Chapter 52 The Treasure Hunter

Although Black Wind Mountain was mostly knocked down by Sun Wukong, the Black Wind Cave was not affected so much that people could still get in. After went in, Monk Tang discovered that this Black Wind Cave wasn't a cave but a magnificent palace hidden in the mountains.

Treasures, such as gems, gold, and silver are all there. Monk Tang angered, "These damn goblins, all are robbed from people. It's really annoying me!"

But what made Sun Wukong speechless was that when Monk Tang said it, he waved his hands repeatedly to collect all the valuable things. Sun Wukong wondered: "Master, what are you doing?"

Monk Tang heard it and declared the Buddhist words: "Amitabfa, I don't want to bury these gold and silver treasures in this mountain, and I have to take them out to put them in to use!" Oh haha, it’s quite a lot. Gold and silver treasures can make a palace, and let me collect them into my... what the hell? Did I expose my true thoughts?

Sun Wukong scratched his head. He was doubtful about Monk Tang's words. He believed that Monk Tang would take them away. As for the rest part of words, Sun Wukong, he could only use ‘huh’ to express his feeling. Of course, Sun Wukong didn't care about it and gold and silver, all treasures are not attracted to him but peach is!

In the end, Monk Tang finally restored the cave to what it should look like before and then he stopped and then walked down a secret passage toward the depths of the cave. Monk Tang smelled the treasure. Monk Tang roared: “I’m the man who wants to be the treasure hunter, and I'm determined!”

Sun Wukong has a muddled face: "..." What is matter with the monk? What the hell is a treasure hunter?

There was a stone gate at the end of the road, which blocked the way. The stone gate was cover by three big characters “the treasure room”, Monk Tang was happy to see it, then stepped back and said, "Wukong, go ahead! Please open the door for me!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong said, then stepped forward and lifted one foot gently, and the stone door was smashed apart with a bang. Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, but even an ON-OFF on the stone door was destroyed by his foot!

"Huh? It's so sweet and delicious!" When the stone door opened, Monk Tang smelled a good flavor and immediately trembled. His foodie attributes were stimulated, and Monk Tang immediately recognized that it was the taste of the food.

What? Isn't this a treasure room? It’s the Black Bear's kitchen? Monk Tang doubted it.

Stepping over the fragments of the stone gate, Monk Tang was words to say, because no treasures were found, but only ten oversized tanks were placed there, and the sweet smell was floating out of these ten large tanks with a faint golden light. Shine out of the big tank!

"What the hell isn't this honey?" When he came to the tank and looked inside. Monk Tang immediately recognized what the gold liquid was in the tank.

Monk Tang is also clear that these jars of honey are Black Bear's most precious treasure because he is a bear!

Monk Tang smelled the scent and couldn't help but taste it. He was immediately conquered by this delicious taste. Monk Tang swears that this is the best honey he has ever tasted. It is sweet but not greasy.

Definitely, this is honey made by bee goblins. After taking a sip of honey, Monk Tang feels a warm current and strengthens the body.

With a big wave of his hand, he took all ten large jars into his portable space. This is a good thing. He can't miss it. Eating it directly is delicious, not to mention make it into a dish. Monk Tang thought its aftertaste and his saliva have flowed out. Meanwhile, his belly started to sing. Monk Tang decided to have a meal and then hit the road!

Back in the cave, there was a big room enough for him to show his cook skills!

In an instant, various cooking tools, spices, etc. were taken out by Monk Tang and put aside. Then, with a flourish, various ingredients were showed up which were goblins killed by Monk Tang. He doesn’t want to waste any good ingredient, so he took all full body of goblins, giving up those too shabby and weird goblins. He has plentiful ingredients!

Of course, the most striking of these ingredients is the black bears like a small hill that is the body of the Black Wind King. As he was beaten by Monk Tang, showing the original body, the Black Bear is so big and that lengths at least two or three hundred meters high.

Taking out a sharp knife and chop off a bear's paw, then Monk Tang put away the rest again, and then start to clean up the bear paw. It is a bear's forefoot. Its flesh is thick and fatty enough to eat. 

This bear's paw is big enough, more than ten meters in size. Even if the fur and other debris are cleaned up, it still has nearly ten meters in size. This is a big guy, so Monk Tang cut it into pieces equal to a dozen pieces. Those meat chunks are still very big, but it's good for cooking. As for bear paw, Monk Tang thought about two methods to cook it, one is steaming and the other is grilling.

Of course, honey is indispensable. Monk Tang is cooking aimed at honey this time!

So the names of the two dished are steamed bear's paw with honey sauce and roasted bear's paw with honey sauce!

The modern equipment purchased from the mall is all magically refined. Instead of using electricity, they use the ubiquitous vitality between heaven and earth as energy supply. After putting two bear palms with honey and putting them in a large steamer and oven, Monk Tang started to prepare other dishes, and only eating bear paw is likely to feel greasy!

Of course, the most important thing for Monk Tang right now is that there is no shortage of ingredients. It has to say that Black Bear's younger fellows are really at a large amount. There are all kinds of boar goblins, duck goblins, and pheasant goblins!

So, Monk Tang found a wild boar goblins, removed the ribs, and made them into sweet and sour grilled pork ribs!

Chop off the two chicken feet and chicken wings of a pheasant essence to make tiger skin chicken feet and honey sauce grilled wings!

Food is not enough for him, Monk Tang prepared drinks, honey peach tea made with honey, peaches, and tea!

After the magic refined, kitchenware was highly efficient for cooking. Although Monk Tang cooked a lot of dishes, those are completed in less than half an hour!

The mouth of Monk Tang was full of oil, and his whole body was glowing. This is because he intakes too much energy at one time so some energy was not absorbed into his body!

Sun Wukong still didn't eat the dishes made by Tang. His food seems to be fruits such as peaches and bananas. He doesn't eat meat.

However, Sun Wukong drank, and still drank a lot of the honey peach tea. On the way, Monk Tang made two more barrels for the monkey to drink.

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang and his apprentices continued on the road with the clatter of horses' hoofs, under the shines of the setting sun.

On the horseback, Monk Tang is holding a black spear taken from Black Bear and Nine-Ring Monk Spade. He wants to melt them together to improve the level of Nine-Ring Monk Spade. Of course, the main thing is to get proficiency points, and to increase the level of master of divine focus, and refine higher level props!