Chapter 54 The Whole Process

Monk Tang almost spits out blood, what the hell is she asks for more? Monk Tang is at a big confusion at this moment!

However, Monk Tang soon realized that something was wrong because Pigsy didn't need to lie to him, but how could this be possible, even if Pigsy couldn't, but he was also a pig demon who lived for hundreds of years, used to be Marshal Peng, what about Gao Cuilan? Just an ordinary girl, even if her demand in ‘that’ area is strong, but she won't take all the energy from Pigsy?

In addition, it doesn't matter that Pigsy was squeezed to a thin pig. But Monk Tang also found that Pigsy seems to be very weak. This weakness is not only physical but also mental.

Monk Tang knew it was not a simple thing, but what kind of illness did Gao Cuilan get? Monk Tang was curious about the strange person Pigsy said!

Of course, besides this, Monk Tang still has doubts, Pigsy knew that he is about to die, how can he still go to Cuilan?

So Monk Tang asked: "Pigsy! If you can't stand it, you are free to not go there, don't say you really can't bear the temptation at all!"

Pigsy said with a sorrowful face, "I also want it, Master, I haven't tried it, but when it’s time, I can't help but get over, I can't control myself at all, how weird!"

Monk Tang: "..."

"Come on, come on, come to my bed, I want it!"

At this moment, a seductive voice made a sudden noise, and Monk Tang almost didn't hold back and went away!

"What the hell, who's an alluring voice here?" Monk Tang wiped his cold sweat, so this voice was so hooking!

Sun Wukong was startled when he heard this voice, and said with a serious expression: "Which one is making trouble in front of the Monk King? Come out!" His eyes were glowing with gold, and he looked in all directions, but found nothing!

"Master, help me, I don't want to go!" But Pigsy heard this voice as if he had seen a ghost, holding Monk Tang's thigh without letting go, crying and yelling.

"Pigsy, wouldn't this voice be Ms. Gao's? Where did it come from?" Monk Tang guessed it!

"Yes, it's Cuilan's voice. It's coming from my body. The time is coming, Master, you have to help me, I really don't want to go!" Pigsy said.

"Okay, I'll help you, now you tell me about it, what's going on here, how can Ms. Gao's voice come out of your body? Start at the beginning!" Monk Tang asked, feeling something weird. If he wants to solve the problem, he must understand the whole story!

Of course, Monk Tang's heart is more speechless, it scares Pigsy like that, who is a big satyr. Monk Tang dare not guess how thirsty Ms. Gao is!

"Okay, Master." Pigsy also calmed down, and then began to talk!

"Cuilan and I met when a landlord bully grabbed a bride. At that time, I gave Cuilan a hand, but I didn't expect us to fall in love that way. She didn't hate me for my pig face and even didn't mind me, as a goblin! "

Monk Tang: Ms. Gao is a good girl, much better than the one in the original, and she does not judge by appearance.

"I can tolerate hardships and stand hard work. In order to get the recognition of senior staff and others, I do ten kinds of jobs alone! Senior staff is her father."

Monk Tang: Hard work? Pigsy are you sure? I think it’s right to say you eat ten-people meals!

"In the end, I finally received recognition from her father, so Cuilan's wedding was held very soon, but on the day of our wedding, something changed. I don't know where a black gas came from and entered Cuilan's body. Suddenly, Cuilan passed out, and the wedding was canceled! "

Monk Tang: If there is no bride, you still worship the fart!

"However, I don't care if I complete all wedding segments or not. All I worried is the safety of Cuilan, so I have been standing beside Cuilan. For three days, Cuilan finally woke up. I'm happy that after Cuilan wakes up, she wanted to have sex with me, I was willing because I wait for it for a long time! "

Monk Tang: what the hell, it's really hard for you, Pigsy!

"But, Cuilan and I have been slipping between the sheets all day, and I found something wrong!"

Monk Tang: Sperm-worm on your brain, your reaction was very slow, it takes you a whole day till you found it, you collapsed?!

"I felt tired at the time, but Cuilan was more and more active, and it seemed to me that Cuilan was a new person, but Cuilan was still Cuilan, and I planned to take a break, but Cuilan was not willing, so we continued! "

Monk Tang: ............... I don't want to listen to it anymore!

"This time I not only felt tired, but also frightened because I felt that my power and soul were being greedily devoured by Cuilan, so I fled decisively, and because I noticed that Cuilan's condition was very bad and unusual, so I locked Cuilan in her boudoir! "

Monk Tang: what the hell, is there finally an end of sex show? Single dogs can't be hurt!

"I know that Cuilan changed so likely to think that the black gas was the reason, so I went to find out the cause, but what made me feel more afraid was happening, and Cuilan's voice sounded directly in my body. Then I discovered that my body would soon return to Cuilan's boudoir uncontrollably and continue to ... and then I can't escape until Cullet satisfied! "

Monk Tang: What an unspeakable picture... 

"Since then, I have to live the same life every day. No matter where I am or what I am doing, as long as Cuilan's voice sounds, I will soon see Cuilan, Master, and I will go there again. Save me, Master, if there is one more time, I'm going to die! "

Monk Tang: Pigsy, are you showing off that you have a wife?

"Just when I was desperate, another person's voice suddenly sounded in my ear and told me to wait for a monk to come here, saying it is my Master, can save me!

Monk Tang said, "Well, I see. It seems that the source of everything is the black gas that entered into Ms. Gao's body. As for whether I can save it, I need to take a look at Ms. Gao myself!"

Pigsyheard its eyes brightened and said, "Then Master, what are we waiting for? Let's go to Gao Village now!" Then, having stood up, he brought Little White Dragon to him, "Master, you go!"

"Master, what did Pigsy mean ‘have been slipping between the sheets all day’? I don't get it!" Sun Wukong interjected his talking at this time!

Hearing it, Monk Tang looked up at the sky and said, "Wukong, Pigsy just described the whole process!"

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