Chapter 63 Really?

After the raid, because of a bad mood, after eating a little simple lunch, the four people continued to go on the road. After half a day, they finally got out of the boundary of Yellow Wind Mountain, and the prompt for the completion of the system task sounded:

‘Congratulations to the host, complete the mission to cross Yellow Wind Mountain, and you earn 500 EXP points. '

After hearing the system's prompt tone, Monk Tang's mood improved again. After Monk Tang returned the windproof sand mask in system mall, he opened the character panel to check his current status:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 4900/5120

Deputy position: Master of Divine Focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

"it still needs 220 points to upgrade again? It ' s really getting harder and harder to upgrade, I don' t know how many EXP points will be rewarded for the next task, I hope it could help me to upgrade!" Looking at his accumulated EXP, Monk Tang thought in his mind.


They walked across the mountains and walked towards the west, all the way.

One day, a huge river blocked the way forward, and beside the river, there was a huge and worn-out stone monument with three words on it: Running Sand River!

"Have we finally arrived at Running Sand River? It looks like my small team is finally complete!"

Seeing this stone monument, Monk Tang said cheerfully.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you, who has arrived in the sand of 800 miles, and now there is released a new mission: Admit Sandy, and give him an EXP of 500. '

"500 points?" Monk Tang's eyes lit up. These five hundred points of EXP would be enough to upgrade him by one level!

Thinking of this, Monk Tang said, "wait!"

"Master, is there anything?" Sun Wukong asked in confusion, he and Pigsy stopped.

"I'm using my mana knowing that there are goblins in this river!" Monk Tang said with a serious expression.

"Are there goblins? What the hell ..." Pigsy heard it, and the nine-tooth rake appeared in his hands. Looking at the rushing river, I don't know why a hint of guilt touched my heart, Pigsy thought: Why do I feel guilty!

"Goblins?" Sun Wukong flashed a golden light in his hand, Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand, and his eyes were glaring with golden light.

"Wukong, you stir up this river with your Monkey King Bar, then goblins will appear!" Monk Tang pointed.

Heard it, Sun Wukong flew into the sky over the quicksand river, Monkey King Bar became thicker and longer, plunged into the river water, and then he stirred it up!

Wow ... the water flow hits the sky!

It didn't take long to stir, and “Bang” somewhere at the river was exploded. Whoosh!

A big-haired man with red hair, red beard, and a pale complexion flew out of the river and said angrily, "Fuck, who the hell is he using a stick to rub my ass?"

Thud, Thud!

heard that Monk Tang and Pigsy both laughed. The monkey hit it with a stick, and it was all right on him.

When this bearded goblins appeared angry with a roar, he also quickly glanced in all directions. Sun Wukong in the sky, Monk Tang on the shore, Pigsy and Little White Dragon were all seen by him, but this big beard goblins finally looked at Pigsy, his eyes turned red instantly, and his nostrils were spouting all-white gas.

Pigsy was stared at by this big-bearded goblins, and his heart suddenly burst into a sudden, what the hell, why the goblins stared at me, but I didn't pinch your ass!

"Wow, yeah, Tianpeng, you can die now!" The bearded goblins angered, and then stabbed Pigsy with a scepter as if there was a hateful thing with Pigsy!!

Monk Tang sees this for a while, this goblins is, of course, Sandy, undoubtedly, his previous life is General Juanlian, it is not surprising that he knew the Tianpeng Marshal, Pigsy, what makes Monk Tang do not understand is that these two people seem to have great hatred, Monk Tang Don't remember what happened to them?

When Monk Tang was in doubt, Sandy and Pigsy were already at war!

Sun Wukong flying in the air was muddled at this time. I thought this goblin would fight with him after he came out, but he didn' t even talk about it. He even started a war with Pigsy. Sun Wukong also encountered this for the first time. The situation, he also muddled, and he was helpless!

A flash, Sun Wukong appeared next to Monk Tang, scratching his head in depression, and asked, "Master, what's the situation?"

"You ask me, who do I ask to?" Monk Tang heard it spread his hands, there is no such plot in the original book!

"What about now? This goblin seems to really long to kill Pigsy," Sun Wukong said.

"Wukong, you can also take it. Capture this goblin for me. I just made fortune-telling again. This goblin is related to us, he should be my younger senior fellow apprentice, who is your younger brother." Monk Tang said.

"Okay!" Sun Wukong promised and immediately joined the battle.

Bang! Bang! Bang ...

After Sun Wukong joined, Sandy was blown away by Sun Wukong a few times, smashed into the quicksand river, and the earth was shaken.

Sun Wukong stared at the quicksand, then said to Monk Tang, "Master, this goblin is hidden!"

"Then hit him again till he is out!" Monk Tang said.

So Sun Wukong once again made the Monkey King Bar thicker and longer into the Liusha River. This time, the stir was even more severe. The river water rolled down to the shore and the river bed was exposed!

Whoosh, Sandy blasted Woo-hoo from the river again and said, "Fuck, who the hell is he hitting my ass with a stick?"

"Wow, Tianpeng, you can die now!" Sandy glanced once again in all directions, and saw Pigsy's eyes turn red again, running for Pigsy!

Sun Wukong: "..."

Pigsy: "..."

Monk Tang: "..."

What the hell? What is going on? The three are all muddled, so this scene feels so familiar?

This time without the guidance and command of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong needed just a moment. When Sandy moved, Sun Wukong also moved, and then Sandy was knocked off and captured. He came to Monk Tang and said, " Master, I'll catch him for you! "

"Good job!" Monk Tang nodded, and then looked at Sandy, who wasn't feeling Monk Tang properly.

"Pigsy, is there something between you and General Juanlian?" Monk Tang asked Pigsy.

"Hiss! Master, wouldn't you say this goblin is General Juanlian?" Hear itPigsy surprised.

"Well, this guy is indeed General Juanlian. Wouldn't you sleep with his wife? After he recognizes you, he lost his temper to you!" Sun Wukong squinted at Pigsy!

"Master, don't listen to the monkey talking nonsense, how could he has a wife   let me sleep with?" Pigsy gasped.

Monk Tang: "..." what the hell? Damn pig! Do you really want to sleep with his wife??????