Chapter 56 Treating Ms. Gao

After entering Gao Cuilan's boudoir, after seeing Gao Cuilan, Monk Tang just felt his blood in his veins stretched out, and then he took a deep breath to back to normal.

At this moment there something indescribable ... and a series of words appeared in Monk Tang's mind.

However, it was even more surprising that when the woman saw him suddenly break into, not only without a little panic, but instead said calmly: "Master, you are finally here, and my flower fade away!"

Monk Tang swallowed: Damn it! I'm so awkward to see you like this, could you please……?

Monk Tang cleaned his throat and said: "Amitabfa, Almsgiver, I'm here to treat you!"

"Oh? You are here to treat me!? I got it!" Gao Cuilan said playfully.

Monk Tang's eyes widened: what the hell, don't take off your clothes without saying a word!

Monk Tang was furious: " Bitch, I'm here ..." A step came to Gao Cuilan, who was undressing and knocked her out with his one palm on the back neck of Gao Cuilan. Gao Cuilan's eyes rolled her eyes and passed out.

Monk Tang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and glanced at Gao Cuilan, who was disheveled, feeling it is harder than killing goblins!

Finally swallowed a mouthful of water: Damn it, if you are not a husband's woman, I would not mind and sacrifice my pure body to you.

Of course, the most important thing is that Monk Tang does not want a woman, who had slept with Pigsy.

Monk Tang scratched his head. Although Gao Cuilan fainted in the past with exuded infinite charm, Monk Tang was able to hold on it.

But Monk Tang had some troubles. He didn't know how to treat her. Suddenly his eyes brightened: if there is a problem, the system definitely knows some points!

Monk Tang: "System, come out, what is going on with Gao Cuilan, how did she become like it?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, Gao Cuilan had a spell in her body, which changed her, as long as it is broken, she will be fine! '

Monk Tang: "How to break it?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, as long as the host puts a drop of your own blood in the middle of her eyebrows! '

"What the hell? How could be simple? My blood is so great?" Heard it, Monk Tang was surprised, with a little pride.

System: ‘that’s it! '

Monk Tang's eyes lit up: "so, System, is it true that eating my meat can could remain young forever?!"

System: 'Ding Dong, that's not true. The reason why your blood can break the spell in Gao Cuilan is that you are always a man in the last ten times of your samsara. Your blood contains a very strong Yang Qi of the male, which is the buster for the curse in Gao Cuilan! '

Monk Tang heard it, and stared: "System, what do you mean by that?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, that’s what it means. In y your last ten times of your samsara, you are always a virgin. A single dog, a single dog, a single dog ...'

Monk Tang strokes his chest: my liver hurts ... he feels that he has been despised by the System and gained 10 million points of critical damage from the System!

Monk Tang vowed: in this life, he will definitely end the fate!

Monk Tang was listening to the System, while he was bitting his finger, imitating TV show stuff: what the hell, it hurts!

A drop of blood dripped accurately in the middle of Gao Cuilan's eyebrow, and the blood was soaked into her skin and disappeared.

Then black smoke burst out from Gao Cuilan's body, and finally condensed into a black sphere pill-sized floating above Gao Cuilan's forehead. Monk Tang asked in surprise: "System, this black little thing, Isn't it a dirt pill? "

System: ‘...' ‘No, it’s a combination of the Pigsy’s power and soul in Ms. Gao’s body. As long as you give this pill and let Pigsy swallow it, Pigsy can make up for all the previous losses! '

Monk Tang: "great! As long as it's not just dirt!" Reaching out and holding the black pill in his hand, he felt the power rolling in through his body!

Monk Tang looked at Gao Cuilan again, at this time Gao Cuilan was still in a coma, but she has changed a lot, her appearance doesn’t change, but her fascinating temperament has all disappeared without a trace, replaced by a kind of delicate look.


Watching Monk Tang walk into Gao Cuilan's boudoir, apart from Sun Wukong, Pigsy and the senior couple were a bit nervous. The senior couple not only was worried that Monk Tang could cure his daughter or not but also doubted that Monk Tang would hold on or not. Pigsy also was worried that Monk Tang can't hold on. Although they just knew each other for a short time, Pigsy knows that Monk Tang with high EXP, would not be a decent monk!

In addition, he also knows what Gao Cuilan looks like after being possessed by the black gas, that is, she will flutter when she sees a man, otherwise he won't lock her in the boudoir, he locked Gao Cuilan just to prevent Gao Cuilan came out of the wall!

However, seeing what he did just now. He actually sent her a man in by himself, Pigsy was worried!

So, Pigsy was listening carefully to every sound of Gao Cuilan's room. He didn't hear the sound of panting, he finally felt relieved. What made him more relieved was that Monk Tang came out less than five minutes before coming in, and there was no strange smell on his body.

Seeing Monk Tang coming out, the senior couple's eyes immediately lighted up, and they were nervous and eagerly asked, "Master, how about our little girl? Has she been cured?"

"Amitabfa, I have removed the root cause of Ms. Gao. Please rest assured. Almsgiver, Ms. Gao has just recovered from a serious illness and is still in a coma, but as soon as she takes a rest, she will be fine!" Monk Tang saluted.

"Great, thank you, master!" Madam Gao heard it again and again.

"It's a little thing, Cuilan is Pigsy's wife, so she is my daughter-in-law, this is what I should do! Almsgiver, if you are worried, you can go to Ms. Gao!" Monk Tang said.

"Yes, you are right. Master, please take care of yourself, let's go and see our Cuilan!" Heard it, the senior couple ran toward the small building, but someone was faster than them that is Pigsy. He turned into one the shadow rushed into Gao Cuilan's boudoir instantly.

When Pigsy heard that Gao Cuilan was in a coma, like a lightning strike on him, how could she was in the coma but made a sound?

So Pigsy rushed into the boudoir. He didn't feel at ease without taking a look. Although the time of five minutes was a little short, what if the Master was ‘one-second’ man?

Pigsy went in fast, but came out in a second, with guilt on his face. He was a big goblin, and he could easily tell whether his Cuilan had been touched by anyone!

So when he came out, he knelt down in front of Monk Tang with guilt and gratitude, and said, "Master, thank you, I should have believed in you. I should die for a sin offering!"

ps: please take a guess who is the one who casts a spell on Gao Cuilan?