Chapter 57: Pigsy Carrying His Wife

Monk Tang was a little dazed when he heard Pigsy's words. Pigsy was grateful to him for understanding Monk Tang. Where did this guilt come from? Monk Tang really didn't understand it. Fortunately, Monk Tang couldn't understand it. If he did, he would throw the pill in his hands far away!

"Pigsy, get up, we are a family, don't regard me as an outsider, come, I will give you the same good thing!" Monk Tang began to try to win popular support ... win support from a pig. Reaching out a palm of a hand, the pills appeared in Pigsy's eyes.

Feeling the familiar power waves, Pigsy was excited: "Master, is this my power and a part of my soul?"

"Well, yes, when treating Cuilan, I also took out the soul and power you were sucked out, and now take it to restore your strength!" Monk Tang said.

"Master ..." Pigsy moved, swearing in his heart that he must be nice to his Master in the future, so he thought he will be less lazy!


The pill was swallowed by Pigsy, Pigsy's gray skin visibly became rosy and shiny, and then his body became obese like a balloon, with fat and big ears. Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, this is what Pigsy should look like!

When Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, the system prompt sounded, and a new task appeared, Monk Tang suddenly understood, there are other tasks in Gao Village?

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to you for breaking the spell in Gao Cuilan' s body, and now a new mission is released: holding a novel wedding for Pigsy and Gao Cuilan, the mission rewards EXP points 100-1000! '

When I knew that the reward of this mission had a maximum of 1000 points of EXP value, Monk Tang could not help but said: “what the hell?”. The EXP points of this mission were definitely higher than before. He must win this thousand EXP?!

With the thought in mind, he said to Pigsy who had recovered some strength: "Pigsy, now Cuilan's problems have been cured by me. What are you going to do next?"

Pigsy heard it for a moment, and then thought for a moment and said, "Master, I want to get married to Cuilan once in public. Although Cuilan and I already have been a husband and wife, there was an accident last time, so we haven’t finished all the wedding things, so I want to reset it, and then I can follow you to seek sutras without any regret. "

Monk Tang was happy when Pigsy said so, and said, "alright, you really need to re-schedule. Leave it to me, and I will give you and Cuilan a novel and unforgettable wedding!"

Pigsy blinked: "..." The monk helped to organize the wedding. Pigsy thought him is a bit unreliable, but seeing Monk Tang's cheerful look, Pigsy couldn't say anything!


In order to get 1000 points of EXP value, Monk Tang also racked his brains and bought many props in the system mall. Fortunately, Monk Tang found a special setting in the mall. Seven days after purchasing an item, A full refund can be made within this period, otherwise, Monk Tang really wants to give up this task, after all, in order to meet the 'novelty' condition, some props are necessary!

It took Monk Tang two days to plan the wedding, and it took another day to arrange everything needed for the wedding.

Monk Tang has never done wedding planning or never has gotten married, but he has definitely seen it before. Monk Tang has seen western weddings and Chinese weddings. Monk Tang has a Chinese-Western wedding. So, he planned to hold a different wedding combined with Asian and Western styles. Although it is nondescript, it is fine to make it newfangled!

The place to be married is not in the home away from the seniors, nor in Cloud Stacks Village, but Cloud Stacks Village was arranged as a wedding room by Monk Tang. Not to mention Cloud Stacks Village is also a blessed place. The mountains and rivers are beautiful. Gao Village in there looks better, to be honest. After the layout, it is even more beautiful.

In particular, Cloud Stacks Village has been specially treated by Monk Tang. Although it is still an ordinary place when viewed from the outside, the inside looks different after entering, and it can be said that it is a paradise!

In terms of the wedding ceremony, Monk Tang chose to hold it in the open air, held on a lawn outside Gao Village, and the scene was arranged by Monk Tang into a sea of ​​flowers. As long as someone was not allergic to pollen, the one will like this scene. And he paved the way with flowers where a pair of newcomers would walkthrough!

The most important thing about the wedding ceremony is to be lively, so Monk Tang asked the senior to invite everyone in Gao Village to attend their wedding.

Three days later, after everything was ready, the wedding was held as scheduled!

People in Gao Village heard that Ms. Gao and Pigsy were going to have a special 'marriage', so they all came here. When they heard that the marriage was not held in the house, they moved to the grass outside the village. They were surprised and very novel.

Afterward, everyone began to be surprised, because the scene was something they hadn't seen before. As for the refined audio electronics, the projector, they never have seen those in their lives. So, they looked at those for a long while.

Even Sun Wukong and Pigsy have seen many things before and they also muddled. They are stunned by the strange things that Monk Tang took out. The two of them really don't know those things. Why do the small boxes automatically make sounds? They obviously feel that there are no things like monsters in it, and it is made by ordinary metal!

What surprised them the most was the iron box with four wheels. It could run fast without being dragged by the horses. Although it was not as fast as Wukong and Pigsy, it ran much faster than ordinary horses!

The wedding ceremony had been done quickly after everyone saw something new and special.

The last wedding ended in a song sent by Monk Tang to Pigsy. Under this song, Pigsy carried Gao Cuilan towards their home, Cloud Stacks Village.

The name of this song is "Pigsy Carried His Wife"(Actually, it is a real song in China), which can be said to be very suitable. Of course, some of the lyrics in it have been deleted or replaced by Monk Tang:

They said that I was fat and fat, with a big belly and big ears.

But I was blessed.

I am beaming today,

Carrying my new wife,

Sing while walking,

Sing along, (haha ...).

Out of Gao Village,

Good scenery all the way,

Call my wife’s name, please listen to me.


When this song was sung to Pigsy, Pigsy was crying with excitement at the time. Although the lyrics were simple, it was easy to understand, and it was so fucking appropriate, Pigsy and others all hummed along!

That is, when everyone followed the chorus, the prompt to complete the task also appeared:

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