Chapter 55 I’m Coming for You...

Although Sun Wukong knows a lot, there are still some he doesn’t understand, so he played an excellent learning attitude that he didn't understand: “Master, what did it mean of ‘have been slipping between the sheets’ from Pigsy?”

Monk Tang looked up, and after a long time, he said, "Amitabfa, ‘have been slipping between the sheets’ is equal to an onomatopoeia ‘Thwack’. Pigsy just described a complete process from having no water to having water!"

Pigsy: "..." what the hell? Is he experienced in that? I will ask him for advice in the future.

Sun Wukong: "..." Oh, damn monk! I don’t get it at all! What kind of onomatopoeia?

"Okay, let’s go on the way, it's the main thing to see Ms. Gao!" Monk Tang said so, don't want to tangle the onomatopoeia thing, it's easy to understand if you don't understand Monk Tang. Go explain!

Anyway, the four people started to go to Gao Village, but before they got to Gao Village, something suddenly happened. Pigsy actually flew away uncontrollably, even Sun Wukong did not drag to stop him!!

Monk Tang this time can be seen that Pigsy said things are overbearing, completely out of his control!

"Master, what are we going to do now?" Looking at Pigsy, which had become a black spot, and flying away, Sun Wukong asked in a dazed manner.

"What else? Go to Ms. Gao and you will naturally find Pigsy. He won’t die if he does it one more time!" Monk Tang said, and then his legs were pinched the horse belly, and Little White Dragon rushed out towards Gao Village, Sun Wukong easily keep them up!

In an hour or so, Monk Tang and Sun Wukong came to Gao Village. The seniors were wealthy households outside Gao Village. They were very famous. As soon as they asked, Monk Tang quickly found their home and stood outside the seniors. After explaining their purpose and identity, Monk Tang saw a very luxuriously dressed couple!

"Master, master, is my son-in-law what you are talking about? Are you coming to cure Cuilan?" The senior said very excitedly when he saw Monk Tang outside.

"Master, you have to save our Cuilan, she has changed and we don't even know our Cuilan!" Said Mrs. Gao, her eyes were all red, and her tears fell down!

After hearing this from a senior, Monk Tang knew that Pigsy was not lying. The senior family did accept him, saying, "Amitabfa, I do not slang, I am the master of the Pig Ganglie, named Tang Sanzang. Almsgiver, let’s come straight to the point. Where is Miss Cuilan now? "

"If you want to treat Miss Cuilan's, I must first confirm what strange disease Miss Cuilan has. It must be diagnosed in person!"

"Oh, I see. The master said it makes sense. Master, come with me, and I will take you there!" the senior Said, and then he along with Mrs. Gao to lead the way, after crossing the long corridor, the crowd came to an arch.

Mrs. Gao cried again and said, "My Cuilan has been locked in here. Master, you must save Cuilan!"

"What a women kind, why are you crying, can you quickly open the lock and let the master go in?" The senior was spoken loudly.

"Yes, yes!" Madam Gao came back to her, hurriedly took out a key and hurriedly unlocked the bronze lock, opened the arch door, and the voice inside suddenly came out!

With a chaotic and indescribable kind voice of a man and a woman in the room, low and gentle, and of course, there are Pigsy's screams and begging for mercy in that room. Except for Sun Wukong has the muddled face, Monk Tang and the couple outside are blushing, a little awkward.

"Ahem, it seems that it’s not the right time now, I think it's appropriate to wait!" Monk Tang said with a small cough.

"Yes, yes, the master is right!" Senior Gao and Mrs. Gao concurred!

Sun Wukong blinked. it was even more confusing. Just now they were anxious to see a doctor. Why were not they anxious now, why my face has become red, exactly like my ass? Listening to the sound coming out of the yard, Sun Wukong asked, "Master, why is there such joy in pain and misery in tenderness containing in that voice?"

As soon as Sun Wukong said this, Monk Tang took a swig of water and patted it against Sun Wukong's head. He said, "Sun Wukong, you shut up," and then said embarrassedly to the senior couple. "my apprentice who is stubborn by nature and he doesn't understand anything. Excuse me. Please forgive him!"

The couple outside the senior staff waved their hands again and again: "no! no ...nothing serious."

The crowd then closed the door, cut off the sound, and waited in place for a few hours.

Finally, the arch door was opened from the inside, a thin figure, like a bamboo pole, stumbled out of the room with a pale face. The person who walked out of the room was Pigsy.

Pigsy saw Monk Tang and others and his eyes lighted up, and he could not help but burst into tears, and said, "Master, save me and Cuilan, I am really about to die!"

"Son-in-law, it's so hard for you!" The clerk stepped forward, holding Pigsy's hand, and then said to his servants on the side: "why are you Stupidly standing still? Why don't you go and get tonic food for your lord?? "

With the order, the next person started to act with confusion. After a short while, various tonic food was brought to Pigsy. Among them, Monk Tang saw dishes made with a various animal penis!

Looking at the tonic food, Pigsy finally had a trace of blood on her face and said, "Pigsy, now I'm going to see Ms. Gao, I don't know if it's convenient?"

"yes! Yes! It's convenient for the Master to go anytime!" Pigsy continued.

"It's so good, then I'll go, Wukong and Pigsy, you two will be here with the two almsgivers!" Monk Tang said, and then swaggered towards a small building in the park, where is exactly Ms. Gao Cuilan's boudoir!

There are no other servants here, only Gao Cuilan is trapped inside, so it is very quiet. When entering the small building, Monk Tang frowned slightly. The smell of the air in the small building was really unpleasant.

Soon Monk Tang found Gao Cuilan's boudoir. After opening the door, he met the legendary person--- Ms. Gao!

The moment he saw Ms. Gao, Monk Tang felt that the woman in front of him is far from Ms. Gao in the original. Not because of her appearance but her temperament.

Ms. Gao completely lost the dignified. Ms. Gao in original is a lady who is a dignified and hyacinthine woman. But the person who stands in from him is a dissolute and debauched slut.

Ms. Gao is definitely a spokesperson for seductive charm. When Monk Tang met her, he immediately had a reaction, and then he hurled himself upon her: "Bitch, I'm here ..."

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