Chapter 61 Not Blue Fire But Bold Gold Fire

In the Yellow Wind Mountain, the yellow wind and sand are overcast, covering hundreds of miles, the towering ancient trees are uprooted, the boulder is flying and disintegrating, and a doomsday scene. In the yellow sand storm, Monk Tang and his apprentices could not see where goblins are.

Soon, Monk Tang was furious, and said loudly to Wukong, "Wukong, give me your Monkey King Bar!"

Pigsy heard it next to him, he didn't know what Monk Tang is going to do and way he dared to want Monkey Wu Bar from Sun Wukong, and he wondered that could Monk Tang carry the bar with his small body?

Sun Wukong did not say anything and threw Monkey King Bar over to him. Sun Wukong knew that his Monkey King Bar could be used by Tang, and he also wanted to see what Monk Tang would do with Monkey King Bar!

The moment Monk Tang reached out and took it, Woo-hoo said, "I love you for ten thousand years, I love one g ... Ah, I love Gatling!"(“I love you for ten thousand years” is like a spell, which can summon the Monkey King Bar to take orders from the speller. It also happened in Chapter 29.)

Pigsy's mouth opened widely, what the hell? Who told me that weather I was dazzled or not? Why did a hard stick suddenly become soft? It's getting weird! How did it become new and strange stuff? What is this?

Sun Wukong was also stunned. I didn't see Monkey King Bar turn into such a weird movement.

Monk Tang, however, did not care what the two apprentices thought, and touched a golden yellow Gatling, and smiled, watching the sky full of yellow wind eyes and his eyes became extremely sharp, and then instilled mana into Monkey King Bar, and then he pulled the trigger.

"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da ..."

A dense rattling sounded, and a golden spark was ejected from the muzzle!

Monk Tang's excited bellowed: "Goblins! You are dead now! I shoot you, I shoot, I shoot, I shoot, shoot, shoot ..."

Heard it, Pigsy shuddered, he feel that his asshole was a little cold, thinking that how horrible the master was ...

Monk Tang strafed and soon got results, with a scream from the yellow sand storm!

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to you for killing goblins. Reward you 500 points of EXP! '

Monk Tang heard the system's system beep, thought: ha, I am really awesome!

A figure fell from the yellow wind. Monk Tang looked intently. It turned out to be a goblin with a tiger head. Isn't this a tiger pioneer in the battle? Monk Tang thought that this guy was really miserable. His body was sifted by Gatling. After falling off the ground, he totally became a huge leopard with red spots!!

Monk Tang continued to shoot, screams of screams continued to come from the yellow wind one after another, and the system's prompt sound continued to sound:

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '


Monk Tang was so cool, he felt he was full of adrenaline and shaking...

Sun Wukong and Pigsy looked at the buns. The Master felt awesome. Of course, although Sun Wukong had some buns, he did not forget the main thing to do. The eyes behind the glasses were exuding brilliant golden light, like two golden lights !!

"Goblins, watch out my bar!"

Suddenly Sun Wukong screamed, and then soared into the sky, beckoning and his Monkey King Bar changed to its original appearance, and then Wukong smashed into a yellow wind with his bar.

"Boom ..."

Another mountain was torn apart and the ground shook. It turned out that Sun Wukong discovered Demon of Yellow Wind's hiding place, and then suddenly rode out and hit The Demon of Yellow Wind seriously.

When Monk Tang was so pleased, he shouted, "Good job, Wukong, get that goblins for me, I end him myself!"

Pigsy was also cheered next to him, and said flatteringly, "Brother Monkey, you are really my hero..."

"Yes, Master!"

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Sun Wukong appeared next to the muddled Demon of Yellow Wind, and then stepped on the Demon of Yellow Wind. The Demon of Yellow Wind was full of footprints, of course. In the process of stepping on, Sun Wukong put a lot of seals and bans on Demon of Yellow Wind, so that The Demon of Yellow Wind can no longer become a black win and escape!


Sun Wukong threw the weak Demon of Yellow Wind in front of Monk Tang. At this time, the Demon of Yellow Wind was more embarrassing than before, especially the pale goose and yellow robes were all small eyes, apparently, he got lots of bullets in the yellow wind!

The Demon of Yellow Wind was captured, and his mana was sealed. Naturally, he could not cast any spells and magical powers. So, the yellow wind and sand storm quickly dissipated, and the sky was clear and clean again.

The Demon of Yellow Wind was caught, scared, without the previous arrogance, and said, "the monk from Tang Land, I ..."

"Why are you still saying? Goblins, you are dead now!" Monk Tang kept on, and a monk spade just smashed!


The monk spade smashed Demon of Yellow Wind's face at once. His head was distorted but The Demon of Yellow Wind was not dead, just screaming!

"Ah ... dead bald donkey, you dare to fight to the death ..."

"What the hell, you dare to threaten me, you dare to fight? I dare to kill you!" Monk Tang heard it angrily, throwing monk spade once again, and the Demon of Yellow Wind rolled away on the ground!

"Ah ..." The Demon of Yellow Wind screamed even more.

Seeing that Monk Tang raised monk spade again, The Demon of Yellow Wind was afraid, and hurriedly Woo-hoo said: "the monk from Tang Land, you, you can't kill me, there is someone behind me." What the hell, Bodhisattva, if you don’t come out, I really going to be killed!

"Oops, there are people behind you? Why are you feel great that you got a patron? It doesn’t mean that you can do evil. If he rushes out fro you, I will still do what I’m going to do!" Monk Tang heard it even angrier, and this continuous monk spade fell Damn, you must kill him before the back of The Demon of Yellow Wind comes out!

"Bang! Bang! Bang ..." Blood flew and Monk Tang smashed him into a blood gourd.

Pigsy sighed coldly as he watched, and he felt hurt for Demon of Yellow Wind.

The Demon of Yellow Wind was crying and he was afraid, and he kept cursing: Bodhisattva, I really shouldn't promise you, if you don't come out again, I will curse you!

Monk Tang throbs monk spade again, thinking to give The Demon of Yellow Wind a final hit, but this is a golden light suddenly blooming in the sky, a figure shrouded in god light appears, at the same time a golden light strikes the monk of Monk Tang On the spade, let his attack go aside!

"The Golden Cicada X, show mercy!" The voice came from that figure!

Seeing this, Monk Tang scolded: Damn, it was almost done, what kind of people is with special effects this time!

At the same time, Monk Tang was merciless in his mouth, cursing: "Which bastard, dare to stop me from cutting off monsters?"

The people in gold light heard it, and his face suddenly turned dark, and the  gold light was gone: "It's me!"

"Oh, it 's Lingji Bodhisattva. What are you here coming for? I don't know what are you doing here?" Seeing the person's face, Monk Tang immediately recognized the person who he is.

Pigsy gave a thumbs-up to Monk Tang secretly: Master, good for you! You are to scold Lingji Bodhisattva!

The face of Lingji Bodhisattva was still black, and he didn't want to talk nonsense, and said directly: "I'm here for this yellow marten!"