that Sandy was going to eat him this time, because Sandy may really have amnesia caused by Wukong!

Monk Tang pointed to Sun Wukong and said, "Hey, goblin, do you know this monkey?"

"Monkey? What monkey? Do you know him?" Sandy heard it and glanced at Sun Wukong, completely unknown.

"What about this pig?" Monk Tang pointed to Pigsy again.

"Pig? I don't know any pig ... Tianpeng Marshal? Ah ... Damn you! You can die now!!" Sandy heard it and glanced at Pigsy, just about to say he didn't know but said half of the words. His eyes turned red and murderous, and then he stood up and rushed towards Pigsy!

However, Sun Wukong was on the side and because of the sealed mana as soon as he got up he fell down. Bang!his head hit on the ground and fainted.

"Wukong, why did you do? Did he faint again? I have something to ask him!" Monk Tang stared at this.

"Master, I didn't do it on purpose, hehe ..." Sun Wukong smirked. He did it too much!

"Forget it, as long as he doesn't die! But the state of this goblin is very strange. he really doesn't remember us, but how does he remember Pigsy? Pigsy, quickly say it, what did you do to the General Juanlian?" Monk Tang heard it rolled his eyes.

"Master, you have wronged me, I don't know what happened to him, I have no resentment with Juanlian?" Pigsy extorted.

A few minutes later, Sandy woke up again and said, "Hiss, it hurts. What's wrong with me? Where am I? How can I lie on the shore?"

Monk Tang: "..." This fuck doesn't seem to be as simple as he doesn't remember anything, it's more like amnesia. He is like a fish with 8-second memory. No, how can he compete with fish? Monk Tang decided to make an experiment.

Monk Tang touched Sandy again with his monk spade and asked, "Hey, do you know who I am?"

"Huh? Who dares to slap me? Alas? Monk? Where did the monk dare to punch me, believe it or not, I will eat you? Look at your delicate skin and tender meat, it should be delicious, but I have not eaten man for a long time! " Sandy'  s reaction was even the same as what he said!

No need to try it, Monk Tang has cleared that Sandy has a memory problem, which is similar to the legendary goldfish with only 8 seconds of memory.

At this point, Sandy had scanned Sun Wukong and set her eyes on Pigsy's body again. Her eyes became red again, and the murderous Woo-hoo said: "Tianpeng Marshal, go to hell!"


With a loud noise, Sandy fainted again, but not by Sun Wukong, but by Pigsy. Seeing Monk Tang's gaze, he smirked a little: "Master, he was so scary, I didn't hold back, so I did it first! "

Monk Tang heard it, turning his eyelids silently, and glanced at Sandy who passed out, feeling that Sandy would not wake up for a while.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on the ground, and a book-like thing was found under Sandy's body. Picking it up, it was really a book, made of unknown animal skin, and it was not known to use paint. Written by: This important note.

Monk Tang's eyes widened: what the hell, is this really a notebook? !!

Monk Tang immediately opened the first page and read:

[Today is the first day that I have been degraded from heaven to become a fish goblin, but I have forgotten how long I have not eaten. Damn the fish body has caused me to have a memory problem, eh? Where we were just now?? What did I write just now?]

Seeing this, Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong and asked, "Wukong, what is the original body of the goblin?"

"Master, the body of the goblin is a big fish, a huge one!" Sun Wukong replied.

Monk Tang heard it and nodded. Sure enough, Sandy has a goldfish-like short memory, and after a certain period of time, he will forget everything, but Sandy is quite smart, knowing to record it in a notepad, Monk Tang continued to read:

[Ah, fortunately, I wrote it down. I am using a notebook to take notes. Alas, I remembered everything before I became goblin. I can remember everything at that time. But just in case, I will record important things. Right.

Ah, damn Tianpeng, I must remember him, if it is not because of him I will not become goblins, as it is today. Remember him, HE must be remembered, everything can be forgotten, but this thing must not be forgotten, and some related things must not be forgotten. When meeting the Tianpeng, I must kill him!]

After reading this, Monk Tang looked at Pigsy and said, "Pigsy, you said that you haven't done anything to Juanlian. Look at it, everything has been written it down in his small book!"


Pigsy also glanced at the notepad and said, "Master, I really can' t remember it. I'm sorry about him. But we have rarely met each other. How could I make me sorry for him? He is definitely wronging with me! "

Monk Tang asked, "Wait a minute, I'll read more to know has he recorded any bad things you did to him?"

Pigsy heard it with a bitter face: "Well, I also want to know, why does this guy hate me so much!"

Monk Tang read on:

[The thing about Tianpeng must not be forgotten. Every day when you get up and look at it, you can't forget what Tianpeng has done to you!]

Monk Tang: "..." Great grievance. But it' s not necessary to review it every day?

[Oops, I got up today and found that my previous memory was also blurred. Damn the fish body, but fortunately, the memory of the thing about the canopy is still fresh. You must remember that when you encounter the canopy, you must kill him, kill him, kill the Fucking one, remember important things three times!]

"Master, is there any record of what I did to him? I want to prove my innocence!" Pigsy asked.

"No, it seems that if we want to know what you have done to him, we just have to ask him and hope he doesn't forget. If he forgets, hehe ..." Monk Tang shook his head and turned a few pages. He found that these are basically all of them fragmentary meaningless things.