Chapter 60 I Love You For 10,000 Years, I Love Gatling!

"No, it's goblins, protect our Master!" Sun Wukong yelled at the moment when The Demon of Yellow Wind appeared.

"Goblins? Where are they?" Pigsy's reaction was a little slow, but a flash of the nine-tooth rake appeared in Pigsy's hand, and powerful energy emanated from Pigsy's body.

Of course, if Pigsy's nine-tooth rake doesn't have that cute and funny face on it, then the picture will be better!

"Goblins! Go to die!" To say who was the first one found out that goblins, not Sun Wukong but Monk Tang because Wukong had already guarded against the emergence of Demon of Yellow Wind. And at the moment the yellow wind appeared, Monk Tang moved and opened his two too long legs to rush towards Demon of Yellow Wind, and at the same time the Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade was unfolded by Tang, and a huge Warrior Attendant ghost appeared behind Monk Tang!

Nine-Ring Monk Spade smashed out suddenly, that Warrior Attendant ghost image did the same movement!

"Bang ..."

Demon of Yellow Wind just reached out his head and then was smashed, and even his laughter was interrupted!

"Ah ... how abominable!" A scream came out of Huang Feng, and the head that had just popped up turned into Huang Feng again and disappeared. When Huang Feng disappeared, Demon of Yellow Wind billowed and the spirit was dazzling.

"What the hell, such fierce!" Pigsy saw Monk Tang slamming his monk spade and hit goblins, and he was shocked. In Pigsy's opinion, Monk Tang was too fierce, and he was the one, whose image is the little monk with white skin!

It is not the first time for Sun Wukong to see this picture. He has seen scenes of Monk Tang hunting down plenty of goblins!

"Wukong, Pigsy, that was the Demon of Yellow Wind, who the demon king here. Be careful of his wind, it's the Samadhi wind, and he can also make a sandstorm!" Monk Tang confronted Sun Wukong and Pigsy. Woo- hoo, at the same time monk spade fell out again!


The huge phantom of monk spade struck hundreds of meters above the yellow wind, and almost scattered the yellow wind!


The screams came again from the yellow wind, and the shadow of Demon of Yellow Wind was almost smashed out, but when Monk Tang was about to hit again, The Demon of Yellow Wind turned into a yellow wind and entered the ground and disappeared!!

Pigsy glared at this. Wow, so cool, he slapped at Monk Tang and said, "Master, you are so handsome, it's ultra cool!"

"Damn, don't make bullshit!" Sun Wukong heard it rolled his eyes, and the Monkey King Bar in his hand quickly grew large, and then fell down fiercely.

"Booming ..."

A mountain in front was suddenly smashed and fell apart, and Sun Wukong knew that there is evil air on that mountain!

Pigsy watched Sun Wukong wreak havoc, his body was shaking with fat, he felt that the monkey was fiercer than his master, who was necessary to be a fart. Thus, he said: "what the hell, my monkey brother is really awesome, your choke must kill them all! "

Monk Tang heard it: The pig is really good at flattering, Monk Tang wonders if Pigsy was Tian-peng Marshal because of his flattering skill!

Although Sun Wukong was taken very well, he yelled, "Nerd, talk less and do more, you also do it!"

"yes, my Brother Monkey. You can wait to see it!" Pigsy immediately agreed, then raised his rake and ran towards a hill!

"Booming ..."

That hill was immediately divided into two!

"I # ¥% ... you are bullying, why don't you follow the routine?!"

A scream of fury came from afar, and The Demon of Yellow Wind reappeared, looking at the gray-headed and dirt-faced, a little bit embarrassed, but the yellow wind around him was even bigger and the yellow smoke billowed!

"Monkey Sun, you are doom to die!"

Demon of Yellow Wind, shouted, holding his bright Trident, and fought against Sun Wukong in the air, who is close to him!

"Oh ..." "Boom ..." "BangBang ..."

Sky battles, roaring, with cloud waves rolling. shocking waves rolling back and forth. rocks were cracking, and were hit into the sky in high altitudes!

"Boom ..."

Suddenly, Sun Wukong smashed The Demon of Yellow Wind from the sky and smashed on a mountain, and that mountain collapsed!

Monk Tang wanted to come forward and hit it one more time with his monk spade. Within a Bang voice, Demon of Yellow Wind's body burst, turning into the wind and disappeared. He appeared again, in the next second, he was already in another direction and rushed towards Monk Tang!

Demon of Yellow Wind, the brain is finally smart, and he has to pinch soft persimmon. (he has to bully the weak one.) He found that it is a bit silly to fight with Sun Wukong. He wanted to cry, he wanted to be smart right now more than ever!

"Hahaha ... you are the Golden Cicada X, a monk from the Tang Dynasty? I heard that I can live forever if I eat your meat? I need to tonify my brain ..." The Demon of Yellow Wind laughed and started at Monk Tang.

"Damn tonifying ..."

Monk Tang scolded, and at the same time the Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade unfolded, and he hit the Demon of Yellow Wind with his monk spade!


But this time it didn't work. It was blocked by the Trident of the Demon of Yellow Wind, and his arm was numb, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade almost came out. Monk Tang knew it instantly that the gap with Demon of Yellow Wind is still too wide, even he can swim in that wide gap. Tang felt a little upset. Sun Wukong pushed out the Demon of Yellow Wind as soon as he smashes on it. It is not that the Demon of Yellow Wind is weak but Sun Wukong is too strong!

The Trident of the Demon of Yellow Wind was stabbing to Monk Tang, Monk Tang could feel its sharpness, and goosebumps!


At this moment, a thick stick came across, and The Demon of Yellow Wind was suddenly knocked off. It was Sun Wukong who saved Monk Tang's life. Sun Wukong said: "Goblin! You are doom to be beaten! Watch out my bar! How dare you hurt my Master! "


The flying The Demon of Yellow Wind exploded again into the cloud and disappeared. This time, The Demon of Yellow Wind did not appear. Finally, it launched a big move, stirred up the savage wind, and rolled up the yellow sand storm.

"Woohoo ..."

The wind howls and the yellow sand is spreading all over the sky, and the countless sand grains hit the people along with the wind. Those sands can cause damage to people. If the sand runs into people’s eyes, it even hurt people to be blind.

At this moment, the windproof sand mask worked, and everyone with pure yellow light is safe, which was enclosing them in the middle. Although the light was weak, it was like an unbreakable fortress. Although the sandstorm was strong, it was nothing for them!!

"Haha, good stuff! My Master!" Sun Wukong smiled at this, he could feel the power of this yellow sand storm, but it was easily blocked out without any harm!

Monk Tang heard it: I'm not good stuff! The mask is!

The yellow wind and sand storm was getting more and more violent, the earth and rocks rolled. The towering trees were uprooted and the boulder flew up, and then all disintegrated, and those things became a part of the yellow wind and sand storm, and soon the world became too dark to see anything!

In addition, the energy of the world is disordered, and everyone is unable to perceive the demon power. It is even more difficult to feel where goblins are, let alone killing goblins!

Monk Tang angered and said, "Wukong gave me your Monkey King Bar!"

Monk Tang took the Monkey King Bar and immediately shouted, "I love you for ten thousand years, I love a g ... ah, I love Gatling!"