Chapter 6 Monk Tang Wrangled with Sun Wukong

The two-mile road is not too long, so Monk Tang rode the White Horse and soon came to the vicinity of The Five-Fingers Mountain. Just one step forward is the boundary of The Five-Fingers Mountain.

The reason for this is because there is a stele in front of Monk Tang that reads: The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Monk Tang looked up, then frowned. He didn't find any peaks in the front like palms. Although there were mountains, they were all very low, and there was no such momentum as the legendary The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Monk Tang had doubts in his heart, and then drove the White Horse forward, crossing the boundary of the stele!

With a buzz, Monk Tang immediately felt that the scenery in front of him changed, all the previous scenery disappeared, and the low hills disappeared. It is far away from a huge palm-shaped mountain stand between heaven and earth, suppressing everything and the heavens. The momentum passed violently from that mountain peak!

Xiu ...

At this time, the White Horse was sitting, with a hissing suddenly, and then stood up, Monk Tang was toppled to the ground all of a sudden, and the bones that fell were almost scattered, cursing: "Damn it, dead horse, you are Crazy, I should have killed you before I knew it! "

But the White Horse couldn't hear it. When Monk Tang was turned to the ground, it ran like crazy, as if it saw a very scary monster!

Monk Tang stood up, rubbing his almost broken back waist with his hands, while looking around, and suddenly felt a toothache!

Because I was attracted by the huge The Five-Fingers Mountain just now, so he hasn't found the surroundings yet, but at this time I can see clearly, all the surrounding scenes have changed, and great pressure is revealed in the air. Monk Tang feels stuffy in his chest for a while.

Looking back, the stele was gone, and the way in before was gone.

"What's going on? Am I in another space?" Monk Tang whispered to himself.


Then suddenly a roar came from the direction of The Five-Fingers Mountain, like a nuclear explosion!

With the roar, Monk Tang felt that the world was shaking violently as if the sky was sinking.

Monk Tang was unstable and fell to the ground again.

Looking up, the sky has now darkened, and countless black clouds are condensing, covering the sky!

Rumble ...

The huge and incomparable thunder dragons’ shuttle through the dark clouds, containing the energy of incomparable terror, just like the last days!

"Tathagata, you’re such despicable villain, I swear, I will kill you, I will, you will wait for me, I will not only kill you, but I will also wipe your West from heaven and earth, roar ... ... "

A roar louder than the thunder sounded, and with this sound, the murderous spirit soaring into the sky rose up and down from the five fingers and went straight to the thundercloud in the sky.

Boom, a big explosion in the void, and a huge mushroom cloud blooming in the void!

Seeing this, Monk Tang swallowed his mouth with a grunt ...

Rumble ...

The Five-Fingers Mountain shakes violently, then slowly begins to rise, as if growing!

"Tathagata, you can suppress me for five hundred years, but you can't trap me forever. I grandson will overturn your broken mountain today and give it to grand grandson ..."

The Five-Fingers Mountain slowly pulled up, and the sound followed, and the master of the sound came out, naturally, it was Sun Wukong, the demon king, suppressed five hundred under The Five-Fingers Mountain!

But this script is not right. Now Sun Wukong just wants to break the seal. It doesn't need him to save!

At this moment Monk Tang was muddled!

Monk Tang has a feeling that the repressed grandson monkey under The Five-Fingers Mountain is definitely more powerful and cruel than the monkey he remembers. The monstrous blood in that monkey’s eyes is so wicked that Monk Tang felt it scared. As if he saw the icy from that monkey’s eyes, which make Monk Tang shivered!

The Five-Fingers Mountain is slowly raised, the whole world is shaking as if to overturn!

Thunder clouds covered the sky, and thunder dragons passed through the clouds, and then roared and shot down towards The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Boom! boom! boom……

A huge cloud of mushrooms rose up with dazzling light!

Just when Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong, the demon king, would break out like this, suddenly the Buddha's horn that sounded through the heavens appeared!

Namo Amitabha!

On the top of the middle finger of The Five-Fingers Mountain, a golden light burst suddenly, a loud Buddha sign appeared, and a huge phantom appeared. Behind the phantom, there were countless large stars set against it, which shocked the whole universe.

Is that a shadow of Tathagata? Monk Tang saw this scene shaking in his bottom of the heart.

After Tathagata's shadow appeared, the shadow was murmured Buddhist words in his mouth, and a huge palm was shot down against The Five-Fingers Mountain.


With the fall of Tathagata's palm and the elevated The Five-Fingers Mountain, numerous cracks appeared and spread quickly to the entire world.

"Damn Tathagata ... I don't agree!"

With the fall of The Five-Fingers Mountain, Sun Wukong's voice with brutality and unwillingness was full of the whole valley.

But the Buddha's shadow didn't reply. After a huge palm was shot on the monkey, it disappeared!

Sun Wukong failed to break the seal and was still suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain. Monk Tang was relieved inexplicably to see this!

If Sun Wukong really breaks the seal, Monk Tang really doesn't know how to take Sun Wukong as an apprentice.

Sun Wukong was repressed, the thunderclouds disappeared, the sky was also brightened, and the cracks on the ground were quickly repaired. All this was done in a blink of an eye, just like a dream, but Monk Tang knew that it was all happening right now!

"Little bald donkey, com over there, come here!"

Sun Wukong's voice sounded abruptly in his mind. Monk Tang froze, knowing that Sun Wukong should have discovered him when he entered the boundary of The Five-Fingers Mountain, but he was just trying to break the seal and ignored him.

But then Monk Tang was a fire, cursing: "F**k, you dare to call me a dead monkey? don't want to be alive!"


Monk Tang's scolding sounded silent in the whole valley, and then the air was suppressed again.

Sun Wukong's violent voice sounded: "Dead bald donkey, what are you calling me? Dead monkey? Come here and let me eat you!"

After Monk Tang scolded that monkey, he was refreshed, but then he regretted it, but it was too late to regret it, and he put a bold face on it, and said, "Go to hell, Isn't it shameless if I do what you said? "

"Come here, let me eat you!" Sun Wukong roared again.

"nope, if you dare, you should come out!" Monk Tang stumped on his neck.

"Baldhead, you come here, I must eat you!" Sun Wukong roared.

"I won't go there; don’t you dare to come out!"

"Don’t you dare to come over!"

"Dead monkey, be careful, one day I will be your teacher (one day I will ‘f**k’ you)!" Amitabfa, it’s a sin. Isn’t My taste too strange?