Chapter 5 Monk Tang Wrangled with The Emperor Tang

Emperor Tang bending down slowly, picking up a handful of soil on the ground, and then sprinkled it into Monk Tang's glass.

Monk Tang is frozen, looking at the murky drink, he really wants to curse: Emperor Tang, you really don't care about hygiene.

It's okay to scatter some dirt, why are there straw sticks. Huh? Why is that thing looking like horse shit?

"My brother, I'll do it in honor!" Said Emperor Tang, saying that he would drink the wine when he raised a glass!

"Slow, Your Majesty!" Monk Tang yelled, and then bent down quickly, grabbing a handful of soil from the ground and throwing it into the other's wine glass, it became mud in the blink of an eye!

"Your Majesty, let Tang Land fit into the blood of our brothers together!" Monk Tang toasted, but he did not move.

the scene was embarrassing for a long time. Then Emperor Tang smiled and said, "My brother, you are a monk, how can you drink and break the rules? This is my negligence. I want to substitute water with wine! "

Two cups of clear water were brought up immediately, this time Emperor Tang picked up a cup and immediately did it in honor.

Monk Tang was just as quick. After drinking, he looked at him and smiled.

"Let's go, let's go!" Said, Emperor Tang.

Monk Tang turned on his horse and arched his hands at Emperor Tang, like a green forest man, and said, "I, leave now! Drive."


As soon as the horse's belly was kicked, the white horse immediately flew on its four hoofs, and when it was riding on the dust, it raised a large area of ​​sand and dust. Emperor Tang and others suddenly were covered with dust!

Emperor Tang froze in place, his face flushing with anger, and for a moment, he wanted the urge to stop Monk Tang and cut him into two parts.


On the way to the west, the white horses galloped, and the wind blew the Brocade Kasaya with a rustle, Monk Tang finally had a step on the westbound road.

Seeking sutras is not an easy task. Monk Tang realized it after a few hours. He ran for several hours on a horse and almost broke his body.

Couldn’t bear it. Monk Tang stopped to rest. Tie the white horse aside, and Monk Tang is the character who opens the panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 2

Experience: 0/20

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

"System, the five treasures also counts as props? What does it do? How to use it?"

System: ‘Brocade Kasaya, with seven jewels embedded on it, the ordinary water and fire are inviolable, and you can prevent ordinary evil Qi. Just wear it on your body! ’

"Fuck, this is what it looks like!" Monk Tang heard.

System: ‘Nine-ring spade, which has a deterrent skill. You can urge it by inputting Buddha power to achieve the effect of deterring others. ’

"Damn it, that's a chicken rib skill!" Monk Tang pouted.

System: ‘three hoops, just ordinary iron rings! ’

"What? It's just an ordinary iron ring? Isn't it that you can use it to surrender a powerful demon?" Monk Tang stared, only to see that there was a fake word behind the third hoop in the prop column. Monk Tang almost vomited blood.

Knowing that the Guanyin Bodhisattva gave him all fake and shoddy products, Monk Tang understood that the woman sincerely wanted to play him dead. Without this tight curse, how could the monkey be obedient? The first pass may not be able to pass!

Monk Tang suddenly frowned and finally turned into a sigh. At that time, he could only rely on his blandishments and warm heart to make the other side touched!

In sigh, Monk Tang was shocked again, because Monk Tang found that not only his cultivation was abolished, but even the system mall was closed. Damn, what's going on? Monk Tang hurriedly asked the system.

System: ‘The host doesn’t have to panic. The opening condition of the system mall is host level 10. Now the host level is level 2. The mall system is automatically closed.’

Monk Tang twitched: "So, as long as I upgrade to level 10, I can open the system mall again?"

System: ‘Yes, host! Waiting for the host to upgrade to level 10 is considered the first system upgrade of the system.’


‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for taking the second step of the westbound journey, now the second task is released: Take Sun Wukong as an apprentice. Mission reward: 10 to 100 points of experience value! ’

After a night of rest, and eating a little dry food in the morning, Monk Tang rode on the white horse and continued to move forward. When walking to a place, Monk Tang's mind sounded a sound of the system.

Monk Tang's face changed immediately, secretly: Has he entered the boundary of the Five Fingers Mountain? I don't know what kind of monkey Sun Wukong is in this world, is it the same as the monkey in Journey to the West!

At this moment a widower walked towards this side carrying a bundle of firewood, and Monk Tang dismounted and headed towards him!

Monk Tang made a loud noise which isn’t Buddhist words, saying, "Omi~ this man, will you tell me is this the Five Fingers Mountain?"

It is an old man. His face is full of years. Hearing the voice of Monk Tang, he saw that he was a monk and his hands were crossed, but there was a flash of caution on his face. He said, “you master, it isn’t. but two miles further ahead is the boundary of The Five Fingers Mountain! I wonder where the master is going from here? "

"Without concealing, I am going to the Five Fingers Mountain Boundary!" Monk Tang said.

The woodman suddenly changed his face when he heard the words of Monk Tang, and hurriedly said, "Master, no, The Five Fingers Mountain you cannot go there!"

Monk Tang also changed his face and asked, "What do you mean? Why I can't?"

The woodman sighed, with horror on his face, and said, "Master, you don’t know. The rumor of The Five Fingers Mountain fell from the sky five hundred years ago. The mountain suppresses a peerless demon. It is very scary. It is very tyrannical and cruel to swallow the population of a country! "

Peerless Demon? Is it Sun Wukong? Monk Tang heard thoughts.

"Almsgiver, what you said is true? Have you ever seen the peerless demon? What does it look like?" Monk Tang said.

The woodman changed a rosy face, and said a little embarrassingly, "How can that be, how old can dare to see the peerless demon, I also listen to others, but one thing is true, that is, people only need to enter The terrifying roar of the peerless demon will be heard in The Five Fingers Mountain's territories. Except for that demon in The Five Fingers Mountain, no one dares to stay there for long. It is terrible. The Five Fingers Mountain and the outside are two worlds.

There was a look of fear at the end of the woodman's face, and there was no fraud at all!

Monk Tang couldn't help but swallow saliva, secretly in his heart, Sun Wukong in this world and the original Sun Wukong seemed really different, this Sun Wukong seemed very fierce.

"Thank you for your help!" Monk Tang said and then headed towards The Five Fingers Mountain. The seek sutras westbound must pass this level. Besides, Monk Tang is still very curious about Sun Wukong in this world.

Watching Monk Tang riding in the direction of The Five Fingers Mountain, the woodman shook his head and said, "this monk is decided!"

Then, the woodman carried the firewood and went away.