Chapter 53 Pigsy Presented Tang A Gift

In the end, the two weapons did not merge successfully. It was not that they could not be merged, but that the Monk Tang's refining level was too low. If he wants to fuse the Black Bear's black eagle spear into the Nine-Ring Monk Spade, the level of master of divine focus must be at least reach the second grade.

Although the integration was unsuccessful, Monk Tang finally worked the proficiency of 10 points to 8 after a few days of practice proficiency. Monk Tang believes that if he is given another day or two, he can raise the master of divine focus level to two!

After three days of walking, the master and his two apprentices have gone a long way. On the day, the prompt sounded again:

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host. You have arrived in Gao Village' s realm. Now you have got a new mission --- Pigsy, reward 10-10 points of EXP! '

Monk Tang's eyes brightened, and he thought: "Finally, I am going to see Pigsy?" I don't know how the Pigsy here is different from the Pigsy I’ve known? Damn, no good, shouldn't I be able to eat pork in the future?

Monk Tang thought of Pigsy’s original body(Pig), and suddenly thought of the very serious problem!

And when Monk Tang was thinking wildly, he heard Sun Wukong shouting, "Master, there are goblins!"

"Where are they?" Monk Tang heard it, immediately clenched monk spade, with a little excited feeling... EXP is here!

The black cloud appeared on the horizon, and the darkness was overwhelming. The black cloud was drifting towards this side. The huge pressure was also coming. Of course, Monk Tang was not affected, but it can be judged that those goblins are much stronger than Black Bear.

Monk Tang wondered. There should be only one goblin, which should be Pigsy near Gao Village? Why did I come right here and meet a group of goblins? Monk Tang couldn't figure it out, so he let it go, and he just knew that all goblins are a lot of EXP!

In an instant, the black cloud has come to the front and then disappeared. A thin person like a bamboo pole appeared, and he floated in the air, a pair of eyes were staring at Monk Tang tightly!

"Who are you? How dare to block my way! You really want to die?" Sun Wukong yelled.

However, the bamboo-like goblins ignored Sun Wukong, but as if confirming the identity of Monk Tang, with tears flashing in his eyes, and then he fell straight down on his knees from the air and smashed a large pit, and said: "Master, you are finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!"

Sun Wukong: "..."

Monk Tang: "..."

Monk Tang and Sun Wukong are both confused by him. What are you doing? Formally acknowledge Monk Tang as his master?

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission ---make  Pigsy be your apprentice, and reward you 100 points! '

When Monk Tang muddled, what made Monk Tang more puzzled was that the sound of the system sounded again, and the system even said that he had completed the task. What the hell was this? What the hell???

Monk Tang looked at the ‘thin bamboo pole’ and said, "Aren you Pig Ganglie(the real name of Pigsy)?"

what the hell? Pigsy attacked Barry to send EXP?

"Well? Master, do you know this pig goblin?" Sun Wukong was surprised, remembering that Master seemed to know him in advance when he kills the boar goblin!

Upon hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang had confirmed that the ‘thin bamboo pole’ was Pigsy, but how could he be thin like this? Where are his cute fat big ears? The Pigsy' s eyes were deeply sunken, the skin was grayish-white, with thicker his dark circles. It is exactly a sexual-excess look!

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Pigsy' s tears suddenly burst out, kneeling and crawling in front of Monk Tang, holding Monk Tang's thigh, he cried abnormally: "Woohoo... indeed, that person didn't lie to me, the Master would walk from here, Master, you are finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!, I will die if you don' t come here! Please help me! "

What the hell? Lots of information. Let me clam down. Monk Tang hears Pigsy's wailing, and his head is about to blow!

Sorting out his thoughts, he slapped the Pigsy' s head, and asked, "stop it! Don't cry, tell me, who told you I would come here?" No, the woman, Guanyin, should not be so kind like this?

"I, I don't know!" Pigsy said so.

"..." Monk Tang stared. "you don't know? what does it mean? Are you kidding me, aren’t you?"

"No, Master! I really don't know. I couldn't recognize the person, who is at that advanced level. He told me that you would come here and then he was gone, saying that you are the only person who can save me!" Pigsy said with tears on his face, but it is not unpleasant to look at it!

"Save you? What happened to you? What's going on that you saying you're going to die?" Monk Tang asked.

Monk Tang's words exactly poked right at his sad story. Pigsy cried loudly: "Master, you can really save me. That person said that only you can save me!"

Damn it, Monk Tang hit him again: "Oh, don't cry, tell me the whole story. I'll save you. What's wrong with you?"

"It's not that I'm sick, but that my lover, Gao Cuilan, is ill. I and Cuillan were falling in love with each other ..."

"What the hell? wait a moment, what did you just say? You and Ms. Gao were falling in love with each other? No, I remember that you lock up Ms. Gao and she was ground into her boudoir? It was a blind date. No way to say you are lovers! How dare you lie to me? "Monk Tang angered, he hadn't seen Journey to the West!

"Master, how can I lie to you? Although I don't know where you heard the story, Master, that 's absolutely the fake version. I locked Cuilan in the boudoir with a strong force, because I' m afraid that Cuilan will do stupid things if I don' t do it! ”Pigsy said tearfully.

Monk Tang rubbed his eyebrows, what a bit chaos! And he said, "Pigsy, yes, you will be called ‘Pigsy’ in the future, and your dharma name is Wu Neng!"

Pigsy and Sun Wukong have muddled: Why did you get a nickname and dharma name at the same time?

Monk Tang: "Pigsy! You said just now that it wasn't you who was sick, but Ms. Gao, you said that you could not help Ms. Gao in her boudoir. To save Ms. Gao is equal to save you, and one more question. You and Ms. Gao love each other, right? "

"Master, you are right!" Pigsy nodded his head!

"Hiss ~" Monk Tang had a toothache and he was more confused, and said, "What's wrong with Ms. Gao? How can I save her to save you?"

Pigsy heard it, holding back his words for a long time and said embarrassingly: "Cuilan she, she, she, she is, so, so, so, wants excessive sex, I am about to be squeezed out by Cuilan, Master, I used to weigh hundreds of pounds, but now I have been sucked out by Cuilan. Master, how miserable I am. "


Monk Tang heard it, almost spit blood. What is the disease? It should say that you are incapable!