Chapter 58 Prepare to Defeat Demon of Yellow Wind

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, complete the mission to hold a wedding for Pigsy, and reward EXP 1000 points! '

When I heard that the reward was 1,000 points, Monk Tang was relieved and relieved. After messing around with him, he finally completed a novel wedding and then opened the task panel to see himself now. The status comes:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 2000/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures, the King Kong Spell of Exorcism with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (Cloak of the Justice), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

However, when he finished looking at the character panel and packed things, Monk Tang felt two "resentment" glances. Monk Tang looked down and turned out to be Sun Wukong and Little White Dragon. What? What's wrong?

Suddenly there was a thought in his mind, he knew it ... what the hell? Sun Wukong and Little White Dragon wouldn't be jealous because he didn’t sing to them?

Seeing it, Monk Tang is full of joy, he decided that I must find a chance to sing a song "Monkey Brother" to Sun Wukong to and a song named "White Dragon Horse" to Little White Dragon too!

At the end of the wedding, Monk Tang began to pack things and put back the stereo, projector, and car. Of course, the next time he wanted to buy the same product, there is no return, the same product can only be returned once!

After returning the goods, Monk Tang finally accumulated his EXP to 2900 points!


Pigsy and Gao Cuilan were just married, so they stayed in Gao Village for two more days before they hit the road.

" my husband, I don't know how long it will take you to come back, I will wait for you!" Outside Gao Village, Gao Cuilan looked at Pigsy with tears in her eyes and she was extremely sad. Pigsy's departure meant that she would be a grass widow for many years?

For her newly married, this is a bit unacceptable. Although she wants to follow them along, she couldn’t leave her reluctant family member, the more important thing is that she knows that it is more inappropriate for an ordinary woman to follow them to seek sutras!!

"my wife, wait for me. When Master seeks sutras and I will come back, we will have a group of pig babies!" Pigsy grabbed Gao Cuilan's hand and said affectionately, but he was extremely reluctant, but in order to repay Monk Tang's kindness to him, he had to put love thing aside!

Monk Tang looked at the picture of abusing the single by the two, and finally couldn't stand it anymore, and said, "Pigsy, you are really a pig!"

Pigsyheard it fainted: "..." Master, you are right, I am indeed a pig goblin!

Looking Pigsy was muddled, Monk Tang patted his forehead and said, "I mean, you can come back to see Cuilan anytime on the road to seek sutras. You have such a high level of power. It is a piece of cake for you to come and go. From Tang Land to Ling Mountain, that is eighteen thousand miles away. You can run a round trip with a meal! "

Pigsy heard it, said suddenly: "Master, aren't you saying that seek sutras will go to Ling Mountain step by step?"

"Damn, the master said that he had to walk to Ling Mountain step by step, but he did not say that we must follow him, we just need to protect his safety!" Sun Wukong can't stand it anymore.

"Ah ..." Pigsy gave a stunning expression this time!

Gao Cuilan was also laughing and laughing there, but she knew his ability. He could fly very far away in an instant when he drove the clouds and said, "My husband, I will wait for you to go home at night!"

Pigsy is also happy: "Hey, wife, wait for me at home!"

Hearing it, Gao Cuilan was shameless and said softly, "Well, I got it!"

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang felt a deep injury in his soft heart and regrets reminding Pigsy it.  Why not he just to let them go through the pain of lovesickness and let them know that they must not abuse the singles!


Leaving Gao Village, the four of the master and apprentice walked for four consecutive days. On this day, the four of the master and apprentice walked to a mountain. Monk Tang was about to prepare lunch. Suddenly, a yellow weird wind was seen in the mountains in front!!

Looking at the strange wind, a strange color flashed in Monk Tang's eyes, and he already knew where he and others had come. According to the description in the original book, they had arrived at Yellow Wind Mountain.

Sure enough, when he first thought, the sound of the system also sounded, confirming his thoughts:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you that you came to Yellow Wind Mountain, posting a new mission: Pass Yellow Wind Mountain safely, and reward EXP 500 points. '

After hearing the content of the mission, Monk Tang fell into thinking. The demon king of Yellow Wind Mountain is a yellow marten rat, cultivated into a demon at the foot of Ling Mountain. His power is high, especially his supernatural wind kind power. but in the original book, the monkey was beaten cruelly by rolling up the sky in his yellow wind with the sand storm.

Since Monk Tang already knows the Demon of Yellow Wind's ability, he can’t let it happen again. As a modern person, Monk Tang will not be restricted by thinking, so Monk Tang immediately thought of a solution when he turned his thoughts: "System, give me four special props that can block the storm of yellow wind!" Well, I want to defeat the Demon of Yellow Wind!

System: ‘Okay, the sand mask is already selected. Do you want to confirm your purchase? 250 EXP points each! '

Hearing it, Monk Tang just stared and asked, "what the hell, why is it so expensive?"

System: ‘You get what you pay for, what can a windshield that can block the sacred wind of Samadhi is not a general windshield mask. The sand of The Demon of Yellow Wind is very corrosive! '

Monk Tang pouted as if reluctantly said, "Okay, what you said makes sense, I bought it."

Saying it this way, in fact, he already thought about Yellow Wind Mountain and returned those!

‘Ding Dong, the purchase was successful, please check it! 'The sound of the system sounds.

The next moment, there are four more in Monk Tang's hands-mask-like things, this prop is like a gas mask!

That's right, the windproof sand mask that appeared in Monk Tang's hands is the same look of a gas mask, which is no different from that in film and television dramas.

Looking at the four windbreak sand masks, Monk Tang, he couldn't help but rip his lips and said, "System, are you kidding me? We are not engaged in counter-terrorism exercises, but why it more seems like we are going to engage in terrorist attacks. Why did you give me these things?"

System: ‘the system won't go wrong. You should carefully feel the mask in your hand! '

Heard it, Monk Tang stunned, and then he felt it carefully, and immediately a different feeling came through his arms. Although this mask is similar to the gas mask of his previous life, there is peculiar energy, mana flowing on this windproof sand mask? Monk Tang was startled, he felt the fluctuation of mana, stroked the palm of his hand, the information of windproof glasses appeared in his mind:

Item Name: Windbreak Sand Mask

Item Level: Five Grades