Chapter 59 Master, You Are So Handsome!

When Monk Tang purchased four windproof sand masks from the system mall and was going to beat down the Demon of Yellow Wind, a shifty-eyed goblin paced back and forth in the cave in the depths of Yellow Wind Mountain, wearing gold armor and a pale goose yellow robe, hesitate on his face!

This person is a Demon of Yellow Wind, and he is wondering whether to start a war with Monk Tang and others. When Monk Tang and his team entered Yellow Wind Mountain, he knew it. To be honest, he really didn't want to fight with Monk Tang and his team. He knows that Sun Wukong and Pigsy are great in power!

According to his original idea, even if he wants to eat Monk Tang's meat, he won't start a war. but he has caused trouble. Someone threatened him by this opening to let him kill Monk Tang and others, otherwise, he would be taken away!

Succumbed to that man's intimidation, The Demon of Yellow Wind promised to fight with them, but he hesitated again when Monk Tang and others came, he did not know if he could kill them, and even if he can kill, he doesn't want to kill. He just wants to be a free king at Yellow Wind Mountain!

And just as he was in a tangle, a voice rang out abruptly in the cave, and a figure shrouded in divine light, said, "Demon of Yellow Wind, what are you still hesitating about? Monk Tang is here, as long as you can kill anyone of Monk Tang's masters and apprentices, what you have committed in the past can never be blamed, otherwise, I will only take you away now! "

Hearing this voice, The Demon of Yellow Wind stopped, his eyes flashed, his face flushed and said, "I'm thinking about how to kill all of Monk Tang and others, killing one is killing, killing everyone is also killing! Lord, why are you so anxious? "

The person in the god light heard it with a grin: "Oh, huh? Really? Then I wait for your success!"

"Okay, please wait for me!" The Demon of Yellow Wind Said. Although he was unwilling to do it in his heart, he could only surrender in the person because that man got his something in his hands. So he picked up his Trident around him, Just flew out of the cave!

In front of the goblins who were waiting outside, Woo-hoo said, "my boys, go with me, I will take you to catch Monk Tang so that you will all live forever!"

"Oh oh ... my King, good king!"

"Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo ... catch Monk Tang, eat his meat!"

The goblins yelled it with chaotic Woo-hoo.


Before the goblins' voices fell, The Demon of Yellow Wind burst into a yellow wind, rolled up all his goblins and disappeared!

When The Demon of Yellow Wind and others killed towards Monk Tang and others, the figure shrouded in the holy light also appeared outside the cave. Looking at the direction of The Demon of Yellow Wind disappearing, the obscure men or women's voices sounded with were cold and indistinct: "Huh, a mouse is a mouse, even if it becomes a demon king, it is still timid as a mouse!"

After all, the figure is slowly dissipating!


After confirming that the mask in hand is the wind-proof sand mask after the magic change, Monk Tang first brought himself a mask. Monk Tang wiped his bald head. He felt handsome now and wanted to get a mirror out to appreciate his handsomeness, but Monk Tang shook his head and gave up the idea. If he is dizzy because of his handsome look, can't he hit goblins?

After self-smelling in his heart, he shouted to Sun Wukong and Pigsy: "Wukong and Pigsy, come here, I want to give you a good thing!"

Hearing something good to gain, Pigsy's eyes were bright, fat fluttered, and flickering with big ears, he ran to Monk Tang, and just when he asked what things were, he saw a weird mask on Monk Tang's face. He exaggeratedly said, "Oh, what is this? Master, your old man is really handsome now. Except for you, the world is all gray and white, and you are cool right now! "

When Monk Tang heard Pigsy's words, he opened his mouth happily. Although he knew that Pigsy was exaggerated, he was so comfortable in his praise. Pigsy is a really flattering guy! He found that Pigsy's EQ was absolutely high, and he said cheerfully, "Haha, is it? I also feel that I am cool and handsome, I am afraid to look myself in the mirror!"

Talking, Monk Tang also glanced at Sun Wukong: Monkey, come on! I’m waiting for you to flatter me!

Of course, Sun Wukong definitely can't do a thing like that. He noticed Monk Tang's eyes, a scornful whisper, and whispered: "A sycophant with no shame, how can I have such Master and Brother? "

Although he whispered, none of their four people can be regarded as mortal now. They hear everything clearly. Pigsy and Monk Tang's expressions were instantly stunned.

Pigsy's EQ is indeed high, and she immediately began to divert from the topic and said: "Master, what good thing do you want to give us? Is that the one on your face? Although it is strange, it looks very handsome!"

"Oh, yes, this is called a windproof sand mask. I prepared one for each of you, and you will take it with you for a while. You can't take it off without my order!" Monk Tang grinned.

"Well, there is a mana ban on it?" Pigsy took the mask from Monk Tang's hand and immediately noticed the difference!

Speaking, he doesn’t need to teach them how to use it!

Sun Wukong felt a touch of surprise, but also took over the glasses, put on the mask in a similar way, although he did not feel very comfortable, he did not remove it away. Anyway, it does not affect anything.

Seeing that they both put on a windproof sand mask as he instructed, Sun Wukong was able to do so obediently, Monk Tang was still a little excited, which shows that his words have become more and more important in Sun Wukong's heart. Finally, Monk Tang took the last windshield and came to Little White Dragon, who had completely regarded himself as a horse.

Mana was instilled in the windproof sand mask, changing the shape as he wishes, and then he brought it to Little White Dragon. This guy still felt uncomfortable and snorted once. He didn't know when this guy can crack the seal. Monk Tang, I took a picture of Little White Dragon and thought so. He still felt that riding a dragon was more powerful. As long as he breaks the seal on him, Monk Tang can ride a real dragon. He desires to be a dragon knight whose determines has never changed!

And just after Monk Tang finished these, a loud laugh came: "Hahaha ..."

With the laughter, a yellow wind appeared hundreds of meters away from them!

He saw a shifty-eyed man, wearing a pale goose yellow robe that appeared out of nothing. At Monk Tang’s first glance, he knew that this mouse has cultivated into a goblin king. Naturally, this man was the Demon of Yellow Wind, who came to kill Monk Tang and his apprentices.