Chapter 50 The End of Black Bear

Monk Tang is chasing and killing goblins with excitement. The little white dragon who just woke up still knew nothing about it, but seeing Monk Tang chasing after goblins and he was happy with it, so he didn’t bother him, but turned his head to the other side.

Over there, Sun Wukong and Black Bear were fighting fiercely, from the sky to the ground, into the cave, and then from the cave to the sky, Little White Dragon thought that it seemed that Brother Monkey really had a really big fun right now!

Little White Dragon yawned boringly. Seeing that both of them took the absolute advantage right now, Little White Dragon didn't plan to take a shot, and then his eyelids were closed, and his mind was sunk into his body to break the seal, which was given by Guanyin!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points! ’

Monk Tang busted ahead of a little goblin, the beep sounded in his head and he stopped, not because he didn't want to continue to kill, but because there were no more little goblins to kill, anyway, Monk Tang couldn't see any living little goblin!

Watching Sun Wukong still fighting Black Bear, Monk Tang thought the war should be over, so he shouted, "Wukong, fucking stop playing! Bring that Black Bear to me alive, I'll kill him myself!"

"I see, Master!" Hearing Monk Tang's words, Sun Wukong curled his lips, and his fighting force suddenly broke out. As soon as his stick hit on Black Bear, Black Bear was falling down from the sky to the ground, like a black shooting star, which smashed a small hill and left a large circular pit there!

With a bang, the earth was shaking with the fall of Black Bear!

Monk Tang tried to stabilize his body, secretly in his heart, he was still too weak, and still far from the real ace!


When Monk Tang thought of it this way, Sun Wukong had already carried the half-dead Black Bear to Monk Tang and threw the black bear to the ground. Sun Wukong said, "Master, I have brought you this Black Bear. Please dispose of him as your wish. This goblin has no counterattack and the only thing he can do now is move his limbs! "


Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Black Bear spit out blood, and thought, "the dead monkey, did you made me angry deliberately? It ’s not that I have no power, but that the dead monkey is too strong. Alas ... My lord, don't you say that this dead monkey is no longer strong as he used to be? Why do I feel that he is even stronger? No, it should be said that he is insidious!”

Monk Tang didn't know Black Bear's psychological activities. He nodded with satisfaction when he heard Sun Wukong speaking, reached out his hands and touched Sun Wukong's furry head, wiping all blood on Sun Wukong's head, and praised, "Yes, Wukong you are doing well! "

After all, he looked at Black Bear.

Black Bear was miserable. His shoulder was broken, and a lot of blood flowed out, staining all his body red!

"Growl..." Black Bear's eyes were blood-red, with a ferocious color, and he wanted to struggle!


Sun Wukong slaps on Black Bear's head and yells at him, "Goblin, you should be quiet!"

"Growl! Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will not let you go, I must kill you!" Black Bear growled!

"Shut up!" Monk Tang suddenly yelled, "You, as a little goblin dares to be audacity, Wukong, imprison him, I'll give him a lesson!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong's eyes lighted and he responded, and then give all kinds of spells hitting on the Black Bear!

Sun Wukong retreated, preparing to watch the fun.

Black Bear was imprisoned, unable to move, but still very fierce, shouting, "Monk Tang, I will eat you!"


Monk Tang picked up Nine-Ring Monk Spade and smashed it into Black Bear's head, buzzing his head!

"What? just a small wound? That’s all? His defense is not less than Little White Dragon!" Monk Tang was surprised!

Black Bear has been given various defense-break spells by Sun Wukong, but Monk Tang hit him with his monk spade and the skin of Black Bear has just been broken and bleed a little. His defense is not weaker than Little White Dragon.

"Woo-hoo... Damn monk, how dare you to hit me? You are the dead meat..." Black Bear was furious!

"What? You dare to clamor, you are a prisoner right now!" Monk Tang is also in anger!

"Bang!" Monk Tang hit on him with another shot and sacred Black Bear to put his words into his mouth so that Black Bear couldn’t say a word.

Looking at the bear's head that just broke a little bit again, Monk Tang was a little bit angry, backed up by ten meters, and then jumped up to the maximum height, smashing to Black Bear with his maximum strength, but this time he didn't hit on his forehead, which is not the most defensive sturdy place, but on his nose!

The bear's nose is the same as the dog's, both are their weakness and very fragile, even if the bear is a goblin!


"Oh, my nose!" Black Bear exclaimed, his nose suddenly sagged, mixed with blood, snot, and tears, and he looks terrible!

Monk Tang's eyes lighted and thought that his method was right, and then took Nine-Ring Monk Spade again smashed at Black Bear's nose.

At a moment, his blood is flying out from his nose!

Black Bear is really scared this time, and he will really be smashed to death in this way. He shouted, "my boss! I give up! Don't hit me again, I'm going to die!"

"Dead? Haha, all I want is you to die!" Heard it, Monk Tang laughed, not only didn't stop but swigged his spade harder.

Realizing his forgiveness didn't work, Black Bear directly said out of his patron’s name, "Damn monk, you can't kill me. If you kill me, you and the damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses will also die, I have asked my master for help. You just wait to die! "

Hearing it, Monk Tang was startled, and then I remembered that this Black Bear had a master too, and it was no accident that his lord should be Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Worried in his heart, but how did Monk Tang watch a big EXP slip away, so he took of monk spade again with the increasing strength, and the speed of his wave also increased several times, which turns into a golden afterimage above his head.

He has to kill the Black Bear before Guanyin arrives, and put away the corpse in a quick way. If she can’t see the body of the Black Bear, even if Guanyin realizes that the Black Bear is dead, she has nothing to say---Monk Tang thought so!

Bang! Bang! Bang, the sound was loud, and Monk Tang didn't know how many times he had hit on the bear. When Monk Tang just felt that he was about to pull off the power, the system prompt sounded,

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a goblin king and gaining 5000 experience points! ’

Hearing this prompt Monk Tang was full of joy immediately, sitting on the ground all of a sudden, but he did not forget to put the body of Black Bear into his portable space. By the way, the portable space belongs to another world, except Monk Tang himself. No one else can detect it, so he can kill the Black Bear without any evidence!

As long as he did all, a colorful glow appeared in the sky!